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What Is Wrong W/ My Nail?

anhoiiianhoiii Posts: 69Member
edited November 2006 in beauty & fashion
its so embarrassing
I don't know why but about 2-3 weeks ago, my nail started to grow out weird ... like its surface is not smooth anymore ... its just really bumpy ... and I dunno whats wrong w/ me image

IPB Image

sorry for bad pic ... u can't really see it well ... but its like bumpy all over my nail .. so scary !!! i'm freaking out

have ne1 got this problem be4??? what should i take to make it go away?


  • annabeeleeannabeelee Posts: 2,224Member
    just buff it
    you know the nail files thats have like diff sides to it??
    just smooth it out
    it could be what youre eating...
    change in diet

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  • sw33tlydsw33tlyd Posts: 267Member
    maybe ur defficient of some vitamin? that could be it. did you get your nails done lately? that could be it also.
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  • LEFTOVERLEFTOVER Posts: 350Member
    edited November 2006
    i think it's a wart..

    "Subungual warts appear under and around the fingernails. These warts are similar to the common wart but are much more difficult to cure than warts found elsewhere on the body."

    source: wakemed

    i don't know =/ go to a doctor ?
  • d-graymangd-graymang Purple Haze kanadaPosts: 157Member
    Weird, I've gotten that a lot. They look like they've been stapled or something >< Did you hurt yourself there?
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  • hun_wun_galhun_wun_gal Posts: 2,131Friend of Soompi
    one or two of mine are like that, but you can't really feel them when you put your finger on them. I think it's because of a diet problem. If the feel is freaking you out then just put some clear nail varnish and change your diet.

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  • "You cannot spell LOVE without LV" canadaPosts: 2,328Friend of Soompi
    actually ihave that too!
    on both my thumbs and index fingers >///<
    it's like their dented or something

    iono why tho~ lol
  • sungaaahsungaaah chi-city &#33;Posts: 2,240Friend of Soompi


    i have that on my nails too
    and i think it has to
    do with me changing my diet

    i eat way less than i used to
    and i dont eat alot of meat anymore
    so maybe like a protein deficiency?
    im not sure either >.<
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  • precious4eprecious4e Posts: 5,980Member


    Well my nails got messed up after I put on acrylics lol.

    But if its bumpy then it could be some sort of vitamin deficiency. If you are really that worried then consult a doctor.
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  • k.yk.y san franciscoPosts: 294Friend of Soompi


    hmm. my nails are lumpy also. never really noticed it. image
  • anhoiiianhoiii Posts: 69Member
    edited November 2006
    omg i love u guys .. lolz .... I was so freaked out about my nails cuz it never happened be4 .. but now i know that it's kinda normal since some of u have the same problems ... Phew .. i thought im sick or something ..

    The weird thing is that I'm not even on diet ... I eat alot but I'm skinny .. I've been trying to gain weights so I eat even more now (like a pig.. lolz) .... so mayb im just lack in vitamins ...

    And Yes, my nails look kinda dented .. but not on all fingers .. just couple of them ...
  • x euniceeex euniceee Queens, NycPosts: 237Member
    yeahh its a defiency in vitamins and nutrients.. so just eat a lot of fruits and veggies or take vitamin pills image
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    Like others said, try buffing it. But also like others said, you should go to a doctor. Even if buffing helps, you should still see a doctor to figure out what's wrong so it doesn't get worse.
  • MzLinaMzLina LOS ANGELESPosts: 367Member
    surprisingly, your nails tell a lot of the conditions on the inside of your body. like if your nails are blue it could mean that you have i think it was either heart problems or lung problems. it was one of those but yeah. so if you're reallllly worried you could go to the doctor to get that checked out. but if i was you, i wouldn't worry too much haha seeing as how so many people seem to have it, even my sister ;o it doesn't seem to bother her ;x

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  • iced*chai.latteiced*chai.latte hysteria on caffeine LAPosts: 1,145Member
    Yeah, don't worry about it.
    It happens to my nails from time to time. It usually just goes away on its own.
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  • blueroad1blueroad1 Posts: 51Member
    nails can grow out weird if you don't take enough vitamins....but if you just have bump on ur nail..don't worry..there's nothing major ..
    healthy nails is pinkist color, transparent , and white , so check ur nails for those criteria
  • konnichiwakonnichiwa Posts: 24Member
    I have it, but I have more bumps and stuff. I went to a docter before, and she said it'll go away naturally. o_o;; I don't really mind though, people dont notice much. :]
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