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Bae Yong Joon 배용준



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    April Snow photos

    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    A very well digested review by Water.

    my thinking about <AS>...

    water wrote :

    first i wanna say that i changed my ID from soil to water...

    long time no see, feel sorry about that.
    i was negligent in translating korean articles for a long time,

    coz i was a bit busy especially with the things
    that were related with <AS> ^ ^
    and so mad image about reviews and articles
    about the movie in Korea.

    Anyhow, today i bring my 20 pence thinking ^----^
    about <AS>
    that I actually wrote about 2 weeks ago.
    it's quite long,
    furthermore, i'm afraid
    that it's not clear enough to deliver
    what i meant, because of my lack of language skill.
    Still i wanna share it with you,
    if you have time to read it, though....


    1. The result of the box office of <April Snow> in Korea
    seems a bit disappointing,

    I'd like to point out several reasons
    (it's not my own opinion but general analysis.):

    1) The releasing time and screening period were wrong;
    during Chuseok holiday(Korean Thanksgiving Day) period in Korea,
    people generally tend to watch light movies
    like comedies, or family movies.
    Besides a main possible audience of <April Snow>,
    married women, should confine themselves at home,
    preparing all those cooking for Chuseok and
    treating relatives at home.
    (Thus, we call the holiday as "women's labor day")

    I mean that it should release after Chuseok holidays,namely in fall.

    2) PR Strategy was fatally wrong.

    Now, as you know, the movie turns out
    to be kinda an art movie that is a bit tough to follow.
    (especially for the audience who used to
    go to the theater for relaxation and entertaining.
    But, here in Korea, they advertised it,
    calling it "a movie about affairs" and
    focusing on "shooting bed scenes for 9 hours,"etc.
    if they weren't eqipped with pre-knowleage
    about the director,
    people might consider it as 'lowbrow',
    popular melodramtic movie,

    In the case of that movie,
    people come to the theater, anticipating a bit
    strong storyline and explosive emotions of characters.
    When they find the movie betraying their expectaion,
    they just turn their back on it.

    AS is an well-made ART MOVIE.
    The PR should be like this tone, i suppose:

    "In this fall a High-class melodramtic movie is ready for you,
    who wanna stop and think deeply on life, and love, again "
    "a movie for a thoughtful and sophistifated audience like you" etc...

    The PR should have stimulated sort of the people's pride
    or self-respected mind to be intelligent , etc...,
    making people to challenge a difficult movie
    and being ready to watch it.

    3) After a premier for press,
    unprecendently there were a lot of negative reviews flooded
    from critics and reporters.

    Yes, i can accept that there can be good reviews and
    bad reviews as well.. But considerably lot of reviews
    began to reprimand it as if they were waiting
    for doing it. As you know, they criticised that it was
    reminicent of WLS or it was made just for Japanese women

    Anyhow, that movie was a bit difficult and foreign one
    to the Korean audience, so that it was vital to have favorable
    reviews to explain its virtue to the general audience.

    But it failed in getting them.

    2. And then, why were there a lot of negative reviews??

    1) About this, director Hur already revealed

    his uncomfortableness about prejudices as followings:

    +++ there was a prejudice that Hur's fans have
    about his style of previous movies: his fans
    consists of critics and general moviegoers who have
    high taste of movie and almost professional critics.

    +++ there was a prejudice that reporters, critics and
    even ordianry people have about BYJ as a super star

    and I wanna add one more prejudice here:

    +++ there was a prejudice that general audience has
    about movies on affairs: like the formular and the expectations
    of affairs movies

    2) Director Hur betrayed every expectations of above parties
    that have their own prejudices.

    +++ Even though the atmosphere of the movie was restricted
    and a bit slow like the one of his previous movies, Hur changed
    the style of direction here, and his fans seem to dislike the change.

    +++ People who's got a Yonsama Image on BYJ
    only try to seek for that image from Insoo.

    +++ Hur provides no element for entertaining an audience,
    like good dialogues, an interesting storyline or stunning backdrops.

