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Lee Chun Hee 이천희

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edited April 2013 in actors & actresses

♥Welcome to Lee Cheon Hee's thread♥



Name: ♪♫♪Lee Cheon Hee/ Lee Chun Hee/ 이천희 ♪♫♪
Date of Birth : February 19, 1979 leechunhee_100222.jpg?w=400&h=600
Birth Place: Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Profession : Actor, Model ,Furniture Designer
Furniture store : " Lee Chun Hee Furniture Memphis & Venini"
Nickname : Chunderella 20081221172506727.jpg
Blood-type: B
IQ : 148+
Talent agency :N.O.A Entertainment/ Soop Entertainment
Cyword :Cyword
Daum :Daum
Official facebook
Hobbies: Photography, Inline hockey , baseball, soccer, guitar, go to norebang with friends, diving,extreme sports ♪♫♪
His music recommendations : Ennio Morricone “Cinema Paradiso" (OST); New Kids On The Block “Step By Step” ; Kim Gun Mo “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” ; Daft Punk “Discovery”; Josh Groban “Closer” ;
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts ♪♫♪
Close Celebs friends/sunbae: Gong Yoo,Lee Min Ki, Im Joo Hwan,Jung Eui Chui, Song Chang Ui,Lee Hyo Ri,Dae Sung ( Big Bang), Kim Soo Ro, Park Gun Hyung,Park Ye Jin, Kim Jong Kook,Kang Dong Won, Kim Jae Wook, Han Ji Hye, Rain, Lim So Jung, Jung Kyung Ho ...
Lee Chun Hee (이천희) ♥Sweet proposal ♥


2012- National Security
♥ 2011 Barbie
♥ 2011 My Black Mini Dress/마이 블랙 미니드레스 as Soo Hwan( cameo)4622901-500333_53446.jpg

♥2010 ~ A Million/10억 posterphoto91313.jpg
Photo shootTrailer
♥2008 ~ Humminghumming1.jpgInterviewTrailer
♥2008 ~ Beautiful/아름답다beautiful-poster.jpgBTSTrailerMaking of
♥2006 ~ Bar Legend ( Riverbank Legends/Ddukbbang Jeonseol) as Seong Hyeon %EB%9A%9D%EB%B0%A9%EC%A0%84%EC%84%A4.jpgTrailer
♥2006 ~ 3 Colors Love Story/3인3색 러브 스토리 - 사랑 즐감 6021.jpg
♥2005 ~ The Aggressives/태풍태양aggressives0ps.jpgPoster Shooting
♥2004 ~ Romance of their own (Temptation of Wolves/늑대의 유혹)posterphoto1188.jpg
♥2004 ~ Ice Rain/빙우 ( as Woo Sung's friend)posterphoto2118.jpg
♥2004 ~ Typhoon Sun
♥2004 ~ Too beautiful to lie/그녀를 믿지 마세요 as Young Deokposterphoto852.jpg
♥2003 ~ A Good Lawyer's Wife/바람난 가족


♥ 2013 TvN- Dating Agency: Cyrano
♥ 2013 KBS Drama Special -Like a fairy tale
♥ 2013 KBS Drama Special- Like a miracle
♥ 2012 MBC - The Thousandth Man
♥ 2012 KBS Drama Special -You are amusing 
♥ 2012 SBS Please take care of me, Captain
♥ 2011 KBS  
Drama Special -Linger 
♥2010 MBC Gloria ( As Ha Dong Ah)posterphoto128231.jpgTrailerOfficial WebsitePoster ShootingInterview

Gloria Diary
Gloria EngSub
♥2010 MBC Road No.1 (cameo)posterphoto118330.jpg6e2dd5c51d3bc9f8a2af3e437c0992271276923043_full.jpg
♥2009 SBS Smile You/그대웃어요 ( As Seo Seong Jun - Lee Min Jung's older brother)chart_jung4_02.jpg

