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Official: Vanness Wu Jian Hao thread



  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    Tiffany Hsu fantasises about marrying Ethan Ruan; cries for half an hour

    Source: Liberty Times
    Translation: Sarah @

    Tiffany Hsu & boyfriend Ethan Ruan’s relationship is very stable. Earlier, in SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’, she had a scene where she wears a wedding dress, and cries for almost half an hour, and afterwards was unable to stop!

    Tiffany said that she was too immersed in the scene, and so she couldn’t stop crying: “On my wedding day, I will probably hug my mum and cry non-stop!” Tiffany also has fantasies about her own wedding going for the Western-style route; getting married in a church and inviting all her friends & family to attend the ceremony.

    This year, Tiffany spent New Years on the roof at a ‘friend’s house, while watching the 101 fireworks. Currently, Vanness Wu is in America & Ady An is in China. ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings reached 6.64 last week but second male lead Chris Wu is yet to fulfil his diving promise. SETTV expressed that they want to get all the cast together, and will definitely not break their promise.
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    Autumns Concerto/Next Stop Happiness
    episode 14








    ep 15 preview
    english subbed

    Next】 2010/01/03 happy happy 14th Station
    15 notice


    thanks eilond/

    min square has started subbing ep 14

    tune in

    Autumn's Concerto; YahooTW's HOT TOPIC! Thank U GOD!!!!

    AnD blog/hypebeast

    Our TV drama: Autumn’s Concerto is today’s HOT TOPIC on the front page of Yahoo Taiwan! God You are AWESOME!!!


    Again thank you everyone who’s been supporting the show. It was a grueling 5 months, but I love, and appreciated every moment of it. It’s been a long journey, and although the shooting is over…the love never stops. Just like His Love for us~ Thank You Lord, we all have truly worked very hard for this…

    “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Gal 6:7

    Be Forever blessed y’all~

    message at AnD

    Van Ness Wu
    Monday, Jan 4, 2010 12:27AM
    WOW...over 2 million guys are AWESOME!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL~

  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    autumn concerto

    Ep14's rating 7.76.

    cr verona /;#entry6504947
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member


    2 twitts
    7.76!!! HOLY GOD!!! YOU ARE SO GOOD TO US!!!


    jason/vanness pic
    Happy Sunday...Light shining down on me & @vannessvanwu in sunny LA!!
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    ratings soaring to 7.76

    News - "Autumn's Concerto" pressed " "Fated T Love You" (5/1) :

    Ratings of Top 11 Idol Dramas :

    Source :

    Defeat "My Queen",Vannes Wu becomes "Idol Drama No.1 Male Lead" (4/1) :
    Source : Yahoo!News

    Source; udn

    credit =sx.k=/asianfanatics ac

    the novel

    the photobook
    turn on the pages for more pics here

    thanks peachboy/tsinoy

    fan made video

  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member

    1 下一站幸福 (台视) 7.76 autumn concerto
    2 海派甜心 (华视) 4.12 hi my sweetheart
    3 桃花小妹 (中视) 0.76 momolove

    ratings news

    [HQ] [MIN] 下一站,幸福 Autumn's Concerto's Ratings Went Up AGAIN (7.76)

    min's remarks;
    ENJOY! Please rate and comment! (:
    Yay! Three Cheers! It even went up to 8.86 at one point (No prizes for guessing; it's the confrontation scene) That made Vanness the one with the HIGHEST TV ratings out of all the F4 members (:

    another news

    Everyone is Crazy for Autumn's Concerto

    Source: Chinatimes
    Translations: xbunnylicious @

    Posted Image

    Sunday idol drama craze is here again! TTV and SETTV drama "Autumn's Concerto" received it's highest rating ever on the 3rd. The rating reached 7.76, defeating My Queen's 7.35 record. Male lead Vanness Wu, who gained popularity from F4, is now as popular as ever. He is even able to threaten Ethan Ruan for the idol king position. As with Show Luo and Rainie Yang's drama, Hi My Sweetheart, the ratings are not bad either with a 4.12 rating.

