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Korean Name x]



  • ystarburstystarburst Maryland, USAPosts: 175Member
    Would the correct Korean spelling for "Sarah" be "사라" or .. "새라" / "세라"?

    This is the only place I've found that's somewhat appropriate to place this. :x

  • sabchysabchy sloveniaPosts: 1,131Member
    my name is Sabina n since i dont like that name people usually call me Sabi
    but ive got a korean name from a friend which is 수빈. i like it it but no one calls me by it lol
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  • wengfrecrixswengfrecrixs Posts: 418Member


    my chinese name is 谭嘉荣
    someone help me translate it sweatingbullets.gif

  • YooAmieYooAmie Posts: 163Member


    I'm not Korean, but I translated my Chinese name into Korean, and I got 에이미 니 :)
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  • FrozenWaterMelonFrozenWaterMelon Let's go to Neverland <3 USPosts: 1,620Member
    My korean name is 수연 or Soo Yun and it means flawless/perfect lotus blossom :)
  • mumudavmumudav Posts: 415Member


    edited January 2012
    I need to create myself a korean name and using the meaning of my real name: love, to be loved, superior, obstinate I've tried to come up with several korean names~ But i can't decide wich one is better sounding and less awkward~ Would you please help me? ~(^w^)/

    애준 Ae Jun (chinese characters used 愛 love, be fond of, like and 雋 superior, outstanding, talented)
    준연 Jun Yeon or 연준 Yeon Jun (chinese characters used 戀 love; long for, yearn for; love and 雋 superior, outstanding, talented)
    희준 Hui Jun (chinese characters used 憙 like, love, enjoy; joyful thing and 雋 superior, outstanding, talented)
    희경 Hui Gyeong (chinese characters used 憙 like, love, enjoy; joyful thing and 硬 hard, firm, strong; obstinate)
    희상 Hui Sang (chinese characters used 憙 like, love, enjoy; joyful thing and 上 superior, highest; go up)
    애경 Ae Gyeong (chinese characters used 愛 love, be fond of, like and 硬 hard, firm, strong; obstinate)

    What are your opinions?^^
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  • ChrissymaruChrissymaru New York CityPosts: 325Member


    My Chinese name translated to Korean is

    徐风玲 ---> 서풍영 (Seo Pung Yeong)

    It sounds like a child's name, very cutesy sounding. :P
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  • ravenraven MyanmarPosts: 570Member


    Hi, I'm writing a fanfic and I was wondering if any of you could help me come up with some nice names for my main characters.
    For the girl, I chose Jeong Yun Hee.
    For the guy, Shin Sang Min.
    Does anyone else know any nice, not extremely common names? If so, could you tell me along with their meanings?
    Thank you!
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  • jinnysarangjinnysarang Posts: 185Member
    My Korean name is Jin-Kyung (진경)
    Apparently it means Precious-Respect
    and my mom told me that it means someone that can do a lot of things well.. ^^;
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  • YoungPandaYoungPanda LiverpoolPosts: 5Member
    Don't have one ㅠ.ㅠ
    But it would be cool to have one ^.^
  • sasukejutsusasukejutsu Posts: 6Member, New Member
    김지현 ;)
  • ddongchipddongchip Posts: 67Member
    My korean name is

  • JessicaJessica Posts: 2New Member
    I don't have one?! :(
  • tekno13tekno13 Posts: 9Member
    I do and its awesome
  • pattyaroncepattyaronce Posts: 2New Member
    Hi<3 i'm new here :))

    uhhmmm what would be my name in korean ?
    My name is Patricia meaning noble :) thank you <3
  • pattyaroncepattyaronce Posts: 2New Member
    hi <3 kinda new here
    don't know if my post was posted hihihih

    what would be my name in korean ?
    my name is Patricia = Noble

    thank you !!
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