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Hwang Bo



  • 4eita4eita Posts: 410Member


    IG3 Hwangbo





























  • imur100imur100 middle earthPosts: 728Member


    edited December 2010
    Kang Heart, credit: SBS




    Hwang Bo and Park Chan Ho (he is a baseball pitcher), if I'm not mistaken. Credit: her twitter


    KBS "Gag Show" with Park Seung Hwa and Lee Se Jun (aka Yurisangja, ah....X-Man #70 :lol: )



  • kyubiXkyubiX Posts: 286Member


    wah imur you're fast!

    i was just about to post the link to her twitpic ^^

    yes that's chan ho park (the way his name is said in america)! i was so surprised to see that picture 'cause he used to be on my favorite baseball team! i even showed the pic to my guy to make sure it was him. how random is that? :lol:
  • missauditormissauditor Kuala LumpurPosts: 2,097SoGonger


    kam sim jjang link by hwangboholic at twitter

    hwangbo at gag concert by omtsry

    thanks everybody for the shares ^^


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  • xstardustxxstardustx Posts: 456Member


    Kwangsu from Supernova had an event for his fans. Hwangbo participated haha ^^
    Hwangbo is so awesome and beyond words. She was the winner from Korea XD
    Hwangbo go for the win *hehe* They have an article on it at allkpop.

    Go check it out!!!

    Hwangbo <3
  • dreamgazer1985dreamgazer1985 Posts: 351Member


    Translation from her appearance on "LoveShake iTV". All translation credit to uniquebz

    MC: We have a handsome guy Mr. WU and a beautiful lady Hwangbo here today. It is very rare to have you two both here as we usually have group members, band members, a single boy or a single lady. Have you two ever seen before?

    Hwangbo: I have seen him singing before.

    Male guest: I have seen hwangbo many times during the program.

    Hwangbo: I have seen you singing in person.

    Male guest: where?

    Hwangbo: During a performance.

    Male guest: Hwangbo may don't know that i saw her in private in a small gym, a small one near our neighborhood.

    Hwangbo: Why did you go there?

    Male Guest: I took exercises there for some time as it is near my home. when i was doing exercises, i heard voives like "AhhWu". At first, i didn't notice that coz everyone in the gym are wearing common clothes. Then i found that was hwangbo.

    Hwangbo: The gym no longer exists now.

    MC: Since you two have been in the show biz for such a long time, there must have some opportunity for you two to meet. you two are the same age?

    Male guest: yes, i know that but i pretend to know nothing about it.

    Hwangbo: I really don't know about it. What's your birthday?

    Male guest: In March

    Hwangbo: A little earlier than me.

    Male guest: My birth date is the same as Jang Dong-gun.

    Hwangbo: Mine is the same as Madonna. Many artists are born on this date.

    MC: I was afraid that you two had nothing to say before but now i'm not nerveous at all. The cover of your new single is...(sorry, tsure dosen't know what the host say). Your bodyshape is always good, so you are not afraid of that, right? Is that your idea?

    Hwangbo: of course not, how can i say i take off my clothes? The photographer showed me a photo and i thought that if we can make this kind of feel, that's great.

    MC: What's the comment of people around you?

    Hwangbo: The responses are good, it is not the feeling of ponography but the cover fits my new song.

    MC: yes. When i see the title i think the two fits well. Do you want to have a look?

    Male guest: It doesn't matter

    MC: You are shy

    Male guest: A little bit embarassed.

    Hwangbo: HAHAHa, it seems that you have been naked for many times

    Male guest: no no no

    MC: Your new album also comes out.<good person> Yours are all about departure. Are you the cool-type persons when part with others?

    Hwangbo: Don't play that

    Male Guest: Ahhh, i wasn't at first. I act very cool but when she called me, i would miss her and called her after the drink.

    Hwangbo: It's better to delete the number. We have to pretend to be cool even we don't like it.

    After the singing of the Male Guest, Hwangbo praised him the singer who has true power. The Male guest said that he came back after a long time and felt a little bit nervous. This album has finally come out after 2 years and 8 months.