    Vanness, who is vacationing in the United States, can only view clips of the drama through the internet. Netizens' praises of his acting and friends' Facebook messages leave him very happy. In the drama, he finally regains his memory and is full of hatred.

    Last week Show Luo wore thin clothes to his autograph session and ended up catching a cold with a fever of 39 degrees C. He was afraid that his coughing would affect his voice so he got up early in the morning to go to the hospital to receive special and nutritional shots. He said wearing thick clothes at his autograph session would affect the speed of the autograph signing. He is afraid it will be too long of a wait for fans and will delay them from going home on time, so he can only take a chance with his health.

    english subbed
    see right side part of page and click.

    complete eng subbed

    fan made video

    Autumns Concerto gallery

  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member

    cliick pics
    Not only a street named after me in LA....I have my own parking meters..don't work well tho they just ate 3 quarters
    Seriously....I own parking what are u tryin to tell me~???? He's always with us

    new next ep ,15

    (5-Jan-10) by: =sx.k=

    ac photobook


    more at

    =sx.k=, on 06 January 2010 - 09:33 AM, said:

    VanNess the King in ratings

    Source : Appledaily TW, UDN, Nownews
    Written by : PA @

    It was a big night for the hit drama Autumn's Concerto this past Sunday as average ratings hit 7.76%, even surpassing the 7.35% achieved by My Queen starring Cheryl Yang and Ethan Ruan. Famous producer Chai Zhi-Ping (柴智屏), who cast the then unknown Van Ness Wu in Meteor Garden, previously criticized Autumn's Concerto for resembling the famous prime-time soap Blue Spider Web. Van Ness Wu came out on top in the ratings battle against her show Hi! My Sweetheart, and also leads the way among dramas starring F4 members. Interval ratings for Autumn's Concerto peaked at 8.86%, compared to 4.8% for Vic Chou’s Black & White, 4.2% for Jerry Yan’s Hot Shot and 3.38% for Ken Chu’s Momo Love.

    After episode 13 of Autumn Concerto aired 2 weeks ago, many questions were raised when Ady An's character was told that her son cannot have a transfusion from those related by blood. Despite controversies surrounding the medical reference, viewers were already hooked and came back to watch the next episode last Sunday. Episode 14 reached its climax when Van Ness Wu’s character regained his memory and found out what others have been trying to hide from him. Viewers were impressed by his acting, as he showcased different depths of emotions upon realizing his past and his confrontation with Ady An.

    Van Ness Wu is currently taking a break in the US and was thrilled to hear about the ratings. He was hesitant to accept the role at first as the drama requires acting with a lot of emotions. He took on the challenge anyway but viewers criticized his acting style for being “too soft” prior to the character's memory lost. Van Ness Wu was complimented for his performance on Sunday’s episode. Viewers commented that his sudden persona reversal was cool and exciting, while others worried that it might be a disaster in the making. All eyes are on Autumn's Concerto to see if it will break the previous ratings record of 13.83% in ratings set by Ethan Ruan’s “Fated to Love You”.

    Vanness Wu’s drama ratings are top amongst his F4 peers

    06 January 2010,Taiwan

    Source : MediaCorp TV

    Vanness Wu has trumped the rest of his F4 peers… in the TV drama ratings. The F4 group, made of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness, first rose to fame in 2001 when all four singer-actors starred together in the Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden.

    The ratings of Vanness’s current drama Next Stop Happiness recently escalated to a new high average of 7.76, with portions of its latest episode raking in as much as 8.86 (that’s approximately 3.2 million viewers turning in).

    In last Sunday’s episode, Vanness Wu’s character regained his lost memory only to suffer an emotional meltdown as he uncovered the lies and betrayal by his own mother and girlfriend.

    As the drama reachs its gripping climax, Vanness has not only won the ratings battle against Vic Zhou’s Black & White (4.8), Jerry Yan’s Hot Shot (4.2) and Ken Zhu’s Momo Love (3.38), but also received praises from the online community for his improved acting.

    The 31-year-old, who is currently vacationing in America said, “I’m super happy and very touched!”

