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Chuseok Festival in NYC

trashstartrashstar this is how we hold it downNew York CityPosts: 4,823Friend of Soompi
I heard Fly to the Sky is coming this year. Can anyone confirm this? image


  • ohemgeewinnieeohemgeewinniee NYCPosts: 2,121Member


    edited August 2006
    when is the festival this year?
    i heard brian was coming on oct. 22nd. image
  • HUAYHUAY Hi :D Upstate NY -> LA -> NYCPosts: 3,442Friend of Soompi


    ^ AHHHHH O__O Reallllyy?

    @__@ I cant afford to miss anymore Kcelebs coming to NYC >|. I must goo.
    (XD well (^) I can, but I dont want to T__T; The thought of htem being in the same state as me.. @__@ /_\)
  • music &jysmusic &jys backagain. usa [:Posts: 2,012Member
    edited August 2006
    I`ve saw this on the FTTS thread. maybe you shoudl check there
  • BOBA:)BOBA:) Posts: 1,308Friend of Soompi


    If they're coming I'm going! :]
    au revoir. ce soir je suis desolee
  • dDoKbOkGidDoKbOkGi NJPosts: 212Member


    ahhh Brian!!! =DDD I will definitely go if they go!!

    Anyone know who else is going?
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  • xxanonymityxxanonymity Posts: 946Friend of Soompi
    when is the festival this year?
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  • suzan_xpsuzan_xp Posts: 106Friend of Soompi


    cant wait for this chuseok...
    last year was not good
    i hope FTTS comes...
    i also heard that chae yeon is coming.... dont kno if its true though
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  • AznBettyAznBetty New YorkPosts: 1,903Friend of Soompi


    FTTS almost never performs outside of korea!!!!
    if anyone finds out more info, please post!! T__T
    last years totally sucked. image
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  • music &amp;jysmusic &jys backagain. usa [:Posts: 2,012Member
    QUOTE(angelfightrJ @ Jul 31 2006, 10:56 PM) *


    Corona Park in Flushing. The performance usually is around late afternoon...around 4-5 I guess? But then seats fill up so you should be there early.

    VKLNJAWLK;TJNWAELFJKJNFLKAWNJLNF T.T why did my dad have to quit the staff this year? *gloom gloom* NOOOO. :T. haha. ask msaung if she has my PMs if you want the whole story & more info about the chusuk festival =.=

    hm, i'm looking at the flushing meadows corona park website and the event scheduled on october 22nd is a dog show. there is however, a korean harvest folklore & folklore festival on september 16th & 17th.

    ^^that's what i found so far.
  • ohemgeewinnieeohemgeewinniee NYCPosts: 2,121Member


    ^ thanks! i wonder which day FTTS is coming .. image
  • PseudonymPseudonym dance dance dance Posts: 1,252Member


    FTTS coming to NYC?! Why do they come when I'm in college -__-;;;
  • LucasBunnyLucasBunny What will I do without him? Posts: 15,205Member


    image I am so going regardless

    I missed it last year.
  • x3Janex3x3Janex3 Posts: 57Member
    edited August 2006
    i think this was in the newspaper
    my aunt said ftts, baekjiyoung, and chaeyeon are coming
    im pretty sure thats what the article said...
  • ayobooayoboo BK, NYPosts: 1,071Member
    this is awesomee !!!!! i want to see BRIAN SO BADLY !!!!
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  • BaBi_MeLzBaBi_MeLz BROOKLYN&#33;&#33;Posts: 251Member
    QUOTE(Pseudonym @ Aug 13 2006, 12:31 AM) »

    FTTS coming to NYC?! Why do they come when I'm in college -__-;;;

    whyyyyy! we have to hitch a ride or plane =x ahahhahz if only i got my license ahahaz
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  • xxtineyxxtiney JJONGAH<3 Posts: 3,766Member


    QUOTE(WINNIEE. @ Aug 11 2006, 11:11 AM) »

    ^ thanks! i wonder which day FTTS is coming .. image

    i think they usually rehearse on one day i suppose teh 16 and perform on the other, 17th. if those are the days lol
    but if ftts is going i wanna go! and i wanna see chaeyeon tooo
  • chibifrychibifry Posts: 1,305Member
    oh wow baek ji young? These days she's trying to get so much publicity.. I know she's a good singer but as an individual, I find her a bit iffy. Cool people this year.. I'm going :]
  • lacklusterlackluster a soul like mine nycPosts: 1,330Banned
    i call it chu suckerrrrrrrrr
  • PureMistakePureMistake Posts: 610Member
    QUOTE(WINNIEE. @ Aug 11 2006, 01:11 PM) »

    ^ thanks! i wonder which day FTTS is coming .. image

    they usually perform on sunday.
  • xsilentangelxsilentangel BostonPosts: 6,534Member
    edited September 2006
    I'm going for sure.

    Here's the email from Brian to this site.

    "To All FTTS Fans,

    Here's a snippet from an e-mail I received from Brian this morning. He mentioned the following:

    "I should be in NYC for the Korean Festival thingy [Chusok] on Oct. 22... We are definitely going from what my manager told me... Hopefully you'll get a huge crowd of FLY TO THE SKY fans to come and support us... And you better come too..."

    This is preliminary information and not confirmed by the organizers of the Chusok Festival, but according to Brian it looks like they will be appearing (performing?) at Chusok this year. Chusok is the Korean Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival (Korean Thanksgiving) and in New York City, it takes place in the borough of Queens in a mostly Asian city known as Flushing.

    This will be a "homecoming", of sorts, for Brian as he is from the Northeastern area and I think it will be a really good chance to see Korean entertainers in action for FREE! (But be sure to purchase (not pirate) their and other Korean singers' albums, of course...)

    See you kids at Chusok 2006! image"

    Need more information? Ask me. I'm going to NY for one day just for the Choosuk Festival. It's in Flushing, which is a very Asian place, with markets, food, etc. I don't know when they will be there, but it will certainly be during that day. I don't know where Flushing is, but my friend in NY lives in Queens, so he will be taking me there.

    What's the thing about Sep 16 and 17? O_O? I think my parents will strangle me for going lol, the next day after the 22nd is Monday, meaning A SCHOOL DAY.
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