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[drama 2005] Secret Lovers 비밀남녀



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    Ep.19 translation part 1

    syj dad: Why are all of you so shameless?!
    :Are we that laughable?
    : What do you have to be so haughty?
    kjw dad: Can you please go back?
    syj dad: Ok, fine..
    : Ok..
    : I'll also throw money at you here, today!
    : So don't you ever obstruct my daughter from dating as well!
    : I'm also throwing it in front of you today!
    : I'm throwing now.. I'm throwing..
    syj: Dad!!
    syj dad: You are here too?
    : I had always thought that you are a good fellow.
    : But I'm really disappointed once I met your parents today!
    syj: Quick, let's go out..
    : Dad, quick..
    syj dad: That's right, let's leave.
    : I don't that I would want to stay either.
    : I say, don't you self-proclaim to be a philosophy teacher.
    : There are two kinds of people in this world.
    : There are people who blindly believes that having money can make the world go round.
    : And the others are the people who don't believe.
    : People who not only believe and do reckless movements.
    : And the others are people who do nothing at all.
    kjm: Mister, stop nagging and leave quickly..
    kjw: jm.
    syj dad: That's fine..
    : You think that I'm nagging too much, isn't it so?
    : This is the money, you gave my youngest daughter..
    : That insensible kid wanted to feel proud for once..
    : She said that she used up 300 thousand Won for buying this and that..
    : Those money, you'll have to wait till she completes university and finds a job before getting the it back from her.
    : Here, I'm returning the remaining amount to you.
    : I'm leaving it here..
    syj: Dad..
    kjw: Where did these money come from?
    :What are you talking about?
    syj dad: For that, you'll have to ask the parents that you are so proud of..
    syj: Dad... Let's leave, quickly.
    syj dad: Leave.. Leave..
    syj: Let's leave..
    : I'm so sorry..
    : Let's leave quickly, Dad..
    : Sorry..
    kjw mom: That was embarrassing..
    kjw: Mother..
    : It was you who went to their home to give them these money?
    : How can you be like this?
    : You gave this kind of money and you gave it to yj's younger sister..
    kjw dad: Yes, it's your mother's fault..
    kjw mom: Then what else can I do when she doesn't have plans to separate from him at all?
    kjw: Where are we not compatible?
    kjw mom: Are you asking me because you don't know?
    kjw: What do I have, that make me so different?
    : I used my parents' money for my studies..
    : I become assistant director of the artist centre because of my director father's limelight..
    kjm: But still, oppa..
    : You had also attend medical school and you came back after you studied overseas in America..
    kjw: If they also have such parents, they'll end up better than you a hundred times..
    kjm: You must be joking..
    : Oppa, you have to wake up to the fact.. quickly.
    : If not, you'll be having a very hard time in your life.
    kjw dad: Still sending these money was your mother's greatest mistake.
    : But then just look at the looks of her father again..
    : Is that what a normal person would ever do?
    kjw: Then I'm going to start everything again from scratch..
    kjw dad: First, you ran away from home..
    :And now, what games are you going to play now?
    kjw: I'm quitting my job at the Artist Centre..
    kjw dad: What?
    kjm: What?!
    kjw mom: Are you crazy?
    kjw: I want to start everything again with my two bare hands.
    kjw dad: Do you have the ability to do it?
    : So are you using the resources, you have now judge yourself?
    kjw: That's why I said that I want to start all over again by my own means!
    kjw dad:Ok, leave..
    : I don't have a son like you..
    : Get out! You, rascal!!
    kjw mom: You, come back right now!
    kjm: Oppa! Why don't you know that we are doing this for your own good..
    : Really, what a fool..

    bus stop

    syj: Dad, why are you my dad?
    syj dad: I also don't know why am I your dad?
    syj: My life is just like a nightmare.
    syj dad: Say less of those disheartening words.
    : Am I a thief? Or am I a con-man?
    : I'm only teaching the people who obstructed you, a lesson in my way..
    syj:What am I suppose to do from now onwards?
    syj dad:How will I know what'll happen tomorrow?
    : Just try to live on with a thick skin.
    syj: Who do you think that have skin as thick as yours?
    syj dad: That's right..
    :Then live slowly burning your heart..
    : Everyone's the same, 24 hours a day.
    : You only live this life once, everyone's the same as well.
    : You are living if you are lying or standing..
    : Then live openly with your feet on the ground.
    syj: The chaos that was created today.
    : It seems like we are going to end it here.


    syj: I'm really sorry..
    : There's nothing else I can say.
    kjw: My family was at fault first.
    syj: I thought about it the whole night, yesterday.
    :Why did we get to know each other?
    kjw: And what's your conclusion?
    syj: Can you answer me why does the sun rises today?
    kjw: Because it's morning, that's why it rises?
    syj: Then why are there mornings?
    kjw: Mornings...
    : Because of dawns..
    syj: Then why are there dawns?
    kjw:That's really hard..
    syj: There are no answers..
    : Why we get to know each other?
    : And this is the same as why is there wind blowing?
    : Why is autumn come here?
    : Why does the sun rises? And so on..
    : It's the same as these questions I asked..
    kjw: We can't let the sun that rises this morning set..
    : The wind that is blowing now, we can't let it stop..
    : You and I are the same, so there's nothing to ask.
    : There's nothing that can obstruct us, understand?
    syj: If I can get published in a magazine or release a book..
    : I'm this type of person..
    : It'll be better if I can be able to express myself.
    : I feel really sad..
    kjw: Don't say these words, yj.
    : Quick, go to work.
    : Your boss is going to get angry again..
    syj: jw, you have to hurry to work too.
    kjw: Don't ask anything again.
    syj: That'll depends on the situation.
    kjw: You are really dislikeable..


    jam: Do you have anything wrong with your brains?
    : Didn't I say that I wouldn't be doing any operations this afternoon?
    l: Sorry, it just slipped off my mind.
    jam: Try making contact, are you unable to make contact?
    l: The customer is already making his way here from Busan.
    : And he gave a call this morning telling about it..
    (Please leave your message after the beep sound, this service'll costs some fees)
    jam: Maybe you are not back Seoul, yet?
    : If you are back, there's something that I find it hard to say that I want you to help out.
    : You can also don't listen to it.
    : But I still hope that you'll listen to it.
    : My mom is coming back from America, today.
    : But I don't have any spare time because I have an operation to do.
    : That's why I thought of asking you, can you fetch my mom?
    : After you reach the hospital, we can go to the market..
    cdk : Forget about it, nothing else is going to happen between you and me.