Official site
Press Conference
Smile You Recap by dramabeans
♥2008 KBS1 Dae Wang Sejong ( as Jang Yeong Sil )posterphoto72734.jpg
♥2008 ~ On Air ( cameo episode 3)12100655859_60800010.jpg
♥2007 KBS2 Conspiracy in the court/Seoul's Sad Song/한성별곡/ Hansungbyulgok( as Yang Man Oh)seouls-sad-song.jpg
♥2005 SBS Only You/온리유 ( as Jeong Hyeon Seong)only-you.jpg
♥2005 MBC Autumn Shower ( as Kim Su Hyeong )Autumn-Shower.jpg

Variety Show
♥2012 - 아드레날린 (Adrenaline)
♥ 2010 Running Man ( episode 2)RM episode 2Episode 3, episode 76-77
♥ 2009 Idol Show ( Kara) Episode 3Eng Sub
♥ YSMM - Smile You special
♥2008- 2009 Family Outing ( as Chunderella)fotl1.jpg20090519_familyouting_thumb.jpg0.jpg
♥ YSMM - FO vs 1n2d
♥ X-Man

CF ♪♫♪
♥ S-OIl
Googims Clothing Brand.
♥ Etude ( with Song Hye Kyo)CF
♥ SK Telecom CF
♥ Ramen CF ( with Shin Bong Sun) CF
♥ Domino Pizza CF
♥ Kumho Asiana CFMaking of
♥ Samsung CMA ( with Yoon Eun Hye)CF1CF2Making of CF
♥ Haptic On ( with Park Ye Jin)CF1CF2Making ofCF3
♥ Baskin Robbins ( with Park Ye Jin)CF
♥ Levi Strauss Signature ( with Lee Chae Young)BTSCF
♥ 요리사의요리 메인CF
♥ Kia models activities
♥ Ecole model activities


MV ♪♫♪
2009 ~ K. Will Miss Miss Miss/그립고 그립고 그립다 MV
♥ 2008 ~ KIm Kyung Rok ft Baby J ( Jewelry)- We are now strangersMV
♥ 2008 ~ Baek Ji Young #사랑 따위 (Like Love)MV
♥ 2008 Seeya, Davichi, Black Pearl - Blue MoonMV
♥ 2008 SG Wannabe -Like the first timeMV
♥ 2008 Seeya - StupidMV
♥ 2008~ V.O.S ~ Young Days/젊은날 (Cho Young Soo ALL STAR Vol.2) MV
♥ 2006 ~ Kim Woo Joo - Separate( Part 1); Moment(Part 2)Part 1Part 2
♥ 3 Colors Love Story Ost MV
♥ G.O.D ~ Orinary DaysMV
♥ 2003~ Jewelry ~ I really like you MV
♥ Kim Gunmo ~ Scarecrow MV


♥ 2011 : Marie Claire
♥ 2011 : Cosmopolitan
♥ 2011 : Oh Boy
2010 Nylon 1282813512.jpg
♥ 2010 August ~ Marie Claire
♥ 2010 Sure Magazine ( with Song Jong Ho)pics
♥ 2010 February Nylon MagazinePics
♥ 2009 Movie Week Video
♥ 2009 February ~ Numero Magazine ( with Lee Hyo Ri)Full Issue
♥ 2009 January Vogue Girl
♥ 2008 ELLE
♥ GQ
♥ Esquire
♥ Levi Strauss Signature ( with Lee Chae Young)


Other videos ♪♫♪
Furniture designer and Model Lee Chun Hee
Lee Chun Hee IQ
♥ Fashion Show Model [ShowBiz Extra] Video
♥ Mnet Wide Pickup Lee Chun Hee cut Video
Lee Chun Hee do the support message
Lee Chun Hee, Lee Hyori BFF
Dorky Lee Chun Hee
Lee Chun Hee fancam with Park Yejin
Runaway from home VIP premier
Smile You - Sung Joon and Ji Soo fanmade
Jiyeon likes Lee Chun Hee

Behind the story Wedding



♥2008 SBS Entertainment Awards: Netizen Popularity Award



♥2010 February Birthday party ( exclusive for 30 fans)
♥2006 ~Riverbank Lagend fan meeting Video