    Korea is a dynamic country. It loves speedy, stimulating
    and direct way of expressions.
    However, AS is slow, heavy and unkind.

    In other words, director Hur overestimates the audience's
    tolerance and demands too much from them:
    he dared to ask them to judge and feel by themselves,
    without giving them clear explaination.

    Meanwhile, the Korean audience can't afford to look into
    what the director wanna say through his unkind, new grammer.

    3) Actually Hur's way to present the movie is not a new one,
    however, it seems a bit foreign and uncomfortable
    at least to today's Korean moviegoers,
    even compared with his previous movies.
    (In France, it could be OKay, though.)

    a) the director provides no elements
    for entertaining an audience:

    +++ no complicated, ups-and downs interesting storyline
    but dried skeleton-like one
    +++ no refined, memorable dialogues
    but everyday-life, plain ones.
    +++ no stunning, beautiful backdrops
    but ordinary, plain landscapes etc.
    +++ no sub-plot in the story that it enables the texture
    of movie richer and more flavored.

    image He eliminates all unneccessary, surplus scenes
    and connects scenes by jumping cut,
    giving a lot of empty space between scenes.

    c) Even to the scenes that survives his harsh eleminating,
    he makes them as short as possible, and then presents the most
    compressed scenes.

    +++ As to the scenes when Insu and Seoyoung suffer all pains
    and can draw people to feel sympathy for their pains,
    the director cruelly makes the scenes as short as possible.
    He doesn't allow people to feel sad, heartbroken and so on
    according to the ups and downs of feelings and emotions
    of the two characters.
    He i.n.t.e.n.t.i.o.n.a.l.l.y. prevents an audience from getting
    emotional and standing for the two characters.

    He tries to make the story a skeleton, getting rid of all fats;
    it's like a sentence that lacks of all adverb and adjective.
    sometimes he dares to ommit even subjective, verb or
    objective, too.

    And then, he presents to an audience the driest scenes
    that connected each other through
    a lot of empty space and demands the audience
    to interprete the movie by themselves.
    Hur didn't give them a right answer;
    he lead people to have their own interpretaions.

    3. AS is a story about
    how InSoo and SeoYoung found
    their spouses to be involved in affairs ,
    how they go through deep pains caused
    by betrayal of their respective spouses....
    And how the two with same pain
    get closed and then ironically
    fall into the same affairs : sort of repetition.,

    the theme is about what is love, affairs and life...

    1) Even though they wore plain clothes in this movie,
    both BYJ and SYJ were still very good-looking, a bit
    unrealistically beautiful.
    Director Hur casted these two beautiful actors
    and shooted them through a lot of
    Close-ups, which revealed and emphasized
    the beauty of the two more strongly.
    Director Hur made them to anger, and cry...
    to fall into all exteme emotions and feelings
    which could arise in such an exteme situation.

    And then Hur vividly presents the scenes
    how they suffer just like a Close-up documentary film.

    2) But, the life, love and affairs that the director wants to
    portray seem to be not so simple; it can't be defined as black or
    white, good or wrong...
    it can't be summarized into several words and
    So, he wants to speak about Irony.
    Yes, affairs might end up critically dangerous
    just like we could wittness in the death of Kyungho in this movie...
    But, the director seems to tell us
    that everything still might have a room to be interpreted
    in other way, if we would keep some distance to watch it,
    and if we would watch it again after some interval of time, i suppose.

    3) Here, Hur seems to tell us
    that when we fall into exteme situations and
    get through extreme pains,
    we surely get hurt.
    However, when things happens in our lives,
    there are always some things behind it
    that can't be explicable : sort of destiny....

    In this movie, Hur keeps a harsh point of view to
    Insoo and Seoyoung almost except the ending scene,
    however, it is because his point of view on our general lives is
    very warm, tolerant, and understanding.

    Now, I wanna conclude this long writing:

    firstly, he wants moviegoers to concentrate on his story,
    that's why he casts actors who have magnetic power
    to attract people's attention..

    He wants moviegoers to fully understand all their feelings and
    situations, that's why he makes the actors show their pains
    and sufferings through naked expression of crying....
    and then shoots the scenes through Close-Ups and Long-takes.

