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From Ugly Duckling To Magnificent Swan? Share Pix And Stories :-)

abc123__abc123__ CambridgePosts: 273Member


edited October 2011 in beauty & fashion
10/10/2011 - &endeavor:
01. All transformation posts MUST be accompanied by a story/explanation why you think you've transformed. This is to alleviate any discrepancy on people's perception on what's considered a "transformation."
02. Any post that does not have a story/explanation will be deleted and WILL merit a warning.

For example, here are two completely made up stories that you can use as a guide.....

I used to weigh 430954 pounds and have horrible skin. I was teased a lot as a little duckling because of the way I looked. I decided one day that I was going to eat healthier, sleep more, and overall take better care of myself. Now all the ducks wants to be my friend even the ones that lives in the neighboring lake!
[img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/35m2otw.jpg[/img] ----> [img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/345o46f.jpg[/img]
Pictures taken from Google.

My family went through some hard times. I was constantly depressed and didn't know what to do with my life. I was abandoned and lost. One day I met this person and she changed my life. She was the answer my family and I were looking for. Through her I learned that there's always hope and no one is ever really lost. I went on to graduate school where I obtained a license to be a professor at Doggy University. I am happier than ever!
[img]http://i53.Richard Simmons/301euyd.jpg[/img] ----> [img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/14t3449.jpg[/img]
Picture of my dog, say 'hi' to Buddy!

Hopefully the two above examples gave everyone an idea of what's required from now on. You don't have to be elaborate with your story but please do share why you are happier now with yourself than with who you were before.



<img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
> <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

Well, this amazing transformation not only applies to birds, but to people as well.

And I'm sure there are many people here on Soompi that have gone through this transformation. And I'll tell you, it's not a shallow change, because it also impacts you emotionally and mentally.

Well, if you are one of those people who have gone from an ugly duckling to a magnificent swan, post your story and experience up here.... and pictures (if you can), to give us a better idea.


  • TamiTami New YorkPosts: 980Friend of Soompi
    edited October 2006
    A lot of people from the 411 will have seen this.

    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    Um. Before at age 13 I was boardering 140-150lbs at 5'3", and then I grew to 5'7" and dropped down to 135lbs where I'm at currently. I didn't really do anything differently, I just grew and matured.

    edit: 10/9/06 I dug up another before picture. It's below the first one =P Thanks to everyone that commented image
  • aznxchicaaznxchica Posts: 19Member
    ^-- WOW! that's SO amazing. you look really beautiful ^^
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  • AMAZiFiED *(:AMAZiFiED *(: Posts: 1,632Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2006
    Aw, I read your story. It reminds me that change doesn`t
    have to be physical but it can be a mental/emotional chance within yourself.
    Maybe I`ll post something up once I think of something image.
    Wow, transformations make me happy. Seeing that people are willing to
    change themselves for the better .. ? Your recent pictures are full of life, and
    you look gorgeous:] Probably both inside, and out ! <3

    @ Tami; I`ve seen your pics before, but everytime I look at them, I`m
    amazed all over again. You look stunning image

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    but when we find someone whose weirdness
    is compatible with ours, we join up in mutaul
    weirdness and call it love. " haha<3
  • &lt;3RabbY1087<3RabbY1087 Posts: 506Member
    You two look really nice and beautiful. I can see a significant change.
    I was an ugly duckling too, especially around the years of middle school and early high school. Then I lost more weight and did better decisions of what to wear. But I still feel like there's more I can improve. There's always something I can do to improve myself.
    I really like this topic, it's very inspirational image.
    I think that after going through this phase, that people become more understanding, sympathetic and less shallow since they've experienced so much from it.
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  • Apple_loveApple_love SurreyPosts: 855Member
    How should i say this I went backwards
    I grew ugli lol, i was so cute when i was 8,10 and i wore brand name clothes xD and looked much better then now. I used to wear cute little dresses and perm my hair curly blonde. Dollish i must say, now i look like a hobo with cute clothes image
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  • moodibunnimoodibunni CaliforniaPosts: 543Friend of Soompi
    =O WOW...BIG CHANGES... XD haha once i find my pix maybe i'll show XD
  • mangujowamangujowa elsewhere.Posts: 2,065Member


    Tami: I saw your pictures many, many times, but each time I am amazed again! You look so great now.

    Me: Up to 5th grade, I used to be a freak about how I dressed and looked, but from 6th to 9th grade, I didn't give a shxt about how I looked. I came to school in like any old t-shirt and jeans. And I only wore baggy, black/blue/white solid colored t-shirts. I pretty much looked like a guy? Now, people don't recognize me. =__=" Even when I was at Abercrombie and Fitch, this guy who was the clerk was someone who went to church with me-- and knew me up to a year ago. He didn't recognize me, so I didn't say anything to him, though. But I've just reverted back to how I was before my "I don't care how I look" phase. I don't have any pictures though.
    IPB Image

    If you're really wondering how he (Tetra); although I highly advise that you don't-- for your sake.

  • cuti3gurlcuti3gurl boxofchocolate; Posts: 144Member
    edited October 2008
    time to remove my pictures lol. maybe ill update soon x]

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  • DVDV =]Posts: 2,531Member
    edited August 2006
    i'm still an ugly duckling :[
  • shortyxPshortyxP Posts: 455Member
    both of you look great now ;]
    QUOTE(Tami @ Aug 4 2006, 10:36 PM) »

    A lot of people from the 411 will have seen this.

