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20-something and no driver 's license:



  • shufflepuckshufflepuck DutchlandPosts: 222Member


    I'm 23 and don't have a driver's license.
    It can be a pain but honestly, I think it's better that I don't have one as the streets would look like a carmageddon aftermath if you'd let me loose on them.
  • velveteenkittenvelveteenkitten Posts: 86Member
    I'm 24 and have no license. I don't particularly love cars as there are a lot of absolute idiots driving the roads here. But I'll probably have to learn to drive when I have kids.
  • jackythedragonjackythedragon Toronto, CanadaPosts: 7Member
    i'm turning 22 this year and i've only started taking driving lessons haha.

    it's going well though.. maybe after 5-6 more, i'll be ready for the test.

    i honestly was content the way i was travelling around but... it's just all my friends have cars and i can get one but without a license there's no point.. and i kinda have a thing for this girl...

    so i figured.. time to learn to drive, get a car and get a girlfriend lol
  • cinderellaheechulcinderellaheechul Posts: 133Member
    im 24, no license, no permit, can't drive period. i make boys drive me around. LOOOOOL

    i kid.

  • alldaylongalldaylong Posts: 46Member
    Well I live in a place where it us kinda a must to have a license for a car! Its extremely inconvenient having people drive me everywhere (no boyfriend to rely on so lols) So I am in the process of applying for a permit. I am 20...hopefully by my 21st birthday I can be driving all over the world! image (Though that's like two months from now so I dunno)
  • sushie-chansushie-chan Dreaming Crazy Girl FrancePosts: 387Member
    Don't have the permit, don't have the license and i'm happy and not crying. XD
    But it is because i DON't WANT a car.
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  • Makki*Makki* Posts: 20Member
    I'm 24 and I don't have a license. I want to learn to drive but my work eats up too much of my time, and during weekends (if I'm not at work) I just want to sleep and go out with friends. ;<
  • longbonglongbong Posts: 170Banned
    edited May 2010
    dont know why OP is fretting over whether he has license or not...

    i'm wondering whether i should even be allowed to have a license....given my psychological condition but yeah you will be paying a little more with your car insurance because you don't have the driving "experiences" most people would've gotten before they were 20.
  • kitkatz23kitkatz23 Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 116Member


    I'm 24 and don't have a licence. It feels like I've had my permit forever...just can't get a licence because I'm epileptic. :(
  • NEENER.NEENER. Posts: 480Friend of Soompi
    Me, 22.

    Just never had the time to consistently learn. While going to school it was no problem, but now that I'm back at home working three jobs... Its a big hassle. Hassle to bother parents for rides when the bus won't take me to where I need to go, hassle to wake up so much earlier then I need to, and a hassle to ride the bus for an hour when driving would get you there in 10minutes.

    Or how about when you miss your connecting bus on Sunday and a 10 minute drive ends up taking you two hours?

    YEAH. I can go on and on. I've been practicing lately, and the goal is to get my last by the end of July. Can't wait! :)
  • ly*cheely*chee somewhere over the rainbowPosts: 1,397Friend of Soompi


    I'm 21 and don't have a license. I just got my permit 2 weeks ago after I got sick of my parents nagging.
    : S I do want a license and yet I don't, because then I have to become my parents chaperon and everyone's designated driver since I don't drink :X

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  • Shamela24Shamela24 Posts: 3Member
    I'm 24. It used to be that I can't afford the insurance, now I don't have time to get off work to take the test.
  • hahahatessahahahatessa Posts: 5Member
    I really think it's nothing strange.

    I'm 21, and I don't have my driver's license. I also don't feel the need to have it. I can go everywhere by bike, bus and train.

    It's better for the environment too! ^^
  • alicechenalicechen ♥ Insane FanGirl ♥ Posts: 2,240Member


    I don't feel embarrassed or anything...yet. :sweatingbullets: My brother is 18 and he's getting ready to take his road test and here I am refusing to take his ride. :phew:
    Please kindly follow the signature rules.
  • SREY_MAOSREY_MAO it's a last palce you will find mePosts: 359Member

    ROOKIE glad im not the only 24 yrs old that
    doesnt have her license lolz....since the law changed
    i have to wait til im 25 to get it...
    i just dont want to sit in defensive driving
    class for 6 hrs :)
  • IonNukeIonNuke USA / TaiwanPosts: 980Friend of Soompi
    I think as long as someone lives in a place with sufficient public transportation then the DL isn't needed. Too bad for me it's the complete opposite lol.
  • meychunpomeychunpo Posts: 61Member
    im 21, and i dont have it...the classes are expensive,and my dad work too much he can teach
    im not embarrased but i'll love have one! , i dont have a car either XD but someday....someday!....... XD
  • cciconoclasticcciconoclastic Posts: 141Member
    I'm 21 now and have only very recently started practicing driving on the road (after getting my permit in late December last year). Mostly it's because I go to school very on the East Coast in an area where I wouldn't have access to a car, but I definitely should have started practicing in high school, it just never happened. If I were planning to stay in urban areas with good public transportation long term though, I don't think it'd be anything to worry much about.
  • shwinlewinshwinlewin NY, USAPosts: 216Member


    I'm 21 and have no license either, but I take comfort in not having a license. Simply because I live in NYC and having a car would be mad expansive (parking, dumb drivers scratching your car, etc) and a little pointless. It does get annoying when you need to buy big stuff and then have it either delivered or etc, but those perks are great when you have a bf ^^~

    I may get a license after I accumulate enough money to spare a car after calculating whether or not to move out of the city.

    ✎ »»» ✿
  • DudieDudie Posts: 695Member


    I'm 28 and I don't have my drivers license yet. I want to take lessons soon though (which I say for years :sweatingbullets: but now i mean it). I did drive once though and that didn't go well. Nothing bad happened but still :unsure:
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