    Mc: You're the one of mysticism. Is this image formed purposely?

    Male Guest: I am not.

    Hwangbo: You have done a great job during the program.

    Male Guest: coz you two are good persons.

    Mc: The image of your Chakra period has reduced a lot after your solo. The image of a mature woman has come out.
    Hwangbo: Not on purpose, but it changes as time goes on.

    MC: I think that Hwangbo is very boyish and cool during the program but when we take a close look at her, she is very femine. From the program which reveals your house we know that you are totally femine and love the feminine things.

    Hwangbo: When?

    MC: The episode in Muhan girls.

    Hwangbo: AHHH,you've seen that. I'm not hiding it but there is no opportunity for me to show it in front of you. I cannot say by myself that i am the woman like this. It is revealed gradually.

    Mc: You have many ballads showing the charming side of you after your solo. Therefore Are there any new fans of you ? more male fans?

    Hwangbo: I am very lucky. The children and student fans of my group period have gradually become houeswives, there are many fans who have already married.

    Mc: The new single is still cooperated with Shimty, right?

    Hwangbo: Yes, the composer and lyric writer is Yoon Jea

    Mc: your dress is sooo beautiful.

    Mc: the audience say that listening hwanbgo's new single for the first time really shocks me. it is great. another one say that my voive(the MC'S) is simialar as hwangbo's.

    Hwangbo: Your voice is beautiful.

    Mc: no no no, my voive is very low ,too

    Hwangbo: I feel confident hearing that mine is similar as yours, mine is very hoarse.

    Male guest: I really think that you two are different low voices.

    Hwangbo: See, let's stop it.

    Mc: the audience ask hwangbo to sit a little bit forward as they cannot see you.

    Hwangbo: Really? I sit in the back so as to make my face look smaller. I will try to sit forward.

    Male guest: NO, don't do that. you sit in the back so i can say my face is not big. But when you lean forward, my face will be very big in comparison with you.

    Hwangbo: In fact, this is aired in the morning, my skin is not so good, i am not so confident.

    Mc:no, you look good.

    Hwangbo: The light here is good. just like the one in the dermatological clinic.

    Mc: the audience say that your new song is fairly good and hope to see you frequently. there is some other one asking that is that real hwangbo?

    Hwangbo: yes, it is me.

    Male guest: i witness.

    Mc: it is the real hwangbo. After your solo, your femine side is revealed, are those who confess to you increasing?

    Hwangbo: I believe that those who say would you like to be my girlfriend can be said as love confession. But these things don't happen.

    Mc: So what are the one you have met?

    Hwangb: It is just a feeling. Ask those questions which can be not asked. Ask me questions in another way like "i really appreciate your blah blah today". sending sms like this. I will not take those who don't say would you like to be my girlfriend to as the love confession.

    Mc: is hwangbo ssi the style of hard to contact?

    Hwangbo: Me? No, i am very easy to contact, so easy.

    Male guest: Even harder to confess when you say this.

    Mc: Is your blood type "o" and you make exercises a lot.

    Male guest: I don't myself much. Am i good at talking?

    Mc: you are very gentleman and mysticism.

    Male guest: It is lying.

    Mc: no. Your voice suits the radio too.

    Hwangbo: To tell the truth, you're good looking and always wearing glasses. a feeling of handsome.

    Mc: you never took off your glasses?

    Male guest: i did but the image chages totally.

    what the male guest said is omitted.(sorry)

    Mc: Hwangbo ssi received a gift just now, a sneaker.

    Hwangbo: I am now doing this program and i don't know who is the person but the person knows me and chases me.
    Mc: is this the first time ?

    Hwangbo: No, a few weeks ago this person also came to another studio and send gifts to all the people in the waiting room. I received a letter saying that i prepared these for you today and next time you should work harder for me.

    Mc: OMG

    Hwangbo: I am totally touched and wanted to cry. He said "you"( not the honorifics of you). I think he is an oppa or someone. I don't know.

    Mc: I don't know either.

    Hwangbo: the artists who debuted early than me and now is not in the showbiz.

