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How Are You At This Very Moment?



  • sc;]sc;] Posts: 939Member
    i feel like crapp and very dirtty! =/
  • butthead24butthead24 Westminster, CAPosts: 364Member
    angry -___- its the fourth of july weekend and the stupid summer school couldnt even give us monday the third off.. evil, arent they. >__< summer school.. ANGRYNESSS
  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---&#62; (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    Bored out of my mind.

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  • SassyGirl23_35SassyGirl23_35 USA&#33;&#33;Posts: 594Member
    edited July 2006
    I'm feeling a few things.

    upset with my sister cause a soccer game seems more important to her than me..
    upset/mad that I have to miss dinner at my dads house cause my sister was the only avail. one to give me a ride and I'm not happy with her (besides..she expected me to run around with her and do errands first and I don't want to have to move around my schedule just because it doesn't fit hers image )
    Happy that I'm hanging out with my boyfriend later
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  • MelyxciousMelyxcious Diego Fainello ? Las Vegas, NV.Posts: 3,454Member
    kind of bored because my best friend is in korea right now for basically the whole summer and i miss her so much .__.

    and.. the guy that i'm starting to like just got online o-o;;

    kinda.. nervous a bit haha but bored :[
  • TetraTetra Elitest Posts: 7,859Banned
    Bored. Several people can attest to that.
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  • VioletSauceVioletSauce ~J-Ville~Posts: 1,573Member


    I feel pretty good. I'm a little tired though.
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  • livfreelivfree sydney &lt;3.Posts: 935Member
    cold and sick.. boo ........................*
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  • *exquisite_*exquisite_ Posts: 108Member
    just a bit sad because my bf is leaving me today for camping for like a week >.< not that long but we've never been apart for like more like 2 days haha
    whatever. . .
  • JAE JUNJAE JUN DCPosts: 434Member
    full.. ate too much. bleh

  • thepianistthepianist Melaniee WEEE!Posts: 864Member
    Mad. Mad at my sister who won't listen to me. She is such a lunatic. I was practicing piano for my recital tomorrow and she kept on bouncing her annoying little ball across the room. Making the thump thump noise. I ask her ever so nicely to "stop" so I didn't have any distractions. But nooo she just had to keep bouncing it. She just had to say no I hate you to my face. wth? I HATE HER TOO. that stupid sister. She even scratched my poor arm so deeply. THERE'S A MARK. AIYAHH. Little sisters = BRATS.
  • xsilentangelxsilentangel BostonPosts: 6,534Member


    i am actually very depressed..... just life has never been really happy ...
  • jinkaejinkae GTAPosts: 304Member
    sad... lonely... tired. this is what doing nothing does to me.
  • AkiAki We are HAPPINESS? Posts: 2,339Member
    Right now, I'm very satisfied.
  • tinasaranggtinasarangg 1314-1111? MOCO, MARYLAND.Posts: 2,679Member
    pissed off at life.
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  • PizazzPizza88PizazzPizza88 Posts: 5,474Friend of Soompi
    i guess i am bored...tired
  • junyijunyi Posts: 805Member


    tired and restless.

    ah T_T
  • xshortyxshorty Posts: 629Member
    very bored. and nervous for an upcoming job interview.
  • illneverletyougoillneverletyougo i want to fall back into love. farawayPosts: 1,715Member


    i feel pretty good actually.
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  • EYELIEDEYELIED Posts: 394Member
    Sad. ... I just found out some bad things in my family.
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