    cdk: Excuse me, are you am's mother?
    l: I'm not..
    cdk: Excuse me, are you am's mother?
    : Yes, Dr.j hasn't finish her operation yet?
    : That's because I haven't seen her mom yet.
    : Can you ask her to call me when the operation is over?
    : Anyway I'll still just wait around and see.
    : I don't care if the flight is from New York or Chicago..
    : I'll wait till the last flight, just tell that to her.
    : Thank you, is it delicious?
    : Am's mother!!
    jam mom: Hey! Are you am's boyfriend?
    cdk: Are you am's mother?
    jam mom:I'm very happy to meet you.
    cdk: Me, too.
    : I'm very happy to meet you, Aunty.
    jam mom:It's my first time coming to In-Cheon Airport.
    : That's because I left from the Kim-Pu Airport..
    cdk: How many years, have you not met am?
    jam mom:I saw her once when she came to America..
    cdk: You must have miss her a lot..
    jam mom:Actually I want to see her boyfriend even more.
    cdk: Aunty..
    : I'm not am's boyfriend.
    jam mom:Then what?
    cdk: I'm am's driver.
    jam mom:Is that so?
    cdk: That's the truth..
    : Aunty..
    : Do you want to listen to the light music, that's specially prepared for you?
    jam mom:Don't you have something else?
    cdk: Then do you want to hear some classics?
    jam mom: Nothing of that sort..
    : Boa's cd or Lee Hyo-Ri's new songs, aren't they out yet?
    cdk: What?
    : Won't it'll be better if I sing for you..
    jam mom:Then sing for me..
    cdk: You really want me to sing?
    jam mom:Sing for me, I have a feeling that you can really sing..


    jam: Yes..
    cdk: Please come in, Aunty..
    jam: Mom..
    jam mom:You've grown old so much..
    : You have to get married, quick..
    jam: Stop being argumentative since it's so hard to see you once..
    jam mom:I had a happy journey here because of cdk.
    jam: Thank you, dk..
    jam mom:Have dinner with us before going back.
    cdk: There's no such need, both of you enjoy it yourselves.
    jam mom: Leave after we finish eating..
    cdk: No, the driver should take his leave at this time..
    jam: Let's eat together, dk..
    cdk: Yes..


    cdk: Sister, the dishes set today aren't that tasty..
    : Really..
    : I have invited some very important customers over today.
    :Please take care of them and put in more efforts
    l: Yes, I know..
    cdk: Please take care of them.
    jam: Quick eat, you look really like a driver..
    jam mom: Are you really a driver?
    : You are good looking and you have a great personality.
    cdk: Aunty, you are a beauty as well.
    : Aren't you the 1973 Miss Korea?
    jam mom: That's right, you still remember?
    cdk: You came out, wearing a green evening gown right?
    jam mom: That's right, it's green..
    : Most outstanding, right?
    jam: Stop it, the joke will feel strange if you overdo it.
    jam mom: Why has my daughter become so insensible?
    : Are you jealous of me?
    jam: Will people change?
    jam mom: Change, why won't they change?
    jam: That's true.. mom seems to have changed too.
    : Your skin has become more thicker than before.
    jam mom:Why can't you speak some human words?
    cdk: That's why I put in more garlic..
    : am, eat more garlic and speak some human words.
    :Sister! Please come out more spices!
    jam mom:Is he so funny orginally?
    jam: He's so childish orginally..
    jam mom:And also..
    : I seem to have heard his name wrongly.
    : I heard from Mdm.Moon that your boyfriend's name is kjw, right?
    jam: You didn't, it's kjw..
    cdk: The tea is already finished.
    : I'm going to ask for some tea.
    jam mom:That person is really good.
    jam; That person is only a very good friend.
    jam mom:Then who is kjw?

    kjw's place

    kjw: Is this editor Kang Yong-Gi?
    : I'm kjw.
    : Thank you for your help..
    : Is the photo-book " Hundred century sights" out of print?
    : I wanted to take a look at it..
    : Could you send it over to me if there is any left?
    : Yes..
    : Yes, we'll contact again at that time..
    : Thanks a lot..
    syj: If I can get published in a magazine or release a book..
    : I'm this type of person..
    : It'll be better if I can be able to express myself.
    : I feel really sad..

    syj's place

    js: Are things going smoothly?
    : There are only a few day left to the closing date.
    syj: Yes.
    : And also, there aren't a lot of rivals for this new fairy-tale writing contest..
    js: I feel that you can make it this time.
    : Anyway, I have these good feelings..
    syj: I hope that's like this, too.
    js: Did you asked jw about that thing?
    syj: About what?
    js: To introduce me..
    syj: About that..
    : I has been asking around..
    : But jw, he's too busy..
    js: jw's friend are all very good looking, right?
    : And their backgrounds are good as well.
    : Please hurry him a little when you are by his side.
    : Jae-Soon's fate in your hands.
    syj: Right..
    : yg's boss is not bad, how is this person?
    js: That four eyed chicken, old teenager?
    : He came with yg to our shop before.
    syj: I heard that he's a good person, do you want me to help you pull a string?
    : I heard that he was once an entertainment programme host.
    : He's funny, honest and very kind-hearted too..
    : How about it?
    syj: You don't like that person?
    js: Are you making fun of me, really?
    : Why must your jw be like a prince?
    : But mine must be that old teenager, mister?
    syj: But why must you want to be with jw's friend?
    js: Then why are you dating jw?
    : Do you mean that only you are qualify and I'm not?
    : Why? Is there anything different between the two of us, why?
    syj: Yjs!
    syg: Yes, and that's two in a row..
    js: Are you looking down on me because you landed a rich man?
    syj: Don't speak blindly!
    : It's not like this..
    js: Then what do you mean?
    : You are dating with those types of people, yourself.
    : But you are going to introduce that mister, what's your meaning of it?
    :I really looked wrongly at you , syj..
    : You changed!
    : That's right, be happy yourself!
    : You, nasty girl!
    syj: Leave!
    js: Even you look down on me?
    syj: When did I ever look down on you?!
    js: Aren't you looking down on me, right now?!
    : Why can't I get to date good looking guys?!
    : Where are you different from me?!
    syj: You are really..
    : Don't you know what I'm actually thinking?
    js: Nasty girl!
    : Is it that embarrassing to introduce your friend?!
    syg: What are both of you doing? Stop!
    : What happened?!
    : Stop it! Go out and fight!
    syj: No!!
    : I don't know...

    jam's place

    jam: Mom, come in..
    : dk, thank you for today.
    cdk: Yes, Aunty..
    : Have a good rest..
    jam mom: Let's meet again, next time.
    cdk: Yes..
    jam mom:You tidied it rather pretty.
    jam: It's not too magnificent, right?
    jam mom:Why must you stay in such a big place when you are living by yourself?
    jam:Hey, I'm a famous doctor in Seoul..
    : So my place must be at least at this standard and I have a car as well.
    jam mom:Why do you care so much about how people think?
    jam: I don't care about others, then what about my mom that loves dad?
    : Have you ever been happy before?
    jam mom:You asked me that when you were in middle school.
    : You also asked it when you were in high school.
    : And now, you are asking it again.
    : Exactly the same thing..
    : I'm going for a bath..