    Male guest: according to the concept of program, you should have known him.

    Hwangbo: Right. I feel depressed as i am the only one who don't know it.

    Male guest: that guy must be happy.

    Mc: in fact, i'm a little bit jealous. it is really happy to have more friends like this as artists. it's like dating with someone.

    Hwangbo: Don't you feel horrible? a little bit?

    Mc: how could it be? I have never received presents like this.

    Male guest: no one knows where i live

    Hwangbo: hahahaha

    Mc: receiving gifts like this really feels good.

    Hwangbo: it is from a guy anyway.

    Mc: a guy we don't know

    Hwangbo: Next time when i am shooting a program.

    Mc: Hwangbo receives a gift today and her mood is really good. I saw you are modeling on a Thailand Magazine and have many fans there.

    Hwangbo: Many come and speak korean, i am really touched.

    singing "mature"
    Mc: your live is good

    Male guest: i listened it with my eyes closed, it feels good

    Hwangbo: aren't you sleeply?

    Mc: when you speak you are very casual but when you sing, it is so good.

    Male guest: Your voice is not very heavy, the western style of singing. The leading singers in the foreign band before often have voices like this, although it is a little houskey. Ireally like the leading singer of Mr big, ERIC MARTIN. seems you two are alike.

    Hwangbo: i really suit the key of male singers.

    Mc: many audience leave messages saying that " all the events, hwangbo ssi, get married soon

    Hwangbo: many people anticpate it now, i will get married before 35, don't be so harsh on me.

    Mc: your enjoyment in your solo should be often shown in front of us. Is this your fan? Hwangbo onnie, your mature is so good, i am (the fan's name)

    Hwangbo: yes,she is my fan, a first grade student in high school. I should thank her following me. she should follow those idols. I really thank her.

    Mc: Hwangbo has the charms,you are attractive.


    Man, I want to know who her celebrity stalker is!!

    @Jaejoongie: Can you please translate her clip at the "Gag Show"? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Obviously, after all your finals that is.

    : Will email you later. Totally sneaking computer time in now instead of working =/
  • missauditormissauditor Kuala LumpurPosts: 2,097SoGonger


    preview of love pursuer!


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  • evelyn168evelyn168 Joongbo&#39;s WardPosts: 4,253Member


    edited December 2010
    I just watched the preview of Muhan Girls, it seems like the PD wants to make the girls, especially HB into athletes.

    Anyone want to place bets as to who the guy is in Love Pursuer? For some reason, I thought it was Hwanhee at first because of the voice. But then, it might be Brian cause he's good at impersonating Hwanhee.

    EDIT: I went to Baidu and saw a translated article about the Love Pursuer. It says that the guy is from a male idol group (doesn't say if they've disbanded or no longer active). The guy also said that they liked HB's straight forward character, but then later says that he likes her because of the sexy bikini pictures. He also wants to make the bikini pics of Hwangbo into a calendar. (OMG!!! This guy is honest, but he might get burnt by netizens.)

    I don't think it's Dongwan because the radioshow which HB revealed that she has an admirer was recorded on Nov 30 and Dongwan wasn't discharged from military till Dec 6. So it can't be him, but it could be Eric. From what HB says in the radioshow, it says that the person didn't use formal language in the notes left to her, so we can assume it's someone older. So my guesses is someone from Click-B, Sechskies, Shinhwa, H.O.T., FTTS, or Lee Jung (he was in 7days). But I'm really betting strongly on Brian cause he's known to be blunt.
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  • marikolahmarikolah Posts: 371Member


    edited December 2010
    Others have commented about this and I think I kinda agree with them. Kim Dong Wan-shi!!! :P I don't know how this coincides with his army service release date. He was released earlier this month but the recording of the program seemed to have taken place in November, right? In that case, err, I don't know.

