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[drama 2007] Goong S / Prince Hours 궁S



    edited January 2007
    for each episode, you have quite an assortment to pick from. the subtitles are synced with the versions you posted, right? sorry to ask, just dont want to download and find out the subs dont match. please lmk and a large thanks for working so diligently =).
    -- edit --
    when i opened up the file to download it showed that it was the sun version. so nvm, thanks for the subtitles!
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  • sennoritasennorita neverland <3Posts: 46Member
    ohh thanks for the link. hehe now i can sing along image

    And the avatars are really good...
    good job
  • NV4everNV4ever Posts: 2,399Friend of Soompi


    the gifs are soo kute!!! I love the Smile one, both of them smiling sooo sweet image
  • jimmylee78jimmylee78 usaPosts: 1,503Member
    thx for sharing the avatars i like the first one it cute image
  • aq_dsiniaq_dsini UC Davis....Posts: 535Member
    this tread moves kinda fast...
    does sombeody hardsubbed the LQ of epi 2 with eng sub??
    I'm looking for this... thanks so much...^^
  • clover_loveclover_love Chantilly, VAPosts: 178Member
    image if it isnt too much trouble can someone upload a non sendspace and nonclubbox link
    of ep6 w/o subs in medium or high quality? or just pm me? i tried the links on da first pg
    but they dont work for me image thank u
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  • takumi_15takumi_15 Posts: 5Member
    anyone know what kind of phone SE7EN is using in the show.??
  • STR8UPGSTATUSSTR8UPGSTATUS om nom nom nom where amazing happens.Posts: 1,844Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(takumi_15 @ Jan 28 2007, 09:45 PM) »
    anyone know what kind of phone SE7EN is using in the show.??

    That was posted a couple pages back. image
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  • StarCrystalStarCrystal Posts: 3,532Member
    QUOTE(takumi_15 @ Jan 28 2007, 09:45 PM) »
    anyone know what kind of phone SE7EN is using in the show.??

    Which phone? The old one or the new one?
    This his old one.
  • bwitchedbwitched Land of LadybirdsPosts: 1,557Member
    Hye, I saw this in MBC's site under hot stories. Can somebody translate what is said korea??..I dunno if this is a fanmade or extraits from magazines, or they bash the actors or praise them..So curious.thanks


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  • StarCrystalStarCrystal Posts: 3,532Member
    edited January 2007
    ^ Those are fanmade.. but I dunno what they say though ;x

    I thought this was cute~

    credit: 바닐라 @
  • luckyyouluckyyou Posts: 2,784Friend of Soompi


    image image image image
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  • Senorita_Senorita_ DB.ZA ? Faith.Love.Hope AustraliaPosts: 7,705Member
    Those avvies are very nice Dayita!!

    I just finished watching episode 2 and it was very hilarious. I loved the part, where the queen introduced Lee Hoo to the people and then his phone rang...lolz so cute!
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  • anna68anna68 Posts: 14Member
    I liked the first goong series and i was looking forward to this. i like Seven but i think the problem is that many of us like Park Shin Yeh as his leading lady than his leading lady now. I myself is not inclined to watch the series because all the time i watch it, i might just keep on wishing that it was PSY who is his leading lady than the other one. I saw Tree of Heaven and i really like her.
  • By7thaiBy7thai Posts: 20Member
    Just 1 day I'll see Goong S Ep.07 >//<


    imageU r my sweet guy ... and Me is Luck se7en for u
  • wakeywakeywakeywakey CanadaPosts: 1,497Member


    it's nice to see a change. I've always seen Park Shin Hye act as the good character. now i get to see how well she can act as a bad character! waiting for subs, but Goong S is getting better and better than i expected!
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  • ceciliacecilia Crazy se7en fan^^ Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 5,401Friend of Soompi


    just some translated news by me...
    ppl have prolly read most of it elsewhere

    1.11.2007 A successful first broadcast of Goong S

    The 1st episode of Goong S was shown on the 10th january. Although there were viewers who said that the acting was awkward and compared it to Goong, the majority of viewers were satisfied with the first episode. The pace was quicker than the original Goong and that it was great. Other netizens said that the acting was insufficient and there were too many similarities to Goong.

    Some say that although there were many things lacking, most said that se7en's acting was passable. Many stated how se7en matched the role well and was very cute.

    It seems that the criticism for Goong S has been better than how it was for the original Goong. However, the ratings for the first ep of Goong S was 15%, which was 1% less than Goong when it first aired. Some say perhaps it's because of se7en that the criticism of Goong S is not as fierce as Goong.

    On this day, Se7en came home early in the afternoon to get ready to watch the first episode. After the airing of the first ep, the next there was script reading practice. Someone from se7en's side said that se7en and baekkyung had planned to watch the first ep together but the plans were changed and se7en went home himself to watch. On the other hand, baekkyung and other ppl from YG watched it together at his house.

    1.25.2007 Goong S, se7en's joke "Queen Noona, leave the position of king for me!"

    The 2nd set of posters for Goong S were released recently. During the shooting of the poster, because myung se bin was not close to se7en and kang doo, the 2 guys tried to make the atmosphere relaxed. Especially when se7en said "Queen Noona, leave the king's position for me , yeah?", all the crew laughed.

    1.27.2007 Goong S fans, "dak bon sa" campaign

    "Dak bon sa" is a term amongst netizens meaning to watch the drama/show on tv to help its ratings.

    MBC mini series Goong S has been achieveing lower than expected ratings for the past few episodes. However it ranks much higher than its same time slot competitors Dalja's spring and Surgeon bong dal hee on internet video rewatching sites.

    Goong S fans are calling out to ppl who have been watching the series online and not on TV, to turn on their TV during the Goong S slot on wednesday and thursday night to support the series.

    1.29.2007Goong S sold to Taiwan at twice the price of Dae jang geum

    Group 8 has sold the copyright of Goong S to taiwan channel GTV for 25000dollars which is 2.5 times the price dae jang geum was brought at which was 10000dollars (about 9,400,000won). Plans to sell it to hong kong, china etc are also in progress.

  • iluxxxiluxxx 영원한 V.I.P Posts: 1,451Friend of Soompi


    finally able to start on at least one episode! (so slow image)
    ya, sad to say, the ratings arent doing too well image
    but thats okay, as long as we enjoy it. hehe.
    and lee joon isnt really as bad as i thought he'd be image

    & weeee! thanks for the summaries! it helps big time! ♥


  • silentmeteorsilentmeteor FL-KualaLumpur-CairoPosts: 116Member
    wow.. u guys really did a good job with the all the summaries!
    for all this time, i just sit back and never post something but this *SE7EN thing* had made me ~crazy~ image
    hope i'm welcome to the club!

    dayita, those avvies are great!
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  • angeli_kpopangeli_kpop PhilippinesPosts: 1,731Member


    Thanks for the clubbox link luckyyou!!! image

    I'm off to watch Episodes 5 & 6!!!
    I'm so excited!

    OH! The Avatars are so cute!!!!
    I love them!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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