NEWS ♪♫♪♪♫♪♪♫♪
Lee Chun-hee and Kim Sae-ron cast as uncle and niece
[MAGAZINE] Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin – Marie Claire Magazine April Issue ’11
Newlyweds Lee Chun Hee & Jun Hye Jin share their first impressions of each other
Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin get married!
Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin reveal their wedding photos
Lee Chun Hee proposes to his wife through a serenade
Lee Chun Hee announces his surprise engagement to Jun Hye Jin
Stars attend Finding Mr Destiny Vip Movie Premiere
Stars attend “Psychic” movie premiere
Lee Chun Hee Models For NYLON
Lee Chun Hee’s BTS Pics of Gloria

Lee Chun Hee & Kim Seung Soo – The Eyes Have It
Celebrities attends MVIO Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show
2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Walk brings out the stars

BAE DOONA and LEE CHUNHEE in new drama "Gloria"
Disco Makes a Comeback in Gloria
Lee Chun Hee lfor Marie Claire
Goo Hara, Lee Chun Hee and Song Ji Hyo to guest on Running Man
Road No. 1′s Cameos
Lee Chun Hee Cast In “Gloria”
Jeremy Scott’s party in Korea
Lee Chun Hee celebrates his birthday
Happy birthday Lee Chun Hee!
Who wore it best: Sooyoung, LeeU or Lee Chun Hee?
T-ara’s Jiyeon has a thing for Lee Chun Hee
Family reunion
Song Jong Ho and Lee Chun Hee – SURE Magazine
Lee Chun Hee – Nylon Magazine
Lee Chun Hee in Strong Heart
Chungdam Fortuneteller VIP Screen
New thriller Billion feature star-studded cast
Lee Chun Hee for K.Will's MV
Lee Chun Hee in Kara's Idol Show
Activities after leaving FO
Lee Chun Hee Regrets Leaving Family Outing
A Cast to smile for
Revival of Chunderella - Lee Chun Hee is cast in Smile, You
Lee Chun Hee’s Music Recommendations
Lee Chun Hee’s First Impressions
Lee Chun Hee came to watch Big Bang Big Show
Goodbye to Yejin & Chunhee
Park Yejin and Lee Chunhee in tears for last episode of family outing.
this is a random post about Lee Chun Hee being a genius in general
Brainiest Kpop Celebrities
2008 SBS Entertainment Awards
2008 Music Festival
Haptic on
Save the environment
Lee-chun-hee accidental-scandalmonger
Humming OST MV
Seoul's Sad Song OST MV
The aggressives OST MV
Lee Chun Hee singing Hyori's 10 minutes
Spotlight – The Men Management
ET VIP screen


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  • AoijenAoijen Posts: 425Member
    I dun know this guy? who this his name? image
  • nazurnazur Los Angeles, CAPosts: 49Member
    I don't know why, but i like this guy.

    His character in 'the aggressives' was very likable. In 'only you' his character was a really nice guy at the beginning, but became more and more annoying near the end.

  • bloopy_babobloopy_babo sacramentoPosts: 2,968Member


    He's coming out with a new movie with MC Mong and another guy.
    It is gonna be a high school kind of film.

    THIS GUY IS SO HOT. <333
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ -- A N-- O R I G I N A L --S O O M P I --S H O P -- ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ atelierbanner1copy.png
    - ♡ ♥ N--O--W-----O--P--E--N ♥ ♡ -

    empress ck says
  • miimisunshinemiimisunshine Posts: 1,895Member
    i remember this dude.. i used to think he was ugly in only you.. but .. now i see pics of him.. he is oka...
  • qoryimanqoryiman SingaporePosts: 49Member
    He's in MV 거짓말 by g.o.d. Looks really good there. It's sad that his superb acting skill's dimmed by his not-so-cutesy-looky-look that most other actors who've gone under the knife. Let's hope he gets more exposure....

