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My Request

ChrissymaruChrissymaru New York CityPosts: 325Member


edited May 2007 in selling & trading
My requests, please fulfill them ^^
I'm buyerlisted as well as whitelisted.
I'm located in new york city
I pay with concealed cash only.
I'm open for trade. Please check my shop ^^

Gmarket Clothes (mainly tunics)
★ Northface fanny packs
☆ Tote Bags
Gmarket waist belts (black or white)
☆ Flats(I wear Size 7, but Size 8 fits well too)
★ Any DBSK posters less than or equal to $5 shipped folded (if possible)
☆ Slimming products
★ prescription emos

My Shop
Selling Fashion, Kpop Merch & More (Every order comes with freebie)
My Requests


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