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Acuvue 2 Or Freshlook

baby077baby077 Posts: 15Member
edited August 2006 in beauty & fashion
For color contacts
I've used acuvue for the longest time ever. but i want color contacts now and im sorta interested in the grey shade... BUT i've heard that a lot of ppl use freshlook for em so do you guys recommend freshlook or acuvue for color contacts?

ALSO>>>> do they fit for you? I got a demo frm acuvue, and i had blurry vision due to the wrong fit... i think the color was blocking part of my pupil. do u guys get this from acuvue or freshlook?


  • XTINE__XTINE__ ? vancouver, canadaPosts: 1,912Member
    I would say for my own personal preference, I would go with FreshLook for color contacts.
    I think I've tried Acuvue color contacts once, but I forgot how that was like. I just love how FreshLook has a wide variety of colors and they all look so natural.

    I've also tried CooperVision Expressions color contacts once, in green, and they were not bad either.

    So, good luck with getting your color contacts. And btw, grey contacts are so awesome. =)
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  • da heeda hee Posts: 1,013Member
    go for freshlook colorblends. it's the best kind in my opinion. the color actually SHOWS yet it dissolves around your eyes that makes it look more natural and less fake.
  • baby077baby077 Posts: 15Member
    has anyone ever tried acuvue 2 colors? I got the demo for it, and i feel like the color is hiding my pupil... when i have them on, it's a bit blurry, different from when i tried on clear contacts. what are yr thoughts on this?
  • RubiiexRubiiex Zeitgeist! Posts: 1,419Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2006
    ^Then maybe the acuvue demo ones are fitted for your eyes, possibly?

    Fresh Look has a larger variety of colors that you can choose from, especially if you have dark color eyes.
    Acuvue 2 only has like 3 colors that are compatible with dark eyes.
    I'd go with the fresh look if you're mainly just looking for color ones.

  • sant0kkisant0kki Posts: 40Member
    freshlook, hands down. my friend had acuvue 2 in grey and it looked really fake and blue. i think my grey freshlook contacts looked a lot more natural because there's a tiny hint of hazel in the middle that blends into grey.
  • lenakeemlenakeem far far awayPosts: 2,167Member


    i wanna get colored contacts too. but im like - 6 && - 5 i know im blind. but iono how much do they usually cost?
    thanks to just_another_asian
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  • youre sexy &lt;3youre sexy <3 Posts: 1,358Member
    moonlight!! i looove it.
    its subtle but super hott.
  • baby077baby077 Posts: 15Member
    they cost like $30+ per box i think...

    are freshlook contacts even comfortable and clear to see in?
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,432Friend of Soompi


    Wow.. I think I've to try Freshlook.
    Acuvue 2 hurts my eyes after 2 hours and I'm unable to read properly.

  • dollyvietdollyviet Posts: 9Member
    QUOTE (youre sexy <3 @ Aug 19 2006, 05:40 PM) »
    moonlight!! i looove it.
    its subtle but super hott.

    can yu post a review and pictures on them ?
    i want to see wat they look like ^^
    please & thnk you
  • isomaaisomaa Posts: 183Member
    i think most people have said freshlook.
    i took use freshlook, and i use grey - makes your eyes pop out, but not tooo much like as to blue or green.
  • parasmani20parasmani20 Posts: 1New Member
    edited January 2011
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