    Here's the video. Take a looK:

  • y2k2000y2k2000 Posts: 68Member
    he's in temptation of the wolves!
    don't remember seeing him
  • greeenteagreeentea Posts: 3Member
    in GODs MV
    thats not lee chun hee
    thats kang sung
    you know "han" from fast and the furious: tokyo drift...

    just that i'd let you know
  • J E W E L Z *J E W E L Z * Posts: 2,513Member


    he was in temptation of the wolves???
    what part did he play?
    Please kindly read the signature rules.
    ---WONDER GIRLS!<3 soooo hott~~ SNSD,BIGBANG,LEE SEUNG GI<3 always #1 YOON EUN HYE
  • jiwonz1004jiwonz1004 Posts: 504Member


    QUOTE(greeentea @ Jul 19 2006, 12:52 AM) »

    in GODs MV
    thats not lee chun hee
    thats kang sung
    you know "han" from fast and the furious: tokyo drift...

    just that i'd let you know

    oh wow thats him in that mv? wait....he debuted in Korea?

    nehoo, Lee Chun Hee came out in GODs MV for the song: Botongnal
  • mz.LAmz.LA Posts: 1,304Friend of Soompi


    loved him in only you!
    hope to see more new projects for him image
  • lakatsumilakatsumi Posts: 520Member


    yeah he was in "Only You" hope he have his own drama!!
  • ty_veety_vee Posts: 270Member
    oh you better see him in DdukBang!! His char is interesting and i think he played it out well!! I lovee him image
    Can't help laughing when he inserted the pipe to the wrong part... image
    Oh he is just soo cool and nice to look at....i don't remember seeing him in the temptation of the wolves... image
    IPB Image
  • nishikamnishikam Posts: 34Member
    I see he in"only you" I don't know he has movie"high school kind " I don't know it but Cheon Hee is look pretty
  • ritahuiritahui jakartaPosts: 105Member
    this guy who played "only you' with Han Chae Young And Jo Hyun Jae right?
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited September 2008
    KKD is making a new movie '아름답다' to debut Feb 2008. Not sure if the English title would be 'Beautiful'.
    Future Daum listing
    He chose this movie's cast today; they are Cha Soo Yeon (For Eternal Hearts) and Lee Chun Hee (Don't Believe Her, Ice Rain, Autumn Shower).


    LCH is in a movie featured by Arirang this week, there is no VOD, so try to catch the repeat telecast. under Drama Theatre.
    Movie title is "The navigator of my life"

    His fan site

    He has been cast in KBS new 2008 drama, King Sejong.

    And he actually looks good in period drama costume, see
  • jasmine_koreajasmine_korea Posts: 2,314Member
    I find him really hot..and underrated ^^
    I'm watching the Bar Legend which is an amazing movie ;D
  • kaminkamin Posts: 377Member
    edited September 2008
    Finally I found Cheon Hee thread image

    I watch his Drama 'Only You' long time ago, and I found out his a good acting ^^
    also watched him in a small role in True Romance & Too Beautiful To Lie (both of my favorit movie)

    hope somone can update his news & etc.

    Movie 'Humming' star with Han Ji Hye

    <허밍> 이천희-한지혜, 커플 호흡 '척척'
    [데일리안] 2008년 02월 01일(금) 오전 11:55 가 가| 이메일| 프린트
    [데일리안 손연지 기자]




    other news ;

    '허밍'의 이천희, 첫사랑 한지혜를 향한 男 본심 그려!


    link :;newssetid=1352

    'Humming' premiere

    영화 〈허밍〉 으로 만난 이천희, 한지혜2008년 2월 14일(목) 오후 3:56 [YTN STAR]


    [리포트]지난 13일 삼청동 아트선재센터에 이천희, 한지혜 주연의 영화 〈허밍〉 의 제작발표회가 있었습니다.

    개그맨 김진수 씨의 사회로 시작된 이 날 제작발표회에서는 주제가를 부른 소울플라워의 축하공연과 주연배우 이천희, 한지혜 씨의 듀엣송 무대 등 다채로운 행사가 진행되었는데요.