    syj's place

    syj: What am I to do?
    : Yes..
    : What's with this expression?
    : Thanks..
    cdk: Can I request a thing from you, yj?
    : You'll have to help me, no matter what..
    syj: What are you going ask from me?
    cdk: Give up on kjw.
    : Only jam can be matching with guys like kjw.
    : Give that person to jam.
    syj: I won't do it.
    cdk: Speaking the truth, aren't you feeling very tired now?
    : You used up all your might to support it..
    : Do you feel that it's love?
    syj: It's not love either if you are only willing to walk on the easy road.
    : Anything happened?
    cdk: I..
    : Seem like I have really fallen for jam.
    : That's why I hope that she can meet a guy who's outstanding in everything.
    syj: Then just change yourself to be outstanding, can't you?
    cdk: am's mom just came back from America.
    : It seems like she came back here because of the marriage problem..
    : She asked me things about am's boyfriend, kjw.
    : So then why don't the two of us with similar predicaments, try dating?
    : Why was I like that at that time?
    : Why didn't I agree when syj asked me to date?
    : Because I rejected the poor you and now I'm regreting my decision.
    : Actually, I'm much more poorer than you..
    syj: Love also have it's status, right?
    : Is that what it mean?
    cdk: That's of course..
    : The poor people class, middle income class and rich people class..
    : These all exist..
    syj: I'm sorry, I can't give him up.
    : kjw, I'll never give him up.
    cdk: Do you really want to hold on to it?
    : Even if the road in front is full of thorns and hardships?
    syj: He and she may not be together either, even if I back out.
    cdk: But there are still a possibility of them being together.
    syj: I'm now a lot more braver then before.
    : And I won't give up or sacrifice so easily now..
    : Even if I can't get those things, I'll still make an effort with my life to get them.
    : I won't just throw those dreams that wouldn't come true.
    : From the time, that person walked into my heart.
    : I changed, too..
    : So you can also try to change yourself..
    cdk:I became like this because I changed..
    : From the begining, I also thought that I must catch hold of her.
    : But then..
    : When I really fallen for her..
    : I wished from the bottom of my heart that she can meet a guy better than me.
    : I have changed, too.

    jam's place.

    jam mom: You were only so big at that time.
    jam: This was when I was in grade 4..
    : This was the time that I really want to give up living.
    jam mom:Why?
    jam: Those half-sisters kept putting those "they want to kill me" threat letters in my shoes.
    : I alway thought that my whole life is a cursed life because of mom.
    jam mom:Mom feels regretful too.
    jam: I'll regret it, too if I am mom..
    jam mom: Mom regretted letting your dad married another woman with my eyes wide open.
    : If I and your dad have muster up the courage, maybe we'll be living different lives now.
    jam: You don't regret meeting again, the already married dad?
    jam mom: No, I'm regretful..
    : I regretted not telling him, I love him first.
    : I regretted not saying out, let's run away together.
    jam: Because mom..
    : Do you know how bad and how messed-up my life is?
    jam mom: Then are you trying to tell me how much happier, your half sisters and others are living than you?
    jam: Yes, mom..
    : I do not want them to look down on me.
    : No matter at what price..
    : I alway hope that I'll be most outstanding, I'll be the winner..
    jam mom:Then you must follow your true heart..
    : Especially for love..
    jam: The road following my heart is too dim.
    jam mom:Just follow that road and those dim things will shine out brightly as well.
    jam: I don't have the confidence.
    jam mom:Do you want to be as regretful as mom?
    jam: I won't regret it.
    : I'll feeling blue again because of mom..
    : I'll go finish up the work that I still left from the day.

    Part 2 tomorrow image

    Is it me or they seem to be speaking a lot more lately? image
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    yeohweping dear... thanks so much.. we are almost done with this.. Yay!!! i'm so looking forward to celebrating when we can release the complete subs.. hehe.. we have such a wonderful team for secrets.. hopefully we can all "reunite" over to the sweet spy thread.. that will be soooo cool.. image
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    yipee!!! another translations posted today!!! thanks so much dearest yeohweping!
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    thanks for all your translations yeohewping! you've worked hard! image

    QUOTE(tudaobietbuon @ Nov 11 2005, 12:02 PM) »

    thank you for the hardsub .. I check out your cb and see that you have ep 5-8 hardsub .. do you by any chance have ep 1-4 also?? if you do .. would you please ul it ?? thank you

    oh's been deleted from my computer already...but i'll try to reup when i've updated all the episodes i havent' posted.

    in the meantime ... i've uploaded new episodes.

    Secret Lovers Ep. 9 & 10 hardsub 600MB now available in My Clubbox

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    Ep.19 translations part2

    kjw mom: So you are here..
    : You made me searched around for a while.
    kjw dad: Why isn't the heater fixed through here? It's too cold..
    kjw mom: Let's go downstairs..
    kjw dad: Right..
    : jw still haven't come to work, today?
    kjw mom: He'll come back after two more days.
    kjw dad: Go downstairs first, I'll also be down right away.


    cdk: Yes, brother..
    b: dk..
    : How about taking your girlfriend back home this weekend?
    : Dad said that we are going to Sorak mountain together for fun..
    : He said that it's already snowing at that side.
    cdk: I don't have the time.
    b:You'll have if you take some time off.
    : Hey, the whole village's people said that they want to see your ' wife'..
    :They kept asking when is your 'wife' coming back again.
    : They have asking me 'wife', 'wife' daily.
    cdk: Didn't I said that I'm not going back.

    m: Green colour Publishing house, Editor " Kang Yong-Gi".
    syj: Meeting you for the first time..
    m: I have already read several works of Miss syj.
    syj: I never submitted any of my stories to your publishing house..
    m: I went to my friend's publishing house and saw them coincidentally.
    : They are really interesting.
    syj: Yes, thanks for your paises..
    m: Sign a contact with us to publish them.
    syj: What?
    : jw..
    kjw: Yes, what?
    syj: A publishing house came to find me..
    : And I have already signed a contract..
    : I'm going to publish my book..
    kjw: Really?
    syj: Yes..
    : It's so hard to believe.
    : The places where I submitted my stories to, were all rejected..
    : And it was another publishing house that came finding me.
    kjw: Congratulations..
    :Aren't you suppose to treat me a meal?
    syj: Of course, I'll treat..
    kjw: That's really good..
    syj: Speaking of it, what are you doing here?
    kjw: I'm helping them with the decorations.
    syj: You were helping out at that side, the another time..
    : And now, you are helping out here this time..
    : Then what are you going to do about your own Artist Centre?
    kjw: The truth is these are all partnerships..
    syj: Can you come to my home, today?
    : To have a celebration party.
    kjw: Tonight, it seems like I have to work overnight..
    syj: Then.. tomorrow?
    kjw: Ok, no problem..


    jam: What's the matter?
    : You didn't give me a call, first..
    : If not, we can also have lunch together.
    cdk: Give money to me.
    : That time, you came to my home..
    : You said that you wanted to give me.
    : Give to me again..
    jam: You rejected it at that time, why are you changing your mind now?
    cdk :Maybe I can forget about you if I accept that money.
    : Then I can be sure that you and I are different kinds of humans.
    : I was first attracted to you because of money, too.
    jam: I know..
    cdk: You have also seen how broken down, my home is.
    jam: How much shall I give you?
    cdk: Lots..
    jam: How much is lots?
    cdk: Enough to make my breathing stop!
    jam: I don't have enough money right now to stop your breathing!
    cdk: I'll wait.
    : I'll wait till you can give it to me.
    jam: Then just wait till I get off from work.
    cdk: I'll be waiting the whole day.
    jam: I know!
    : Lots to make you stop breathing?!
    : Much more than what you can earn in a year!
    cdk: Anyway, give it to me!
    : I'll kneel down on the ground asking for it.
    jam: Go out and wait, I'll give you a call!