    Secondly, if he shows those long-taken scenes to the audience,
    they could get to easily feel sympathy to the characters' feelings
    to stand for them.

    Because the director doesn't want
    the audience to stand for them blindly,
    he kept making scenes shorter by using cutting as a device
    and succeeds in preventing audience
    from blindly feeling symphathy.

    Between these two factors, Hur skillfully seems
    to keep his balance,
    arising tensions during the whole runnnign time.

    A big empty space between the scenes makes a room
    for the audience to imagine..., and his movie evolves
    into a cinema poetry...

    What Hur wants the audience to do was to THINK with broad,
    obective mind, and feel
    and then complete his movie <April Snow> by themselves,
    i guess.

    And i think that's why we found ourselves not be able to
    feel sympathy instantly for the two main characters during watching
    the movie, but later we become more and more immersed in the

    once again, sorry for a long story...

    image image
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    QUOTE(liezle @ Oct 6 2005, 12:11 AM) »

    Because the director doesn't want
    the audience to stand for them blindly,
    he kept making scenes shorter by using cutting as a device
    and succeeds in preventing audience
    from blindly feeling symphathy.

    Between these two factors, Hur skillfully seems
    to keep his balance,
    arising tensions during the whole runnnign time.

    A big empty space between the scenes makes a room
    for the audience to imagine..., and his movie evolves
    into a cinema poetry...

    What Hur wants the audience to do was to THINK with broad,
    obective mind, and feel
    and then complete his movie <April Snow> by themselves,
    i guess.

    i have not yet seen the film but from the many articles, reviews both from fans & critics, & from the previous 2 films of HJH, somehow, i have an idea about the essence of this film.

    i've quoted below some of the positive reviews i got from the net and you will note a common denominator...the critics understood the vision & interpretation of Dir HJH for April Snow. they understood why the film is slow paced, why there is minimum dialogue, why there are unanswered questions and why the mainstream audience will have difficulty digesting the film.

    i also noticed a common denominator amongst the negative reviews of this film. most of them say that the film is slow, less dialogue, spaces between shots, nondescript backdrop & props ( though most of them praised the acting of the actors). when i read this kind of reviews, i just wonder if the reviewer truly understood the story of Dir HJH.

    comparing the positive and negative reviews, i cant help but notice that the critics who gave the thumbs up to AS were more discerning in their analysis. they have more depth & substance in their words, as if they are echoing what Dir HJH intends to convey to the audience. whereas the negative reviews, i find most of them seem to be a bit shallow as if the reviewer was just looking from the outside without any intention of knowing the reasons behind what is confronting him upfront...

    yes, i think AS is the kind of film that encourages the audience to think and to reflect. its a character driven film & may require some of us to use a bit more of our analysis skill to truly appreciate the film, unfortunately, particularly in Korea, the mainstream audience have no time for this kind of mental exercise.

    from Korea Times ~~
    "Known for weaving tightly choreographed love stories that are slightly off-kilter, Hur decides this time to push his characters far over the edge. The result is his darkest and most emotionally elusive film yet.

    Despite the draw of Bae and Son, however, ``Snow'' might end up being too grim to have longstanding mainstream appeal. That would be a shame because the level and complexity of emotions Hur succeeds in bringing out here is some of the best that the drama genre has to offer."

    from Screendaily ~~
    "Inside this smoothly concocted genre picture, Hur manages to introduce a degree of sensitivity and allows the story to develop with such tender grace that it is difficult not to be touched."

    from James Berardinelli~~
    "April Snow is a swirl of deeply-realized emotions that escape from the screen to grab the viewer. It's a touching love story about the ways in which people can find comfort in seemingly impossible circumstances.The acting is fantastic and, while the director doesn't saddle us with an improbable happily-ever-after ending, he concludes the film on a note of hope."

    from ~~
    "The acting and chemistry of the two leads is impeccable, as is the distanced and silent tone of the film.