    [인터뷰:한지혜]"미연이란 역할을 맡은 한지혜입니다."[인터뷰:이천희]"저는 준서라는 역할을 맡은 이천희입니다."영화 〈허밍〉 은 갑작스러운 사고로 의식불명에 빠진 한 남자가 사랑했던 연인을 마지막으로 만날 수 있는 단 한 번의 기회를 얻게 되면서 그동안 잊고 있던 사랑을 다시 깨닫게 된다는 내용을 그린 판타지 로맨스 영화인데요.

    Q) 실제 연인을 만날 시간이 하루밖에 없다면...?
    A) "그 친구가 하고 싶은 것을 다 들어줄 것 같아요. 제가 하고 싶은 것은 보는 것만으로도..."극 중 활동적인 성격의 미연 역을 맡은 한지혜 씨는 기존의 멜로 여배우의 가녀린 이미지를 탈피하고자 많은 노력을 했다는데요.

    Q) 미연이란 인물의 특징은...?
    A) "다른 멜로와 다른 점은 아주 삶이 열정적이고 액티브한 여자라는 것. 그래서 암벽등반을 즐기기도 하고 보통 여자들이 즐기지 않는 자전거타기를 즐기고 재즈댄스, 다이빙..."

    Q) 대역을 썼나...?
    A) "대역 안 쓰고요. 제가 다 했어요."[인터뷰:이천희]

    Q) 같이 암벽등반을 배웠는지...?
    A) "영화 촬영하기 전에 암벽등반을 다 배우고, 그런데 저보다 한지혜 씨가 훨씬 잘해요. 15M를 그냥 올라가요. 그냥 거미같이..."영화를 위해 암벽등반까지 한 한지혜 씨와 이천희 씨는 헤어질 수밖에 없는 슬픈 운명을 가진 연인의 모습을 애틋하게 그려냈는데요.

    Q) 〈허밍〉 에서 말하는 사랑이란...?
    A) "지금 하고 있는 사랑에 대해서 무디게 여기지 말고 다시 한 번 이 하루 있는 것 더 열정적으로 열심히 사랑해라, 있을 때 잘해라 그런 평범한 진리를 사랑의 감정을 일깨워주는 영화입니다."[인터뷰:김진수]"있을 때 잘하라는 말이 가슴에 팍 와 닿네요."슬픈 연인을 연기한 두 사람. 아직도 그 감정이 지속하고 있는 것인지, 제작 발표회 내내 두 배우는 실제 연인 같은 다정한 포즈를 취해 시선을 모았는데요.

    Q) 키스신이 실제 사랑하는 연인 같은데...?
    A) "제 생각은 그래요. 사랑하는 연인에게 사랑하는 감정을 찍어야 한다면 그런 감정이 정말로 있어야 보이잖아요. 그 장면을 찍는 동안에는 정말 이 사람을 사랑할 수밖에 없는 것 같아요."

    Q) 시청자 여러분께...?
    A) "가슴 저 깊은 곳에 꼭꼭 숨겨놓은 사랑이란 감정 소중한 감정들을 다시 한 번 끄집어내서 가슴에 담고 가면 좋을 영화인 것 같고요. 부모님들이 금술이 더 좋아질 것 같고 20~30대 연인들이 와서 보면 좋을 것 같아요. 그럼 많이 공감하실 수 있는 영화가 될 것 같아요."슬프도록 아름다운 사랑을 가슴 깊이 전해줄 한지혜, 이천희 주연의 영화 〈허밍〉 은 3월 13일 개봉예정입니다.

    [저작권자© YTNSTAR & Digital YTN. 무단 전재-재배포 금지]


    Cut scene

    Premiere on 13 Feb 2008
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


  • silverwingzsilverwingz Lost...? AustraliaPosts: 5,326Friend of Soompi


    just letting everyone know that there's a thread for the new variety show which Lee Chun Hee's in.

    the English name of the show is tentative at the moment...
    Family Left or The Family Came/Showed Up (the first doesn't really make sense, and the latter one
    is more of a literal translation and suits the premise of the show)... but once CB links come out, it'll be clear.


    head over there for info, download links, pictures, discussions, etc... i update it frequently.

    see you there!
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