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Korean Name x]



  • team24team24 Posts: 26Member
    Hong Jong Ho (홍 종 호) and yes I'm korean 
  • jayoncejayonce Posts: 40Member
    edited August 2010
    정주은; 주님에 은총

    Jung/Chung Ju/Joo Eun. It means the grace of God :D
    Lol, my name has so many stories behind it.

    I actually have no "real" English first name. I was born in Manhattan but on my birth certificate it says "Ju Eun". Since it's such a pain for Americans to say (and I type that with no hard feelings :P ), my kindergarten teacher suggested I go by "June" because it sounds similiar and it'll be easier to pronounce. So bam! I gained a new name.

    I'm a Jung but in America, I'm a Chung 청 (stupid romanizations). I didn't realize there was a difference (because I was illiterate in Korean until high school) until my mom scolded me when I introduced myself as Chung Ju Eun in Korean. It's alright for me to say "Hi, I'm June Chung" in English but not in Korean since I'm a Jung. Although, I'll be changing my last name to my mother's maiden name (Hwang, 황) next year so it doesn't matter either way anymore :lol:
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  • moreriotmoreriot Posts: 6Member
    edited October 2010
    Vietnamese: Nguyễn Huyền Trinh

    Using Wiktionary, I got:
    Chinese: 阮 玄 貞
    Korean: 완/원 현 정
    So it would be Wan Hyun Jung or Won Hyun Jung.

    Could someone tell me if it's correct?
  • JamerrzJamerrz Posts: 67Member
    Oh Kyu Hyun Here.
  • danni280790danni280790 Posts: 414Member


    i have a British name as im from the Uk, but this is my name in Korean...
    Danielle : 다니엘
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  • toriii_miiintoriii_miiin Posts: 181Member
    edited February 2012
    Lim Min Sun (임민선), meaning 'fast and beautiful' :D
  • jaekyung03jaekyung03 ???~ Posts: 331Member
    Lee Jae Kyung // 이재경
    rarely do ppl actually read my name properly. most of the times they read it as jae kyong ;;
  • mantou1984mantou1984 Posts: 28Member
    edited March 2011
    칸 미 이윤
    Kan Mi Youn

    I Iike this girl from Baby V.O.X , so I decide to use her name ~~~ LOL
  • cbear06cbear06 Posts: 4Member
    Mine is Seong Yeong >.<  I don't like it at all lol.

  • ELUNEELUNE Posts: 34Member
    mine is yoeun :) i kinda like it.
  • KyouriaKyouria ° ◦ Fallen Angel ◦ ° Posts: 573Member
    Shin Yoo Mi

    Or sometimes Yumi.
  • Henna_HaNeulHenna_HaNeul Posts: 116Member
    Ha neul :)

    Meaning sky or heaven :D <3
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  • hikari_neko11hikari_neko11 Posts: 160Member
    Meeya / 미야

    The "Mee" part means "beautiful" but the "ya" is just a random addition to make it sound nice i think. My parents said they contemplated for months on my name before I was born. I felt so touched when I found out ^_^ I like my name. You don't normally see it spelt like that.
  • baehyunbaehyun SoCalPosts: 322Member
    edited May 2011
    mines 배현, I'm not registered with it, but my korean family calls me that. Its the turnout of years of fobs trying(or mumbling out of embarrassment) to say Peyton haha

    I read more of the thread, and I'm surprised at so many people making up Korean names...I think its better to go by names people actually refer to you by than to make up new ones.
  • jennd333jennd333 New JerseyPosts: 73Member
    Romanization: Eun Mi
    Korean: 은미

    None of my teachers can pronounce it, though... that's why I kind of don't like the first day of school, since every single class I go to I have to correct their pronunciation of my name. For some reason, everyone sees 'Eun-mi' on their roster and says, 'Yoon-mi.' =.="

    My grandparents went to some guy who was like a master of Chinese characters to come up with my name before I was born... XD It's pretty, I guess, but it's kind of shallow imo.

    Eun = silver, Mi = beauty. ^^;
  • xiao_ai19xiao_ai19 Love is so CLICHE. MarsPosts: 1,273Member


    Kim YeonHee...i don't know what that means but that's it...but just recently I've been baptized by a student with the name...Kim MinJin...she said it sounds unique...I go for both names anyway...I'm not Korean so I get to make up names for myself...kkk
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  • antarcticheartantarcticheart Posts: 122Member
    romanized is soo (su) mi (mee) and hangul is 수미.
    my friends always make fun of me for it, saying it sounds like
    something you'd hear in a cartoon or something. TT TT
  • x stylejjangx stylejjang VIP HOTTEST WONDERFUL ? KOREA.Posts: 337Member
    edited May 2011
    mines is Ji Ah. 장지아.
    in korean my last names pronounced as jang but in english i spell/pronounce it as chang.
    weird... i know some people that spell it jang in english tho.
    meaning: 지헤로은 아듬다은 (?) im guessing the spelling here. haha.
    graceful & beautiful.
  • immortalblueimmortalblue South KoreaPosts: 49Member


    This is really fascinating to me! I would like to share my adoptive Korean name:
    Lee Kyung Ah

    I really like my Korean name, though I use my English name officially :-)
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  • bubbletealovebubbletealove Posts: 361Member


    Romanization: Lee Dam
    Korean: 이담

    Means pure mountain water ^^ My parents loved hiking as you can tell x]
    A m e r i c a n o ;; 좋아 좋아 좋아 ♥
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