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Does Anyone Go To A School That No One Else From Soompi Goes To?

pikapikapikapika Posts: 3,983Friend of Soompi


or very few
cuz if u read the topics here u would think that everyone either went uci ucsd ucla or uw...which makes sense considering the percentage of asian at those schools

but does anyon go to a school that ur pretty sure no one from soompi goes to?

or am i like the only one?


anyways~woohoo represent chapman university in orange CA~rumored to be tied in number one film school in the us next to usc~
<- film major

my school is majority white rich socal kids (but most of them are nice ^.^)with a handful of asian twinkies (and of course the other minorities)...
theres like one other krn krn kid at my school that i met
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