    On his breakdown scene in the latest episode, he confessed to having a few NGs (No Good takes). The actor was initially hesitant about taking on the role due to its character’s many emotional struggles and conflictions. He was afraid that he could not cope but eventually decided to challenge himself with this role.

    “When filming first began, I couldn’t really feel for [my character]. I end up not being able let go when I think about how the entire world betrayed me. I got angrier and angrier just thinking about it and could not stop crying. The director finally comforted me and said “Ok, you can come out now” before I returned to my senses.”

    Next Stop Happiness still has half a battle to win if it wants to be crowned as a chart-topping series. The all-time record high of 13.83 was established by Fated To Love You starring Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen.;#entry6507973
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    VANNESS Japanese 3rd single 《Reason~Stuck on u~Devil》

    at later part of it , he leads a prayer.

    vannesss twitter
    About to start class~ WhooootWhoooot~!!! God morning y'all! Have a wonderful blessed day! Its going to be SPECTACULAR!!! God is SWEEEET!!!
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    http://i47.Richard Simmons/2570y78.jpg
    http://i49.Richard Simmons/fvzbj8.jpg
    http://i47.Richard Simmons/rcscrc.jpg

    http://i49.Richard Simmons/k2g0h4.jpg
    http://i49.Richard Simmons/ws8kt1.jpg

    http://i48.Richard Simmons/2vd4ivt.jpg


    [img]http://i49.Richard Simmons/348p05c.jpg[img]http://i50.Richard Simmons/no972b.jpghttp://i47.Richard Simmons/rm19i9.jpghttp://i50.Richard Simmons/zyipoo.jpghttp://i46.Richard Simmons/2qxoklf.jpg i never tire looking at his picsmore more;mforum=vannwu
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    lots of pic, vids, beautiful creations,gif's at

    just click the links on webpage

    cr ttv/gar /verona

    rgx tearing up

    cr yammy /verona
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    ep15 preview another site

    superb acting photos

    Message: YEE HAAA!!!! I'm in TEXAS!!!

    japan album


    Audio Preview Website;d=1&t=1


    Price: JPY 3,650
    Book Website:

    Price: JPY3, 150
    Book Website:


    VANNESS incorporating the songs in Japanese and English, please stay tuned at a special album! !

    VanNess 1st Album "REFLECTIONS" 03/02/2010 ON SALE

    Limited Edition (DVD with) Price: ¥ 3,675

    M-1.Hyper Car
    M-3.Stuck on u
    M-5.Purple Rain
    M-6.I don't wanna lose you
    M-8.Super Model (English)
    M-9.Sail Away (English)
    M-10.Devil (English)


    Normal Price: ¥ 3,150

    M-1.Hyper Car
    M-2.Little Things You Do
    M-4.Stuck on u
    M-6.Purple Rain
    M-7.I don't wanna lose you
    M-9.Super Model (English)
    M-10.Sail Away (English)
    M-11.Devil (English)

    credit:v-swat one love
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    ep15 New Preview:
    amanda blog ,hua chi xin in ac


    cr =sx.k= asianfanatics

    mv rgx mc xl

    ac/nsh to be shown in japan starting 2/27/10

  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    english subbed by min

    ep15 prev
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    edited January 2010
    Van Ness Wu and Autumn’s Concerto director in a love triangle?
    Source: Liberty Times
    Translated by: PA @ CpopAccess


    It was previously reported that Van Ness Wu and his Autumn’s Concerto director Chen Hui-Ling are unusually close. They have denied such rumors and maintained that they have a professional relationship. Director Chen plans to shoot a new mini-series in March and has invited Van Ness to be the producer. Apparently director Chen’s boyfriend, who is a lighting technician, will also be working on this series, making it a collaboration of the (rumored) love triangle.

    Some dream of Van Ness, while Van Ness dreams of God…

    The rumors started as Van Ness Wu was often seen hugging and holding hands with director Chen on the set of Autumn’s Concerto. Director Chen explained that she only thinks of him as her little brother, and she was close with everyone from the crew anyways. His manager also confirmed the same, “Van Ness Wu treats everyone like family.”

