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Help Me! Thread

silentxtearssilentxtears soompi.landPosts: 4,370Friend of Soompi


Have ?s about the title of a song or an unknown artist? Ask here.
Many soompiers have miscellaneous questions ranging from a song's title to the artist of a song. So, here's a thread for you curious ones out there.

And of course, the questions should be related to Korean music. Questions about downloads do not belong here. There is already a thread to ask about sites where you may download music. Questions about clubbox also do not belong in here.

Here are a few helpful threads that are located in the korean dramas & movies forum:
Clubbox tutorial thread:
Drama & Movie OSTs thread:

1. Do not post or request for download links. If you want to find out a song's title or artist, you must provide a description and streaming link (YouTube, Veoh, etc) if any.
2. No convo-ing or spamming in here. If you want to thank someone, it's best if you in their comment box located in their profile, or via PM.
3. The rules of soompi forums and specific rules in this forum apply here as well.

Ask away~
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