    Admittedly, a mainstream audience may have trouble with the very, very slow pace, but it is perfectly in line with the story, situation and isolated and uneasy tone of the film. I cannot think of a single wrong note in the film.

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    edited October 2005
    Hey guys, have you noticed the change in the title of our thread? From simply Bae Yong Joon I asked one of the moderator to edit the title to "BAE YONG JOON 배용준, It's All About Bae". You like it? image
    image image
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    Thank you for the pictures & the info about BYJ. He's just good-looking. I watched him on Winter Sonata and since then I'm just like him a lot and make me interested in watching korean dramas nowadays.

    I can't wait to see April Snow.
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    Hi all....
    Finally manage to register again using my office email

    Just continue with our BAE-TIFUL thread
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    - deleted - image

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    edited October 2005
    Hi again! Just came back from reading new posts of Mr. Fumi in Quilt. Interesting topic that he posted for all of us. I haven't been to KOB but after reading Mr. Fumi's posts i think that it should be posted in KOB so that Kr media will know we know what they are cooking up. We are all aware that Kr media visit KOB, righ? What do you think guys?

    Sara unni, you are here! Great!

    ck16, welcome to BYJ thread! Pleae do visit us more often and join us in our Bae-ziness.
    image image
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    hi Sara , welcome back image image

    hello ck16, welcome to Yong Joon's thread image we hope to see u more often & read more of your posts !!

    and now....some stats ~~

    there's a news report in KOB ( hope we get the trans soon) that says as of 05 Oct, April Snow had already mobilized almost 1.5M ppl in Japan image & earned about 17,000,000,000 won image (lots of zeros !!)

    in HK Box office, AS is at no. 8 as of 04 Oct...still fighting !! latest take is about hk$1.8M

    in Taiwan, its still the top grossing korean film for the year 2005 & its latest take as of 03 Oct is about tw$2.4M

    ~~the latest on the sportschosun poll ........

    korean netizens vote for their fave film actor (male/female), i think this poll started Jan & will probably end Dec '05 ~~

    as of 06 Oct

    영화배우 (film actor)

    1 배용준 23.8% 1546935명 - Bae Yong Joon
    2 원빈 17.3% 1126590명 - Won Bin
    3 장동건 10.6% 689327명 - Jang Dong Gun
    4 최민식 6.6% 426814명 - Choi Min Sik (Oldboy)
    5 김하늘 5% 322826명 - Kim Ha Neul ( My tutor friend)
    6 하지원 4.4% 287160명 - Ha Ji Won (Duelist)
    7 안성기 4.3% 282282명 - Ahn Seong Gi (Nowhere to Hide)
    8 송강호 3.9% 256975명 - Song Gang Ho ( Antarctic Journal)
    9 설경구 3.7% 244129명 - Sul Kyeong Gu (Silmido)
    10 이미연 3.6% 233143명 - Lee Mi Yeon (Addicted)

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    edited October 2005
    Hihi all, juz wanna inform that all 3 weekly entainment magazines in Singapore, 8 days, i-weekly and u-weekly all features Bae~!!!!

    Kelly has shared the 8 days with us. Will try to see if I can scan the others tonight~!!

    Oh yes, you can get a sneak preview of
    i-weekly --> here
    8 days --> here & here

    IPB Image
    "My fans are my family. No matter what the media is saying or spreading,
    my family will only believe in my words."

    =) Visit me at See vidz of Yong Joon in my account too! (=
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    posted by rosie in joonsfamily
    from Korea Screen Movie Part 5

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
  • Jesw_21Jesw_21 Posts: 390Member

    Jess here .....after reading your reviews and fav scenes......really put me into serious thoughts about the movies and my fav scenes.......actually quite agree with your views.....

    although i told you that I'm a bit disappointed with Director Hur's way of directing this movie, I can't deny that this is a BEAUTIFUL movie......and made us paid attention to the actors' facial expressions/gestures w/o much diagloues.(lucky not much dialogues cos of my basic understanding of the Korean language, I could only observed their facial expressions/gestures most of the time !!!!) hee....

