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what's your current ringtone?

mcatherinemcatherine California, USAPosts: 170Member
`Just curious!^_^

Title says it all! lol

Where'd you go by Fort Minor

geez I miss Linkin Park so bad! <<out of topic>>
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  • i&#39;m lagging yoi&#39;m lagging yo Bay AreaPosts: 508Member
    mine's called "standard"
    interestingly enough no one else seems to use it so no problem distinguishing my ring from others..
  • CatGoesMeowCatGoesMeow Orange County, CAPosts: 1,113Member
    Boy - Milky Way ............................................ =X
  • Green_DropsGreen_Drops Posts: 236Member
    heh... mine's also Where'd You Go by Fort Minor! =D
  • kcinimodkcinimod monster islandPosts: 370Member
    drunken tiger - 60 Percenta Zen
  • chinguzchinguz SydneyPosts: 757Member
    the final fantasy song when you win a battle in the game.
  • ddonqddonq Posts: 870Member
    ti- what you know.

    __ d d o n q .
  • SeungHyeSeungHye ...NYCCCPosts: 736Member
    umm super junoir U hehe ^^"
    supa junior*゜・。☆・゜merii thread:..:. KARA!!
    .:BIGBANGISVIP~~SE⑦OLUTION 《GM6★》 이바보!!!!!!!
    SEUNG's RuLE~
    사랑한다 안 한다 사랑한다 안 한다 돌아온다 안 온다 그립다....
    장난 아니다 ..
  • TepperTepper UCSCPosts: 733Member


    edited June 2006
    Mine's the ringer from metal gear solid.. bwahah... snake?! snake?! snaaaakeeeee!?!?!
    I am the minority here.


  • GongZhenPeiGongZhenPei ??? ? ??? Wang Lee Hom&#39;s arms B]Posts: 942Member
    kiss goodbye by wang lee hom for friends and ni bi cong qian kuai le by jay chou for family & others XD
  • heygingersnapheygingersnap BoA&#39;s heart &lt;33Posts: 3,401Member


    haha, i thought there was a thread like this already... anyway. image

    mine's m-flo ♥ BoA; the love bug. i love that song. image
    image image
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  • OnesweetypieOnesweetypie SoCalPosts: 2,808Member
    DBSG - Rising Sun lolll

    Its tite image
  • NASRI22NASRI22 Nasri 22", 48" +9:30GMTPosts: 911Member
    edited June 2006
    River south - lin jun jue

    too bad my phone dont play mp3's =(...
  • BoSoxdirtdogBoSoxdirtdog Fenway ParkPosts: 215Member
    ESPN Baseball Tonight Theme
    Metallica - Enter the Sandman
    Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
    "Marriage is an important part of getting ahead: lets people know you're not a homo." -Ellerby from The Departed
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  • JAE JUNJAE JUN DCPosts: 434Member
    edited June 2006
    - Lil Jon feat. E-40 and Sean Paul ; Snap Yo Fingers.
    - Three 6 Mafia ; I Gotta Stay Fly
    - DJay ; Hard Out Here For a Pimp
    - Panic! At the Disco ; The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage

  • girl armageddongirl armageddon South CarolinaPosts: 577Member
    "Seize the Day" by Avenged Sevenfold

    i will eat chu.
  • swtfireflyswtfirefly Posts: 1,344Member


    mine's hi ya ya by dbsk ^^ hehe.
  • 4ever_sweet4ever_sweet Posts: 2,068Member
    Whoa...a lot of you guys use ASIAN songs don't you? ringer used to be Generation by Hee Jun for my old phone. But for now, it's

    Rascal Flatts - What hurts the most

    Love that song!
    "It is what you do with the gift of life that Determines who you are..."
  • Shining B*Shining B* Posts: 171Member
    mine is CSJH - Can't Help Falling In Love
  • LunaLuna V I R G I N I APosts: 1,290Banned


    "Me & U" - Cassie


    We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while.
    We are not moving on. We are embracing our mourning. We are Virginia Tech ...
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.

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