    jam: I brought the money here.
    : For you.
    : Enough money to make you stop breathing.
    : Just guess..
    : cdk.
    : Look at me..
    cdk: I need to practise..
    jam: What do you need to practise?
    cdk: The life practise of not looking at you.
    : Never to look at you, life's practise.
    : But then..
    : I can still see you even if I'm not looking.
    : I can see even you when I close my eyes.
    jam: Leave now..
    : Let's go grab a bite first.
    cdk: Why did you come to this world?
    : You live and you cried a lot a few times.
    : Sometimes you can understand, what's it for.
    jam: I'm not sure.
    cdk: It'll be much better if you were not born.
    jam: What so good will it be?
    cdk :I'll be able to have a comfort living.
    : I'll never know how bad I am.
    : And I won't know how useless I am..
    : I'll have a comfortable life, right?
    jam: Do you love me?
    cdk: That's the reason, I hate myself.
    : Because I love you..
    : Give the money to me.
    jam: Can you be with me, tonight?
    cdk: I don't want..
    jam: Money and me..
    : Aren't these, what you want?
    cdk: It was before..
    : But it isn't now.
    jam: Why?
    cdk: Because I want to leave you.
    : It'll be very tiring to love me.
    jam: I feel that I'm really scary..
    : I think that I'm really pitiful.
    : Even now, I'm still afraid of following my heart.
    : I don't dare to acknowledge my own heart.


    syj: And so our main lead..
    :This is how he returned to his mother's side.
    : What about it? Which is more interesting?
    c: The dairies of the little rat is interesting.
    1c: I like the "Father's lover - that sister" story.
    2c: I like both of them.
    syj: You, guys must choose out the best one.
    c: The dairies of the little rat is interesting.
    2c: Both are interesting..
    1c: No, it isn't..
    : "Father's lover - that sister".
    c: No, it isn't.
    2c: Both are interesting..
    syj: Stop fighting, stop fighting..
    : Ok.. Ok..
    : Come, sister is giving you things to eat.
    : Here.. here..
    2c: Thanks..
    syj: Next time, you must also listen to my stories too.
    all c: Yes!
    syj: Be careful, good-bye..
    : Yes..

    kjw mom: Miss, you won..
    : jw's father has fallen ill.
    : jw said that he want to be like you, working up from nothing..
    : And he hasn't been to the Artist Centre for a few days.
    : Please pass the message to him, ask him to back to the Artist Centre to work.
    : He still doesn't know that his father has already been admitted to the hospital.
    : jw's father is a person who will sacrifice everything for jw.
    : So I wish that he will not be hurt again because of jw.
    : Another thing..
    : I don't care if the two of you are going to continue or not dating.
    : We won't have any more complains.


    jam: Yes..
    : Mom..
    : You are back from Chuncheon so fast?
    jam mom: You slept outside yesterday, didn't you?
    jam: I was busy over something.
    jam mom:kjw still doesn't know that Mom is in Seoul, right?
    : His girlfriend's mom is already here for a few days and he still doesn't show up?
    jam: His father had fallen ill.
    jam mom:Then shouldn't he at least call?
    : Give me his number and let me go meet him..
    jam: Mom..
    : I'll go meet him with you in another two more days.
    jam mom:You boyfriend isn't kjw, right?
    jam: Mom, I'm very busy.
    : I've to go for the operation now.

    syj: Yes, I'm now at Cho Nam Dong..
    : I'll be rushing over there in 5 mins..
    : Yes, thank you!
    ( kjw)
    P: The number, you just called is unable to get through temporary.
    kjw: Is she busy?

    kjm: Honey, why aren't you dancing?
    m: Just seeing you dance is enough.
    kjm: Really?
    m: Yes..
    kjm: Do you drink nuptial wine with me?
    : Hey, honey..
    : Let go listen to songs till we wake up from the stupor.
    m: Ok..
    kjm: Who are they?
    m: Su-Jin..
    kjm: What?
    l:What's this? The woman that you are having an love affair with is this, Ma'am?
    kjm: I engages in love affairs?
    l: You! Come over here, now!
    kjm: Hey, he's mine! Where do you think of bringing him to?!
    l: Is this Ma'am, crazy?
    kjm:Hey! Hey! Go away!
    l: Ma'am, do you want me to sue you in court as the third party?
    kjm: Hey, why did you have to seduce me when you have a wife at home?!
    : You, bastard!
    l: Ma'am, why are you also beating up my man?!
    kjm: Hey! You, bastard! Why are you running away?!
    : Are you going to do something bad?!
    syj: Is it, you who called for a driver?
    : I'm sorry, please wait for a moment..
    : What are all of you doing? Wait!
    l: And who are you?!
    : Just wait and see!
    kjm: Thanks..
    : Although I'm grateful to you..
    syj: Live properly..
    kjm: What?
    syj: What do you think you are doing now?!
    : I have already come across these things twice!
    kjm: Oh my, just look at you!
    syj: Your father isn't well..
    : And your oppa doesn't go to the Artist Centre anymore!
    : So why are you still behaving like this?!
    kjm: Then what are the reasons for them?
    : Isn't it all because of you?!
    : If not, why would my father fall sick and would my brother run away from home?
    : What kind of shameles kid are you?
    : Really, you made my family become a mess and you still..
    : You deserve to die, girl!
    syj: I'm sorry..
    kjm: Hey! What's the use of it even if you apologize?!
    : What's the use of apologizing only now!?
    syj: I'm sorry..
    kjm: That's right, the only thing you can do now is only saying sorry!
    : What else can you still say?!
    : Because of you, my life is all messed up and my family isn't a family anymore!
    syj: I'll make it go back to what it was orginally.
    : I'm sorry..
    : Let me make it go back to what it was orginally.
    kjm: It's easy for you to just talk, you shouldn't have been it from the start!

    syj: Why did the all the bad feelings become a reality?
    : Why does everything that I worried about, happen continuously?
    : Face the challenge, stand up..
    : I can't hear again the thundering drum sounds that encourages me..
    : Why did I meet him?
    : Why does the wind have to blow?
    : Now, why is it autumn?
    :Autumn goes and winter comes.
    : Love comes and has gone again.
    : Whatever leaves will come back again.
    : But it won't be looking like when it left, right?
    : It's alright, it's nothing..
    : It's just the same as tuesday coming after monday.
    : There's nothing more natural then it..
    : Don't be scare.
    : And even more don't cry..
    kjw: yj, what's with you?
    : You said that you are going to give a treat but there's no news about it.
    syj: Let's make it, tonight.