    I can still feel the pain in my heart when i recalled In-Soo and So-Young's agony throughout the sad....

    but i also like the part when In-Soo was drunk and knocked at the wrong door and squatted opp the room at the motel corrider.....and when So-Young opened her door, we laughed......i suppose that's one of the only very few funny scenes in AS....shall not reveal my others fav scenes cos will kill the curosity of the others who have not watch the movie yet.......

    I will be watching the premiere screening at Tiong Bahru next Tues(11th Oct) and see you gals again on 15th Oct!

    Jessica Wee

    QUOTE(tiffany @ Oct 5 2005, 01:08 PM) »

    April Snow- where do we go from here? My review

    Well, I finally watched April Snow... after the long wait. I received "request" from 3 different people to do a review. So here I am... with one of mine "long-winded" posting. Feel free to skip this, particularly if you have yet to watch the movie as it contains spoilers.

    I must say I have been a little apprehensive, after reading all the reviews and postings by critics and fans. I went to the cinema tonight, thinking to myself, "It's ok if I don't like it the 1st time. I may be able to appreciate it better the 2nd or 3rd time round."
    What can I say? I like the movie.... really.

    And it's not because BYJ is in it. I like the way it's been directed. This is a Director Hur's movie.. period. If you have watched his 1st 2 movies, you would have realised that this is his style..with some slight differences. For eg, there's more close-ups shots and less dialogue. I guess you can say it's an art movie.

    If you are looking for a romantic love story, with beautiful, lush cinematography and heart wrenching dialogues... forget about it because you will be disappointed.... that's I why I couldn't understand why the Korean critics compared this to WLS? The only similarity was the snow and winter.

    In Soo
    What do you do when you find out that wife, whom you love dearly has been unfaithful?
    How do you feel when you see her lying next to her lover, in a coma, fighting for her life?
    Can you still touch the same body that you thought had belonged to you, after seeing her being caressed by another man?
    Where did you go wrong?
    Did you love her less than the other man? Was he better?

    How does this other woman look like? Is she better than me?
    Am I still attractive? Perhaps I'm no longer a very uninteresting housewife.
    Can I love another man..? Is it a sin?
    What did I do wrong?
    Can I hate him? Do I still love him?

    A million questions... with no answers.

    There are times where words cannot fully express how we feel... because they would seemed so unnecessary and wrong. Perhaps that's why there's so little dialogue. It's movie where you have to observe, and observe and observe somemore and then you will feel. Each little acts, movements, looks, they all convey meanings that are not expressed in words and gave you clues and answers to scenes and how they are feeling.

    The tearing of the calendar, the little potted plant that is always in the background, looking at his wife's lover's photo for the first and last time in the funeral palour.... all these are little things that do not seemed significant but they are. Blick, it will be gone and you will be left wondering what is happening.

    I may write somemore later.... when I watch it again. In the meantime, here are 5 of my fave scenes at the moment, tonight. Perhaps they may change later.

    1) When In Soo was looking at the camera, seeing his wife fooling around with another man... The reality, the pain, when he held the camera tightly. He could not take it and you hear him throwing up... all the while his wife's adultrous laughter in the background that seemed to go on and on .. mocking at him.

    2) The long drive to the victim's home. It was just the beginning of spring. Crops were being planted, the soil was being turned and plowed. The field was not pretty. People going about their farming.. as always. How could it be so normal outside when their world has collapsed? It was a long journey for them... the road that seems to go on and on.... where and how will it end up?

    3) In Soo shutting himself in the car, with the music on full blast. Instead of putting on some sad music, he was listening to a fast, pop song, singing to the lyrics..."This sadness shall pass. Life is wonderful." He could not shout at his wife, he could not vent his frustrations. He wanted to hit out at someone, something, anything. He needed to remind himself that it will not be always like that... that it will get better eventually.

    4) When their outing was rudely interupted with the news that Su Jin had woken up and In Soo rushed back to the hospital. Seeing Seo Yeong having a ice cream by herself and then walking by the beach, with people in the background enjoying themselves... there was never a lonelier time for her. She is alone, by herself.... both her husband and her lover belong to another woman, the same woman.