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    Um. Before at age 13 I was boardering 140-150lbs at 5'3", and then I grew to 5'7" and dropped down to 135lbs where I'm at currently. I didn't really do anything differently, I just grew and matured.

    what did you do? o.O
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  • tacelditaceldi New YorkPosts: 516Member
    edited August 2006
    Wow, great job! I have to say, junor high really was a horrible time frame of changes for me. My body developing in a weird speed, and in awkward directions lol, but I also had a great time during those years image still, I'm glad that "ugly phase" is over with.
  • raspberylotion22raspberylotion22 Bear territoryPosts: 405Member
    i agree with ya. for a lot of girls, middle school was their "ugly" phase. i remember feeling really really ugly during middle school too. it's like this transition phase from a cute lido kiddo to a more mature prettier girl.
    during middle school i had braces, i didn't wear contacts, my brows were bushy and i generally had no fashion sense so i dressed like a boy all the time haha. basically i had VERy low confidence too.
    but in high school, i guess girls just become more aware of their appearances. and better looks give you more confidence and you just look more attractive hehe.
  • theskinnygirltheskinnygirl Posts: 1,091Member


    edited August 2006
    Was an ugly duckling. Still an ugly duckling.

    Actually, I was never "ugly." I just pretty much stayed the same throughout my middle school/high school years.
    Maybe I SHOULD start changing and then come back here and show a before/after result.

    I did notice a lot of the people at my school changing though. ..
    The short guy in middle school who couldn't get any girl, who grew and became the "hit" of the school.
    The annoying girl in middle school who everyone hated who was unattractive and pretty much a loser, grew, dressed better, and became ms. popular.
    ^I think that pretty much happens to a lot of people at other schools as well.
    High school and growing up altogether changes people...
    MOST of the time, for the better.

    I like this thread btw, because I am pretty sure that MOST people have gone through it.
    Even if they haven't, they probably have seen it happen to others...
  • megaSTEPxomegaSTEPxo ? ? timeless Posts: 1,598Member
    edited August 2006
    Although we don't have middle school here but I was pretty plain jane too during the middle school age (7th -9th grade). I had such ugly hair (split into center) and I wasn't the happiest child either, so lots of things made it worst. However, I think I started getting my hair nicely groomed at 10th grade and wore a bit makeup and just became a better person.

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  • Petite_MalPetite_Mal Mountain View, CAPosts: 469Friend of Soompi
    I think most girls go through a really awkward "ugly duckling" phase beginning at early adolescence. It's an odd limbo between childhood and adulthood where we're learning the subtleties of being a woman, as well as an individual. I think it can last even up until the early twenties, when women really physically and mentally bloom and come into their own.

    As a child, I was really cute in the way really fat, pink cheeks, dimples, and frilly dresses tend to produce. image However, between the ages of 9 (when I first got my period! image ) and 13, I was really unattractive.

    I had braces, glasses, was really tall, but kinda chubby and wore huge t-shirts and baggy jeans. This was because i started going through puberty so early, and I was soooo embarrassed about my boobs and the other weight gain. No other 10 or 11 year old had them, and I towered over everyone else at 5'2".

    Things got better in middle school when other girls began to catch up. it's funny because people got used to the idea of me being so tall, but I never grew much after that, so I had to get used to being short! image Anyway, the braces and glasses came off, I got interested in clothes, makeup, and boys and became proud of my curves.

    I'm moving in a week, so all my pictures are boxed up. I think I pretty much avoided getting them taken anyhow, but I wish I had one to show how I changed. I've found that Asian women, in particular go through some striking changes as we get older. I think there's a word for it in Korean -like, when you're in your early twenties something happens to your face. I don't remember what it is, but I've found it to be pretty accurate.
  • crystal_clovercrystal_clover SingaporePosts: 1,702Member
    abc123__: I think your before pics aren't that bad at all! image Your hairstyle is definitely much better now, but don't we all have dorky hairstyles when we were young? LOL.

    Tami: amazing transformation.

    cuti3gurl: You look so cute now! Gives me the impression of a sporty and friendly girl. Btw, if you shape your eyebrows I bet you're going to look prettier.
  • adorkablexasianadorkablexasian Posts: 292Member
    i did!! i remember kids used to talk about me behind my back, but now that im turning into a "swan" they don't anymore. people i met one-three years ago dont really recognize me xD i just changed my clothing style which was like the same clothes almost everyday to getting a lot more clothes and more fashionable and i got contacts and had braces and got them taken off. i also learned how to straighten my hair, and not let my mom tell me that it was too long, because my hair looks way better longer. i was also one of those cute kids who turn ugllyy who turn to normal. xD
  • litoxshortaiilitoxshortaii Posts: 2,784Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2006
    i actually look WORSE than i did when i was younger.. ive had braces since i was in 7th grade and then in 8th/9th grade, i started getting pimples for the first time and ive never been able to rid of them since then (gonna be in 12th this year). my eyes have also gotten smaller and my nose has gotten bigger.. it's weird. i was looking at pictures of when i was in like 6th grade when my skin was all flawless and i had big round eyes and i was like T_T
  • Loveholic2uLoveholic2u luv-crumbs<3 NYCPosts: 3,910Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2010
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  • gingerpyegingerpye Posts: 1,630Member
    QUOTE(Tami @ Aug 4 2006, 09:36 PM) »

    A lot of people from the 411 will have seen this.

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    Um. Before at age 13 I was boardering 140-150lbs at 5'3", and then I grew to 5'7" and dropped down to 135lbs where I'm at currently. I didn't really do anything differently, I just grew and matured.

    that is like.. whoa. lol image
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