    Autumn Concerto's director Chen Hui-Ling at the 2008 Golden Bell Award with awards for best editing, mini-drama writer, and theater director.

    Van Ness Wu’s successful turn in Autumn’s Concerto has propelled him to the king of ratings among F4. He plans to expand his work behind the scenes by collaborating with director Chen on the new mini-series. Van Ness revealed that while shooting the Autumn’s Concerto, he experienced inexplicable frustration for 3 days in a row. On the fourth day, he dreamed of God and was told, “You're okay, it'll be fine.” Van Ness said the condition stopped after that day, while his manager explained he was probably just too deep into his acting.

    short ren family vids by min

  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    Autumns Concerto/Next Stop Happiness
    ep 15


    ep 16 preview
    english subbed:

    AnD blog update

    Sunday, Jan 10, 2010 7:33PM / Standard Entry

    If you guys are into Rock ‘n’ Roll you definitely have to check this band out. Finally something refreshing, and by far long overdue. I had the honor and pleasure working with them on their upcoming album, finally mastered and ready for action.

    Check them out here

    click on the page and you can check out the music through the myspace page.

    The song’s called “Sometimes I’m Alive” Thank God for good Old Rock ‘n’ Roll~!!!

    thanks mariwu at
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    Official ratings: ep 15
    Autumn's Concerto 6.78
    Hi My Sweetheart 4.08
    Momo Love 0.69

    at asianfanatics syyang, on 11 January 2010 - 01:35 PM, said:

    Date: 10/1/2010

    Xiao Xiao Bin "Peeps" As Jerry Yan & Ella Kiss On Set

    posting vanness part only

    Meanwhile another F4 member, Vanness Wu, who was starring in TTV and iSET's [Autumn's Conceto] has improved by leaps and bounds in his acting. But he was speculated to have been overly into his role, leading to depression and supposedly cried without reason for days before falling asleep. His manager clarified that his condition is fine and would probably be just too into his role. Meanwhile Ady (Audrey) An claimed to have joined viewers to shed tears before the television, watching the drama.

    ~ End of Translation ~

    full text at down with love thread at af
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member

    reason track: complete
    Please Credit to VIFC if you wanted to post anywhere

    Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu Pit Against Each Other on Weekends. Ella Puts In Her Best, Carrries A Fridge to Climb Stairs!
    Source: Now News
    Translation by: syyang @

    With TTV and SET's [Autumn Concerto] gaining wide popularity recently, not only has Xiao Xiao Bin become the most popular child actor, but Vanness Wu's status also rose to be one of Idol Drama's No.1 Male Leads - a changeover from his previous days. During the earlier days of [Meteor Garden], Jerry Yan was the most popular among the male leads; hence, it would be evident soon if he could regain his "Number One" when his idol drama - [Down With Love] makes its debut telecast on 24 January 2010 via CTV and GTV.

    In the earlier years when Jerry was the hot favourite among F4, Vanness was more like a supporting role. Recently [AC] clinched the champion spot for viewership in idol dramas telecasted on weekends with its highest rating last week (on 3 January) being 7.76. [AC] is now trailing behind [Fated to Love You]'s rating of 10.91, and has become Taiwan's No.2 idol drama with the highest viewership. With the high viewership, Vanness also rose to greater fame. With the soon-to-telecast [DWL], it seemed that the "battle" between the former "F2" will commence. Will Vanness gets tougher as the competition gets tough, or would Jerry regain his No.1 spot - this attracted many's attention.

    On the other hand, in order to stand out amongst the tough fight between idol serials, the actors and actresses would also put in their very best feat for their idol dramas. Four years ago, Joe Chen carried a gas cylinder of about 15kg under the hot weather of 34 degree celsius for TTV and SET's [The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog] with amazing strength. Recently, in her new drama seria - [DWL], Ella will need to carry a fridge of over 10kg to mount the stairs. Her professionalism also won the respect of many.