    syj's place

    syg: Sister..
    : What's with that expression? Are you feeling unwell?
    syj: No..
    syj dad: Seeing you like that, seems like you are not beaten to death at home.
    : And you are still living.
    kjw: Uncle, you are really..
    : Uncle, let me pour you a glass.
    syj: I'll wait for a while before eating.
    kjw: What's wrong with her?
    syg: She must be feeling unwell somewhere?
    syj: jw! Answer your phone!
    kjw: I'm coming after finishing this glass of wine.
    ( Editor, Kang Yong-Gi )
    kjw: Is there a call?
    : Yes, yes..
    : Yes..
    : I'll remit the money over before tomorrow..
    : Yes, it's going smoothly right?
    : Yes, I got it.. Thanks.
    syj: What's the matter?
    kjw: Nothing, I'm remitting money over as an option to celebrate the coming ending.
    : Is everything going smoothly at your side?
    : Which story are you going to submit to the publishing house?
    syj: I still haven't decided yet.
    kjw: Come out and eat quickly, lots of meat have been cooked already.
    syj: You, guys eat first and I'll wait a while before eating.
    kjw: Uncle will finish it all if you don't eat.
    : Come out quickly, understand?

    syj: I'm sorry..
    : From the look of things, I can't come out with the script.
    m: Why? Where isn't it going smoothly?
    syj: How did you and kjw get to know each other?
    kjw: YJ!
    : Why didn't you come inside since that you are already here?
    : Have you eaten dinner, yet?
    : What's wrong?
    syj: I have to give up now.
    : Let us end it all here.
    kjw: Although, I don't know why you are angry..
    : But these words are not to say out so causally, yj.
    syj: The only pride that I have left, have been conned away by you.
    : You used money in exchange for my book.
    : Don't you know how important, the dreams of becoming a fairy-tale writer is to me?
    : If having no money, looked down by people and suffering mistreatments is the half of my life.
    : Then the glory, challenges and full of hope will be the other part of my life.
    : Because of this, I tolerated reality until now.
    : But all of these have been conned away by you.
    kjw: I'm sorry.
    : I only want to let you have the confidence.
    syj: jw, the table you made for me.
    : It is still at the backyard of my home under wind and rain..
    : If you think of putting it in my tiny room.
    : Then you have to saw away it's legs.
    : And we are the same.
    : Both of us are not matching at all.
    : If we have to be on the same level.
    : One of us must paid out a really heavy price..
    kjw: You also didn't wish that everything will be smooth from the begining.
    syj: You left home without telling me.
    : jw, you made me hate you.
    : Let us end it all.
    : I feel relaxed a lot
    : It's like taking off a piece of clothing that doesn't fit at all.
    : jw, you will feel more relaxed as well.
    : I wish you happiness.
    kjw: I ! I'm not letting you leave!
    : I alway think before I acted in the past.
    : Always calculating and planning, what will happen if I do this or that..
    : But after meeting you, this is my first time.
    : The first time, I ever followed my heart.
    syj: Don't worry..
    : There'll still be a chance like this.
    kjw: Maybe it'll come but at that time..
    : It won't be yj again at that time..
    syj: How can you still keep the person beside you when two hearts are already drifting apart?!
    : To marry kjw but there's another person in my heart!
    : Thinking of the person that really deserves to be loved by me!
    : Will it be alright even it's like this?
    : Because you have money..
    : I'm really tired..
    : I want to relax a bit.
    : Thank you..
    : To prepare such a chance for me..
    : I've be searching for a chance to break up with you.
    kjw: That's unbelieveable..
    : We have already broken off..
    both: I never thought that we will really break off..

    end image

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    Ep.20 translations part1

    syj: The vegetables are on special offer, today.
    : Come, try the tomatoes that just came in this morning.
    : Very sweet tomatoes.
    : It's great for heart attack preventions as well.
    : Come and buy tomatoes!
    : Although love is not here, anymore..
    : There are still no changes in my daily life.
    : There are no signs of new love searching for me.
    : And even more there are no big prizes falling from the sky either.
    : A day is still 24 hours..
    : My name's still syj, nothing changes at all.
    : In my heart, there's a desire to write out a good fairy-tale..
    : The thoughts of entering the spring welcome writers's contest during winter.
    : The missing feelings for that person appears now and then..
    : Everything still remains the same.
    : If I must really point out a change.
    : That'll be the sorry feelings, I have when I loved him are gone.
    : I'm already on the way, I'll be there soon..
    : Hello, did you call for a driver?
    : Sometimes, I looked around me..
    : Sometimes, I checked out the messages in my handphone.
    : Even still sometimes, I can see that person.
    : There are a lot of changes when I see it this way.
    [ To my father's lover - that sister ]
    : How is that person now?

    kjw's place

    kjm: How do you feel, since you haven't been home for a long time?
    : It doesn't seems like a empty room, right?
    kjw mom: Your father give instructions to open the heater even if you are not here.
    kjw: Why didn't you tell me that father has been admitted to the hospital?
    kjm: Oppa, we are waiting for you to return.
    kjw mom: Come down and eat something.
    : Your face is really pale.
    kjw: Ok..
    kjm: Come down, quickly.. Oppa.
    syj: That person will also think of me, sometimes..
    : But it's only to be like this as we have already broken off.
    : Where did you say, you are going?
    cdk: Kota Kinabalu..
    : It's a small island in Malaysia.
    : Didn't I tell you about it last time?
    syj: I thought you were only joking..
    cdk: I'll be successful this time..
    : Come over for a visit with kjw, when you have the free time.
    syj: Ok..
    : You must be successful.
    cdk: Of course.
    : Why aren't you drinking?
    syj: I have to go for my part-time job later.
    cdk: Why do you still have to work in the night when you have such a rich boyfriend?
    syj: What does it have to do with me when my boyfriend's rich?
    cdk: I'll not let my girlfriend work as a replacement driver if I'm that rich?
    syj: I've already broken up with that person.
    cdk: What? Why?
    syj: There's no reason.
    : Isn't this better?
    : You don't know how much lighter I feel.
    cdk: Then, is kjw and jam dating?
    syj: It's none of my business.
    cdk: The two of them are really matching.
    syj : Yes..
    : Very matching..

    syj: Where's the guest who called for a driver?
    kjw: Let's go.
    syj: Call some other person.
    : You have become thinner.
    syj: I'm orginally very slim..
    kjw: How's your preparations for the new Spring's scripts?
    syj: That have nothing to do with you,right?
    kjw:yj, is your heart still feeling uncomfortable?
    syj: Are we going to cross over Han Nam bridge?
    kjw: No, don't cross from that side.
    : Turn towards the right side.
    syj: Then, we are going to turn one big circle.
    kjw: Just around..
    : Even further, even longer..
    syj: I don't like it.
    : Let's end it fast as I have other work to do.
    kjw:I'm going to get married.
    : I'll just choose any woman with good conditions.
    : And just marry like this.
    syj: Do as you wish.
    kjw: Then what are you so scare off? So scare that you stopped the car?
    : Let's just take it that we have never broken off.
    syj: Why are you torturing me like this?!
    kjw: I just can't let go!
    : I can't live if I lose yj.
    syj: I'm very satisfied with what I have now.
    : I'm living very well.
    : I don't to return to the days when I love jw with fear.
    kjw: Then why are you so weary?
    : If you are really living well..
    : It's only right if you look healthy and you should be happy..
    syj: Just think of how happy, your parents are when you broke up with me?
    : jw, I hated the feeling of being poor when I was by your side.
    kjw: Why don't you try to overcome it instead of running away all the time?
    syj: What do you mean by overcome?
    : When we meet up with your friends..
    : You instructed them in advance, not to ask me anything! Is that what you call overcome?!
    : Compare to be loving jw fighting with my life!
    : There are other things now more important to me!
    kjw: But to me..
    : The most important thing is to never let yj go.
    syj: Then jw, that's your own business.
    : I'm leaving, first..
    kjw: Can you also live well without me?!
    syj: Yes!
    : Even without jw, I'll be able to live blissfully and happily.
    : I'll sleep better as well.