    5) Seo Yeong, catching a look of In Soo one last time from afar. Sitting in the cafe, looking into his window, seeing his figure appearing and then disappearing out of sight. The tears in her eyes, as she said goodbye to him in her heart. The painful knowledge that she may never see him again. There was no loud weeping but perhaps this is even sadder.

    It's a very quiet film, like his two previous films, but I would not say it's slow. As someone said, watch the movie with your heart and not your mind.

    Happy watching, everyone.

    Btw, listening to the ost will put you in the right mood and frame of mind for it conveys exactly the right mood of the movie.

    image image
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    QUOTE(patring @ Oct 5 2005, 11:22 AM) »

    thanks for the warm welcome. sorry for being so silent before. i check out a lot of threads so i drift in and out of each one and i don't stay long enough for a decent conversation. today i figured, everyone's starting over so why not start showing myself and making more of an effort to be more friendly? it's the least i could do for everyone who's been so generous with pictures, articles, interviews, videos, etc.

    having had no internet connection for the past two weeks, i've been out of touch with what's been happening here. any confirmation as to when April Snow will be shown in Manila?

    hello again patring! so you're from the same country as me and Frances image I'm still waiting for words when AS will be shown in our country. I think they'll show Sassy Girl first before AS. Will inform you guys once i have details already.

    QUOTE(songjc @ Oct 5 2005, 01:56 PM) »

    ok, i've missed a lot this week. i was getting frustrated trying to log in today and come to find out, things happened in soompi. oh well.....

    anyway, i agree with you, liezle, here's a chance to really make this thread better and like you said, "jucier" with our "Baeziness". But I feel bad for both you and Frances who contributed so much to this thread. Well, it's rebuilding time, huh?

    Anyway, liezle, do you by any chance still have the banner you created for me? I completely lost that one too. Please let me know. Thanks!

    I'm still trying to find out about April Snow in Hawaii. I hope and hope that they will show it here in Hawaii. I really miss BYJ. Anyone know when he will start filming his new drama? I can't wait for that, too. Geez, I think I need a dose of BYJ right now. I think I will re-watch Winter Ballad this weekend....

    Hi there songjc! How's school?

    I felt bad too for what happened in soompi but like soomp! said there's nothing we can do. Btw, do you know that when I read his post i was like "huh?!"? I had fun reading soompi! post, his post didn't gave me any time to react. Maybe because of how he worded it image

    Yup I still have the siggy. I'll send them to you again. And could you also send me the photo of the other one you would like me to include?

    image image
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    Hi Hi LIEZLE and FRANCES and others!!!!!!!

    it's me ,here to contribute posting to the forum.....hee....

    I have done a page of BYJ's AS taiwan promo the press conference. I love his smile and funny faces!!!





    IPB Image

    hI HI!

    Here's a previous post on TEA LOFT opened by BOF:

    I and my friends(Karen,Serene & sis,Mag) decided to go to Tea Loft on the last evening(15th Sept) in Korea before we flew back to S'pore on the 16th. Lady's Luck was on our side as we managed to find the cafe fast without much difficulty(based on my instincts..hee.. ). NOTE: Tea Loft is not stated in the dept store 's directory.... It is still quite new and we saw on their promo boards stated that it's newly opened...

    We took the 'exclusive' lift up to the cafe, as lift door opened, we immediately saw the 2 huge April Snow autographed posters on the wall.
    and we were showed to a cosy corner by a pretty and young waitress. Then we ordered 2 items that our Mr.Bae had when he was here....and 2 of us ordered other snacks/drinks.

    Item 1: Iced Omijia Tea. It's a red-colored iced tea...taste like medicine at 1st few's a light,slightly bitter tasting yet cooling tea....hmm...i suppose that many wouldn't order such 'weird-tasting' tea.....Hmm....our Mr. Bae really have 'weird taste'

    Item 2: Chaltteok-mali. It's a rice cake snack, with red bean mixed other fillings. It's a dry but very nice appetiting snack for everyone.I personally like this snack a lot!