  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
  • myvannmyvann Posts: 826Member
    Translated by Whalesg@VIFC

    ELLE January 2010 issue - special interview with idol drama "Autumn's Concerto" leading actor, VanNess Wu

    VanNess used is an artiste with an attractive look and non-stop romance rumours but eversince VanNess Wu believed in GOD, he claimed he is no longer being linked to the girls around him and even having said that to the media numberous times, the media is still so much interest. But VanNess do not feel angry about it, he said 'I will pray for those who do not believe me'

    Stopped Love Games / Finding True Love and Forming A Family
    When VanNess announced that he is stopping love games, his romance rumours did not stop there so he claimed 'I felt it is so ridculous, I said it so loud but still no one hears it. But I will tell myself not to get upset by all these' He reminded himself that the more he negative he feel, the more he needed to pray for those who misunderstood him. When he see a beautiful girl, he will pretend he did not see her but he will in return praise about her beauty. But just like that, he will not make any further move or intentions. VanNess is very clear that, his next aim is to find a girl who will form a family with him.

    Believing in GOD / Turned Over A New Leaf / Next Stop, Happiness
    Being a popular idol who used to go clubbing almost every night and getting drunk, when he was in very lowdown times, he finally found out where he really belong...a religion, became a changed man, decided to be a responsible and matured person to face his own life. VanNess not only quit drinking and lust but also his bad attitude of a used-to-be arrogant youngster, returning with a completely new look and image. Taking on a role of a romanic man in the idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto', had made impressed alot of people and enable others to like VanNess Wu all over again..

    I Know What I Am Doing is Right
    Accepting GOD for almost 2 years now, VanNess is still having all kinds of doubts. On this, he can handle the queries easily now, he says 'believing in GOD enable me to feel safe, letting me who am I, knowing how to keep my own beliefs, learning how to be thankful, giving me huge strengths, allowing me to "reborn", geting peace and hope, so, i will not take it too hard of how others say about me, as I know what Iam ding is right'
    Even VanNess brother, Geoffrey commented that 'in the past when VanNess is angry, he will punch the wall to vent his anger, but now, he will just quietly walk back to his room. Now, he will not be able to have a drink with me, so it is getting boring'

    In The Past, I Thought As Long As I Am The One Giving More In A Relationship, That Is LOVE To Me
    On the topic of love relationship, in the past, VanNess was the one who will give the most out of it without doubt, he like to always be by her side, wanted to be together all the time, requesting her to do things together, he even used to think that whoever give the most in the relationship is meaning that will be one who love the other one more, that is a reaction of LOVE. Then slowly, VanNess realized that,'if we kept comparing who is giving more love in a relationship, that is just a tug-of-war, that is not real love.'
    When being asked about love relationship, VanNess paused for a while, after a few seconds he replied 'you cannot change a person and no rights to do so to anyone, for example, if i felt mixing ice cream and rice is tasty, but I cannot force the other party to eat it, because, she may think it is nice to eat it this way. Loving someone is not to try to change her but to think, how to make both parties to enjoy the process of doing things together, no matter it is sad or happy , good or bad'
    From liking a person to buildng up a close relationship, VanNess felt that the best way is to 'first understand the person character, put yourself in her shoes and do the things that meant to be the best for her' In the past, VanNess used to feel that as long as he likes someone, he will confess his love to her, he now thinks this is not the right attitude. Now all VanNess is looking forward is to form a family of his own, to get down to do a good job in his career, treasure everyone around him. VanNess further emphasised that, his other half must have the same religion as him so that having the same beliefs, both can grow and work hard for their future together.

    Let The Past Go / There Is No Need To Start All Over Again
    Thinking back on his past, VanNess admitted that he did things that he should not have done but he will not want to think what if he can start all over again. In fact, he wanted to face it positively saying that 'Why not face it in the current stage rather then to wish to start all over again? When facing the exact same situations, learn how to overcome it with a more mature and sensible attitude. Only starting from where you had fallen, you will get the chance to start afresh.' VanNess wish that more people will get to know what he had gone through and about his changes. He had ever had setbacks such as feeling 'lost', had lots of unwanted anger, thinking that he had no future, etc. Now, VanNess strongly believed that, as long as you give it all you can, you will get fruitful returns.

    credit verona/ac asianfanatics
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