    jam's place

    " It's like getting reborn again.."
    " My everything have changed.."
    " Ever since I met you, I've changed a person.."
    " Even my mom feel suprise of it as well.."
    " When I'm having my meals.."
    " Even when I'm having my showers.."
    " I'm alway following that melody.."
    " The most painful morning.."
    " Turn out to be so happy.."
    " Oh, really how great it is.. That piece of heart, I have for you.."
    sw: Miss am!
    : Take a look below!
    : I still don't know how many times have we 'reborned' already?!
    cdk: Keep quiet, am is not there..
    : I came because I know she has a gathering, today.
    sw: Then you have been singing to an empty house all along?
    cdk: Yes..
    sw: Why?
    cdk: I just wanted to sing like this, just before I leave.
    : Thanks, Brother..
    : Let's go..
    " Really, how great it is.. dk's real feelings.."
    " Our dk is really so romantic.."

    kjw mom: I heard you went to visit your father at the hospital at dawn.
    kjw: Who said so?
    kjw mom: Your father said it.
    : He thought that he saw you in a dream.
    : But it looks like you really went there.
    : Be filial to your father.
    kjw: Yes, I should.
    kjw mom: Why is sh so late?
    kjw: Who else is coming here?
    jam: Am I late? Sorry..
    jam mom: Hello..
    : Is your father feeling better?
    kjw mom: He's feeling better and he should be discharge from the hospital next week.
    jam: I'll take out some time to visit uncle.
    jam mom: jw is much good looking than I expected.
    kjw mom: How much good looking can he be?
    : Dr.j is the beauty.
    jam mom: Thanks for the praise.
    kjw mom: Is your health better?
    : We have thought of going to America to visit you.
    jam mom: Yes, I'm much better..
    : Thanks for your concern..
    kjw mom: Then stay in Seoul until the both of them get married, ok?
    jam mom: There's a big problem, am won't let me stay.
    jam: Mom, you are really..
    kjw mom: Just eat more..
    jam: jw, why did you lose weight?
    kjw: Is that so?
    : I haven't been weighting lately..
    jam mom: Both of you are not lovers?
    : Why does it looks like both of you haven't been in contact for a long time?


    jam: What?
    : That person is good,right?
    jam mom: Very good.
    jam: More outstanding than that servant, right?
    jam mom: Even better.
    jam: Do I want to marry that person or not?
    jam mom: Just marry.
    jam: Really marry?
    jam mom: You are really like your dad.
    jam: Like dad?
    jam mom: Just like when your dad loves me but he married the woman from his blind date.
    : What? Are you unhappy?
    : Do you want to go shopping again?
    jam: I've surgery today.
    : Let's wait till the weekend.
    [am's mom, welcome back... Aunty, I love you..]
    : I looked for you because I can't make contact with dk.
    : He didn't go back to his hometown either.
    sw: He's going to Kota Kinabalu..
    : Actually, the truth is he told me not to tell you.


    jam: Where are you going to?
    cdk: Thanks a lot for the money, you gave me last time..
    : Although it's only a little.
    : Those money helped out my whole family a lot.
    jam: I'm asking you, where are you going?!
    cdk: It's none of your business, isn't it so?
    : Live your life well.
    : And from next time onwards..
    : Be careful of guys like me.
    jam: Don't leave..
    cdk: Are you here to throw stones at me again?
    : Ok, just throw as you like.
    : I'm now wearing a protective net over me.
    : There are rough skin all over my body, I'm not afraid..
    : That'll only make your hands hurt.
    : Take care.
    : I'll look for you again when I have wrinkles all over.
    : You have to give me VIP treatment, ok?
    : Good-Bye..
    jam: cdk!
    : What if I say I love you?
    : I think that I must have really fallen for you!
    : Don't leave, cdk!
    cdk: That's only an illusion..
    : You have to wake up, jam.
    jam: I never thought that I will fall in love with you.
    cdk: Me too, I never thought that I will fall in love with you.

    jam: jw..
    : Let us get married.

    syj: Using courier service..
    : It'll reach there by tomorrow, right?
    l: The latest time for the courier service to reach will be either tomorrow or the day after.
    syj: Ok..
    : Thank you..

    syj's place

    syg: What's the matter? Why is the phone bill so much?
    : You came home?
    syj: Yes..
    syg: Did anything good happen today?
    syj: Yes..
    : I feel blissful, today..
    syg: Why?
    syj: It's a secret..
    : Is there any mail for me?
    syg: No..
    : What is this?
    : The name of the mailer isn't written on either.
    : It won't be that fast for a christmas card.
    : What's it?
    [Groom: kjw.. Bride:jam]

    kjm: It'll be much better if we had added in the pictures of the two persons.
    kjw: Let it be.
    kjm: Why isn't your heart in it for a person who is about to get married?
    kjw: I'm alway thinking that should I have live like that when others are living like that?
    kjm: Oppa, you are already lucky enough to marry such a girl.
    : How many girls are like jam in Korea?
    kjw: I know that too.
    kjm: When are you going to be giving out the invitation cards?
    kjw: They'll be given out next week..
    kjm: I have already given out one.
    : To syj..
    kjw: Why must you always do such unnecessary things?
    kjm: She has to clear up her emotions as well..
    kjw: Leave..
    kjm: Why?
    : Oppa, are you still thinking of her?
    kjw: I'm telling you to leave!!

