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[movie 2006] Like A Virgin 천하장사 마돈나

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edited September 2006 in k-dramas & movies
Ryoo Deok Hwan, Baek Yoon Sik, Lee Sang Ah, Kim Yoon Seok
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Like a Virgin 천하장사 마돈나 (2006)

Starring: Ryoo Deok-Hwan, Baek Yoon-Sik, Lee Sang-Ah, Kim Yoon-Seok
Director: Lee Hae-Young, Lee Hae-Jun
Genre: Comedy, Sports, Juvenile, Queer
Runtime: 116mins
Production: Sidus
Distribution: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

OH Dong-gu believes himself to be female. Although overweight and on the short side, he dreams of becoming the perfect some day, and he devotes himself to mimicking Madonna¡¯s singing and dancing after school. To cover the costs of transsexual surgery, he decides to enter
a wrestling competition

SOURCE : 천하장사 마돈나
천하장사 마돈나


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