    Tea Loft has nice ambience in the evening, a great quiet 'getaway place' to rest your body and legs after work/shopping. All waitress(we saw only 3 that evening) are young,nice and friendly to fact, before we could even see/touch the foods when delivered to our table, 1 of the waitress kept urging us to take a look at BYJ's framed photos when she know we are BYJ's fans....ha ha ha....

    It is a nice place to have a snack and drink with friends/partner although BYJ is not there... It look classy but you will feel comfortable and relaxed ....worth a visit if you gals do go Korea and shopping nearby....

    Enjoy the Pics I've attached for your viewing!


    PLS PLS PLS DO NOT post this elsewhere without my consent!!! thanks for yr co-operation...

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
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    Posted on Joon's Family by Esther

    U weekly 10th Oct - 16th Oct issue

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    I weekly 6 Oct issue

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    Posted on Joon's Family by Esther

    NTUC Lifestyle magazine - Oct issue

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
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    Jess , i love your artwork! It's very different from the others. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. Love it!

    As I've posted before, if i go to Korea I will not miss in going to Tea Loft and eat what Yong Joon had. Likewise I want to have my photo also in Tea Loft's cafe entrance just like Yong Joon. image

    Kelly, thanks for posting the photo of YOU and i Weekly! When BYJ was in SG last year my friend sent me copies of YOU and i Weekly. I hope that she remembers me when she sees these magazines in the magazine stand and send me those magazines.
    image image
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    liezle-- I like the new title for the thread.

    I don't always post, but I want to thank all of you who contribute so much. The pictures, articles etc. are wonderful and makes me smile. I check this thread almost every day. From all that I have read, I think BYJ is not only a good actor but a warm, caring person. Although I think other actors/actresses are good, his warmth and care for his "family" is what makes me think that he is #1. I first saw him in Winter Sonata and was so touched by his seemed so genuine...almost like it was real. After that, I purchased Hotelier and Have We Really Loved which emphasized other wonderful qualities that he has.

    Sorry to go on and on...but despite negative reviews of AS and even himself as an actor--I think he is the best. I am glad that Japan and other countries give him so much support. He is indeed worthy of the honored title of "Yonsama". Again, thank you everyone for all that you share!
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    Dear LIEZLE!

    Thanks for your compliements!!!!!! it make me happy! image

    YES YES YES! you must go TEA LOFT and enjoy the food and ambience and take loads and loads of pics....every corners of the cafe if u i sound crazy??? hee..... image money and mark yr calendar for your Korea trip! image


    Jessica Wee

    PS. are really FAST in posting....i was thinking of posting the latest mags today but u beaten me to it! ha ha......

    QUOTE(liezle @ Oct 6 2005, 03:42 AM) »

    Jess , i love your artwork! It's very different from the others. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. Love it!

    As I've posted before, if i go to Korea I will not miss in going to Tea Loft and eat what Yong Joon had. Likewise I want to have my photo also in Tea Loft's cafe entrance just like Yong Joon. image

    Kelly, thanks for posting the photo of YOU and i Weekly! When BYJ was in SG last year my friend sent me copies of YOU and i Weekly. I hope that she remembers me when she sees these magazines in the magazine stand and send me those magazines.

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    moi luv this limited ed BYJ bear. image Pity already sold out image

    IPB Image



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    hello luv dramas image a warm welcome from yong joon's thread !! we hope you will join us more often in our sharing of thoughts on everything about BYJ....see u around !!

    dear Jess you've got a nice artwork there !! pls share more....but you really did not like the tea yong joon likes ??

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    Hi again! Just came back from reading new posts of Mr. Fumi in Quilt. Interesting topic that he posted for all of us. I haven't been to KOB but after reading Mr. Fumi's posts i think that it should be posted in KOB so that Kr media will know we know what they are cooking up. We are all aware that Kr media visit KOB, righ? What do you think guys?

    i just came from Quilt and Mr. Fumi made another far, he made 4 postings today, a new record for Mr. Fumi image what do i think of K media ?? image image image image
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