    syj's place

    syj dad: What are you doing out here on such a cold night?
    syj: How about it if we drink a glass of Soju together, Dad?
    syj dad: I don't want to drink at all, today.
    syj: I made a decision to go the wedding, Dad..
    syj dad: Why are you going?
    syj: To say my congratulations..
    syj dad: What's there to be congratulated about?
    syj: To congratulate him for winning over the battle with his conscience.
    : To congratulate him for taking a smart road.
    syj dad:Let's us go create chaos over there on the day of the wedding..
    : I'll go snatch him back for you.
    : Don't worry..
    : Go inside since it's such a cold day, you'll catch a cold like this.
    : Go in..
    syj: Let's take this table apart, Dad..
    syj dad:The person who will take it apart, will also be me.
    : I'll take it apart when the time comes, so don't worry about it..
    : Now go inside, quickly..
    : Hey, you..
    : Why are you standing here on such a cold day?
    : Aren't you cold?
    kjw: Yes..
    syj dad:You are going to get married?
    kjw: Yes..
    syj dad:Why are you still like this for a guy who is going to set up his own family?
    : You look so pale..
    : I can only see your eyebrows..
    : That.. you can't just cancel it off?
    : I'll start going out to earn money fighting with my life now.
    : I'll let yj go to the University once I made money.
    : What I had owed her before..
    : I want to compensate everything to her one by one..
    : So, please cancel off your wedding.
    : Can't you marry after another three years?
    : It's a little hard, right?
    : So, don't ever come here again..
    : I'll find for my daughter a guy that is better than you a few hundred times.
    : You don't have to worry..
    : Just walk the road, you should walk on..
    : And live your days in happiness, understand?
    kjw : Uncle..
    syj dad:Sorry..
    : I'm too useless..
    : Now leave..
    : If not, I'll throw stones at you.
    : So, leave quickly..
    : Leave now..
    : Go..

    syj: I heard that you'll be having your wedding here after a month, right?
    : It's really pretty..
    : Groom, kjw..
    : Can you be able to love your bride for all your lifetime?
    : Groom, kjw..
    : Can you be able to forget about syj?
    : Groom, kjw..
    : If I now run to you..
    : Telling you not to marry?
    : Will you be able to cancel everything off?
    : Groom, kjw..
    : Are you still in love with syj?
    : Groom, kjw..
    : Please don't reply..
    : Please just love only your bride during your lifetime.
    : Go live a blissful life of happiness.
    : I sincerely congratulate both of you on your wedding.


    kjw: Where are we going to on our honeymoon?
    jam: Let's go to Kota Kinabalu..
    kjw: Why? Don't you like Europe?
    jam: The days are short during winter and it's very cold as well.
    : Let's go to Kota Kinabalu, ok?
    kjw: Is there any special reason for it?
    jam: I was only thinking of going there.
    : Then let's go there, ok?

    Part 2 coming tomorrow! image
    Then I can go 'full steam ahead' for Spy! Spy! SpY! image image image
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    thanks again yeohweping for the translations! image nearly done....except some parts in epi17...and i think epi18 also hasn't been translated yet...or am i mistaken? sooo excited for the SS project of you guys!!! AJA AJA!!! image
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    Ep.20 translations part2

    kjw: I'm home..
    kjm: Father..
    : I'm so sorry.
    kjw dad: Say it to me next time.
    : Just go upstairs, first.
    kjm: Father..
    kjw dad:Didn't I tell you to go upstairs?!
    kjw: What happened at home?
    kjw mom: jm's husband came here.
    kjw: What 'good' things have you done? What are you crying for?
    kjm: I never thought that things would turn out this way either.
    kjw: Ok, don't tell me about it.
    kjm: For a guy who doesn't have the looks, his suspicion illness is rather heavy.
    : He even find somebody to follow me.
    : I'll have to divorce him no matter what.
    : That thing is not human.
    kjw: Then why did you married that kind of person?
    kjm: I wanted to hear from others that I married into a good family.

    jam's place

    jam: Is it a special day, today?
    kjw: Yes, it's a very important day..
    : Today will be the day, that'll effect the rest of our lives..
    jam: How is it going to?
    kjw: am..
    : Before you find the person that really loves you..
    : I'll be a good friend to you always..
    jam: What do you mean?
    kjw: I know that you love cdk..
    jam: I also know that jw loves yj..
    kjw: If it's so..
    : Then why are we getting married?
    jam: It's either because of inferiority or bravery..
    : It must one of those two..
    kjw: Then what are we doing to do now?
    jam: Love isn't everything..
    kjw: Of course, it isn't.
    jam: I feel that love and marriage are totally different things.


    jam: yj..
    syj: Doctor?
    jam: Don't you ever think of the past?
    : The time, we first met each other..
    syj: I think about it..
    jam: I really liked you at that time.
    : To speak the truth, I still like you even now.
    syj: Speaking of it, why is Doctor returning to your old place?
    jam: What do you mean by old place?
    syj: Are you guys, going to stay in Doctor's place after marriage?
    jam: No..
    : This place haven't changed, right?
    : There's no one else.
    : I didn't get married..
    syj: What?
    : Why?
    jam: How can I get married to a person that I don't love?
    : jw and I made a pact to remain as good friends..
    : He'll very happy if I tell him that I met you, today.
    : Do you want to have some tea?


    jam: jw and I made a pact to remain as good friends..
    : He'll very happy if I tell him that I met you, today.
    syj: Hello..
    : Yes, I'm syj..
    : Yes..
    : What?!
    : Thanks a lot..
    : Thanks a lot..
    : Thank you..
    : Hooray!!
    : Dad!
    syj dad: You have been selected?
    syj: Yes.
    : Dad, there are no more problems.
    : Dad!!
    syj dad: Our syj, Hooray!!
    : Our sdj, Hooray!!
    syj: The dairies of the little rat..
    : Today's title is " There will also be a sunny day in a rat hole.."
    : To people who put in their efforts..
    : Destiny is not completely controlled by the heavens..
    : I put in my efforts and I had fought..
    : Even smiled when I was supposed to cry..
    : Things that are impossible, came true.
    : The stars that I feel that I can't catch..
    : Tonight, they have been stuck at my windows.
    : Confidence, putting in efforts and waiting..
    : To me, all of these are my battles..
    : The little rat has won and so can all of you.

    ( New Spring's selected story : To my dad's lover - that sister..)

    syj: I raised both hands up to the faraway star..
    : The things that I thought that was impossible, have came true as well..
    : I want to thank that person that had given me such courage.

    { cdk, I'm your Kota Kinabalu.. Oppa..}

    syj: cdk?
    cdk: Have you been living well, syj?
    : I have heard about your news, congratulations..
    : Your picture is really pretty..
    : Your picture is really pretty although the real person is just ok..
    syj: You are really..
    cdk: The Kota Kinabalu that I had been repeating even in my dreams..
    : I'm now working in a tour agency over there.
    : I'm now a tour guide in detail.
    : It matches my character, I'm living happily..
    : And I earned a lot of money as well..

    jam's place

    syj: dk wants me to pass you the message that he's now living very well..
    jam: dk?
    syj: He's now working as a tour guide in Kota Kinabalu..
    : He says that it matches his character and he is happy.
    : He's now making an effort to earn money..
    : He's planning to go to Hawaii to study hotel management.
    : And he even wants to build a beautiful hotel in Kota Kinabalu..
    : He said he has the confidence.
    jam: I'm relief to hear that he is doing well.
    syj: And more than half the contents of the e-mail, he sent was asking about how Doctor's lately.
    : Are you living well?
    : Are you married already?
    : Have you been healthy?
    : Are you still as beautiful as before?
    : dk seems to be still in love with you.
    jam: Me too, I still love dk as well.