    But Hwanhee seems like a good bet too. Oooh, this is fun. Who else, guys?
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  • meimoo*meimoo* Posts: 2,843Member
    May I have hwangbo cyworld? If I don't remember it wrong, the link used to be on front page.
  • imur100imur100 middle earthPosts: 728Member


    edited December 2010
    "Love Chaser" news

    I love this paragraph, per google translation

    "Who was really an idol in this topic? Currently, this man is known only as a member of pop group is raising the questions. And in some famous idol fan club members scrambling to trace the situation"

    :w00t: :w00t: Imagine famous idol fans trying to find out if their idol is "him".


    Speaking of "admirer", credit: Muhangirl's twitter


    @ Meimoo, HB's cyworld


  • missauditormissauditor Kuala LumpurPosts: 2,097SoGonger


    omo! omo! can i make another post for the guess game?

    jaebal moderator jusaeyo ^^

    i will die if the guy is kim dong wan-shi!! although i really want the guy to be bae yong jun ^^ mianhe, but please not hwanhee or brian.


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    lech-22jaejoongie &lt;3
  • ydwlaiydwlai GaGa CanadaPosts: 370Member


    Judging from the preview, he seems to be quite tall!
    Maybe one of the members in Click-B? Hye Jung said all members said they want to marry her before.
    Or one of the members in Supernova? They seems to be very close to Hye Jung.

    When will the show aired?
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  • ImziImzi Posts: 509Member


    edited December 2010
    I wonder who Hwangbo's persuer is, so according to the article is it definitely an idol group member? Really curious now.

    Love chaser usually airs on Thursdays on mbcevery1, can't wait for tomorrow.
  • marikolahmarikolah Posts: 371Member


    edited December 2010
    She gave a hint to hwangboholic on twitter. According to that, he's a former idol who is not currently active, which we already kinda knew, I guess. I can't wait to watch the show. The show looks like a lot of fun and she looks adorable in it. She needs more reality-type shows revolving around her like WGM.
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  • jaejoongie &lt;3jaejoongie &lt;3 Teen Top Angel <3 Posts: 2,153Member


    edited December 2010
    former idol who is currently not active?
    someone from click b?
    junjin has been laying low these days o.O
    >________> hwangbo knows too many people I can't really think of any lol.
    maybe it's just my wishful thinking for it to be someone from shinhwa :lol:


    in the news article, it said that the famous guy from an idol group first fell for her tomboyish personality.
    But after he saw the bikini photoshoot he fell in love with her. He said, hwangbo seemed so lovable and sexy after that. (lol~~~)

    He prepared special event presents for her and even packed lunch boxes for her and stuff. It seems he REALLY is in love with her.
    not because it's just a show :blink:.
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  • anego-sananego-san Posts: 22Member


    Oh I´m so happy for this news, our hwangbo is so beautiful, maybe he is Kim Kyung Rok , i really like him in xman
  • imur100imur100 middle earthPosts: 728Member


    edited December 2010
    Jaejoongie, thanks for translating the rest of the article. Google translation was icky :D

    Promoting 어깨동무 2011 calender infront of Lotte, credit: 최정미니's twitter
    Pic is kind of blurry but I think that it's her w/ the red gloves. Sorry if I'm wrong :P


    Wow...her cyworld is so red and christmasy :lol:


  • marikolahmarikolah Posts: 371Member


    edited December 2010

    Her cyworld link is

    The guy's voice actually sounds like it could be Kyung Rok. :) I forgot about him.
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  • dreamgazer1985dreamgazer1985 Posts: 351Member


    Guys, we should totally start a betting pool or something. Who figure out the correct identity of this mysterious pursuer could be like Queen of the Universe (or you know, this soompi thread) for a day or something. hurhur

    Since she mentioned in her "Love Shake" interview that the person addressed her w/out the honorifics, we can pretty much take out any members from the current idol line ups, plus anyone younger. So definitely not anyone from Supernova for sure.

    For me, Shinhwa members are also out b/c that would almost be incestuous or something. haha. They're her "bros" for such a long time that to now have tendre feelings is weird (to me). XD

    I think Brian is a good guess altho the guy seems to be taller in that snippet. I'm gonna hope for the Won Bin look alike member from Click-B, Ok Jong Hyuk. B/c look at him!!


    Thanx everyone as always for all the news and pics.
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