    syj's place

    syg: Haven't you been opening your handphone?
    : The publishing house called up just now.
    syj:I have already answered it.
    syg: You are going to be famous now, right?
    syj: Yes..
    : From now onwards, I don't want to be only sitting on the floor.
    : I'm going to start climbing upwards.
    syg: That's good, little rat fighting!
    : What's wrong?
    : Is your lungs unwell?
    syj: kjw, why doesn't he even call up to congratulate me?
    syg: It must be that he has another girlfriend already.
    : Or else he must be married already.
    : You just have to meet someone who is better than him, right?
    syj: Yes..

    jam: Is there any direct flight to Kota Kinabalu?
    : When is the take off time?
    : Is that so?
    : Can I reserve a place in advance?
    cdk: Hi, am..
    jam: You came back to Korea?
    cdk: No, I came back just for my dad's birthday.
    l: Oppa, let's go quickly..
    : This is really good..
    cdk: Wait a moment..
    jam: I'm just going to my mom's to introduce my boyfriend.
    : Then, take care..
    cdk: Sent my regards to your mom for me.
    : Say that I wish that she always remain healthy.
    jam: Yes..
    : Please also help me pass my regards to uncle, tell him that I congratulate him on passing the age of seventy.
    cdk: Ok..
    : I'm very happy to meet you.
    jam: Take care..
    cdk: Amanda, please wait here for a while..
    : For a while..
    : jam!
    : am!
    l: Oppa!
    : What happened?
    : You look sad..
    cdk: Very, very sad..
    : Let's go..
    : Where are the bags?
    l: Oh, it's downstairs..
    cdk:Are you crazy? Let's hurry..

    syj's place

    syj: Why isn't there even a call?
    syg: You don't have an appointment tonight, right?
    syj: Why?
    syg: dk's family and my boss is having a party to celebrate his home-coming.
    syj: A home-coming party for dk?
    : dk is back already?
    syg: Yes, he came back a while ago.
    syj: I'm really going to be crazy.
    : What am I to do?

    sw: Amanda..
    : This is chillies sauce..
    : Korean hot sauce.
    : Very hot..
    : Hot.. hot.. Hot..
    : But it is very good to eat.
    l: Vey hot but very good to eat?
    sw: If you wanted to teach, you should at least teach her seriously..
    cdk: Wait a moment!
    : syg!
    syg: Brother, you have become better looking..
    cdk: Come in.
    : syj!
    : Writer Seo, come in please..
    sw: Congratulations, on getting selected..
    syj: Thanks..
    cdk: syj, your prize money must be a lot as well..
    syg: Her book is going to be out, soon.
    sw: Then sign for me in advance.
    : And give me a copy as well.
    : I'll pull in for you lots of readers.
    syj: Ok, you must support me by reading it.
    syg: And also brother, who's that girl?
    cdk: Let me introduce her to you,guys.
    : Her name is Amanda and she's an american.
    cdk: She's the tour guide that works with me.
    : She got interested in sw brother when she saw his picture on the internet.
    sw: That's why I said that my looks are not popular in our country but outside it.
    syg: That can't be.
    l: sw Oppa, he's very cute.
    sw: You too, Amanda.
    syj: dk..
    : Come here for a while, I have something to tell you.
    cdk: Really?
    syj: That's right! I'm so angry that I'm going crazy.
    cdk: When I met her at the Airport just now, she told me that she was going to introduce her boyfriend to her mom.
    syj:No, she's going to Kota Kinabalu..
    : The place where dk is.
    cdk: Why didn't she tell me that she'll be coming?
    syj: Then what about you? Why didn't you tell me first before you come back?
    cdk: If I said that I'll come back, I'll start having hopes then..
    : syj, you'll tell am that I'm coming back for sure.
    : If she doesn't want to see me or whatever..
    : If she doesn't even miss me a bit, what am I to do with all these messy thoughts?
    syj: Why must you think so much for a guy?
    cdk: Now you know that guys can think too much and get really jealous as well..
    syj: Then, where has gone to exactly?
    sw: I can hear everything so there's no need to hide here.
    : Come in.
    cdk: I'm going to die this time.

    jam's place

    " It's like getting reborn again.."
    " My everything have changed.."
    " Ever since I met you, I've changed a person.."
    " Even my mom feel suprise of it as well.."
    " I'm alway following that melody.."
    cdk: am!
    : Are you now alone at Kota Kinabalu?!
    : But I'll be at the downstairs of the house without you.
    : I'll go away after I sing a night of songs.
    : We'll be able to meet again, right?
    : I love you..
    " The most painful morning.."
    " Turn out to be so happy.."
    " Oh, really how great it is.. That piece of heart, I have for you.."
    " It's really renew just like the day, you met me for the first time.."
    " If everyday can be like this.."
    " No matter how hard my life is, it'll be fill with joy.."
    " Oh, really how great it is.. That piece of heart, I have for you.."

    " Oh, really how great it is.. That piece of heart, I have for you.."
    " It's really renew just like the day, you met me for the first time.."
    " If everyday can be like this.."
    " No matter how hard my life is, it'll be fill with joy.."

    ( The dairies of the little rat)

    syj: For you, good-bye...
    : Hello..
    c: Please sign for me.
    : What's your name?
    c: Jina..
    syj: For you..
    c: Thank you.
    c1: Please sign for me.
    syj:What's your name?
    c1: Ji-Eun..
    syj: Ji-Eun, right?
    : Ji-Eun..
    : Thank you..
    : For you, thank you.
    : For you..
    : Thank you.
    l: Hello..
    : Can you wait for a moment?
    : Yes..
    : Thank you.
    kjw: Congratulations..
    syj: Thanks.

    sofa scene

    m: Action..
    syj: Hello..
    : I'm the writer of " The dairies if the little rat", syj..
    : I hope that everyone'll give their support for my book..
    : No matter if it's about love or career..
    : Put in more effort, fighting..
    cdk: If you go to Kota Kinabalu, you can find a good looking guy who is call cdk..
    syj: If you say that I introduce you, then he might not be your group tour guide..
    cdk: No, I won't..
    : I'll do all the work, I should do.
    syj: You are so petty, why you just say you won't?
    kjw: Then cdk has really become the male cinderella?
    cdk: About that?
    kjw: Yes..
    jam: Definitely not..
    : I'm definitely not getting married before he builds a hotel in Kota Kinabalu..
    : Hey, I'm jam..
    cdk: Yes.
    : Then the hospital will be mine from now onwards..
    kjw: The biggest common secret, all of us have..
    : That's " I love you truely"..
    syj: Right now, do you have a love that you keep hidden in your heart and couldn't say it out?
    m: We are taking the picture now.
    : Prepare.. Action..
    jam: Tell him about this year's Autumn..
    cdk: Your secret..
    kjw: Muster up your courage.
    : It's much easier than to keep it in your heart.
    syj: I really.. Sincerely love you.
    cdk: Can this take photos?
    kjw: Let's take one..
    syj: I must take a good one..
    kjw: Why do you have such a good phone when you have no money?
    syj: gave it to me..
    : Yes, it can be taken..
    : 1..2..3..


    Yeah! I finally finish the last ep! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! image image

    The rest is now left to you guys and I'm going to do spy now! image image
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    Yeohweping you're the best!

    Thank you and all the others for seeing a job well done and completed until the end!

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