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How to get the awesome natural blush?

my skin is acne prone :'(
Hi, i'm from Singapore and I seen a girl in school that got a natural blush to her cheeks (we are not allowed to wear makeup, but it doesn't looks like makeup)

It looks healthy and I am so envious image I have oily, a acne/pimples-have-been-cured-but-it-still-looks-dull-and-have-tiny-scars skin, dull and tired and goes red during sunny days. Overall, it looks scary! >.<

how do I go about have a skin that looks like it doesn't have pimples before? :/ (or a glow...)


  • crystal_clovercrystal_clover SingaporePosts: 1,702Member
    Looks like you need sunscreen! Your skin is getting irritated with all the pollutants and harmful rays.
  • shabashindyshabashindy PA&#33;Posts: 2,018Member


    maybe you should go to a dermatolygist (?)
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  • Juli~&lt;3Juli~&lt;3 SaturnPosts: 8,097Member


    try not to eat so many spicy foods.. my cousin was like that then she stopped and her face cleared
  • saggiorpiioxgalaxysaggiorpiioxgalaxy fluffland &#9834;Posts: 1,883Friend of Soompi
    I think natural blush is in the genes... =(

    But I heard vitamin C is good? Eat more oranges! Drink LOTS of water. It's important for flushing out toxins in your body, resulting in better skin..

    You may have to find a suitable facial cleanser to control the oil. And cut down on oily foods..exfoliate weekly after your acne recovers to remove the scars.

    Yeah...these very basic stuffs..
  • Totter TotTotter Tot Posts: 130Member
    I agree, it's hereditary.
    But --
    SUNBLOCK anywhere, anytime.

    Don't expose your face on too much heat.

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  • v1rgi3v1rgi3 Posts: 439Member
    pinch your cheeks constantly??? lol...

    or run for 20 mins and afterwards.. i get a red flush tho... lol

    but seriously.. the natural blush thing only happens to some ppl... like say snow white??? lol
  • liltweekstarliltweekstar hello. San Francisco and now somewhere in So.CalPosts: 1,813Member
    why not try a gel blush? it looks natural.
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  • oOmeruOooOmeruOo Posts: 156Member


    edited May 2006
    i have acne prone skin and very pink cheeks but i find them too pink because my body is too pale compared to my pink face (herited from my dad)

    hmm, eat healthy? exercise often? i'm not sure
  • IM TOKKIIM TOKKI ^__^ NYCPosts: 1,306Member
    I have a natural blush.

    but i'm what v1rgi3 called "snow white" =)
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  • miyeOnx3miyeOnx3 Posts: 116Member
    i have the natural asian flush~
    when ever i exercise or do any cardio activities even for 10 mins.
    my cheeks get that lightly flushed color..
    but after a while its my whole it looks like im blushing or soemthign-_-;;;
    its really a pain actually..
    t a k e c o n t r o l*
  • wan.niewan.nie Posts: 178Member


    Yeah I agree. I don't like my natural blush.
    After I exercise in gym for a few seconds, my face starts to turn red.
    It happens when I'm embarass and when it's really hot. I used to think it's because I have fair skin.
  • Baybe Gyrl`Baybe Gyrl` Posts: 873Member
    reminds me of this girl who has really gross skin with pimples here and there, but she piles on so much foundation that it looks cakey and then she adds on the blush ...

    and eh,

    she looks like a clown. like her whole cheek is RED.

    geesis. she needs to take make up 101 again. haha =x.


    you said you have acne/ slash old acne scars right? how severe is your acne? caz if it's really bad, putting blush on it is not going to make it look pretty ... it`ll make it stand out even more.
    so we'll just let them hate
    cause they can't stop us babe
  • Little Miss SnackwrapLittle Miss Snackwrap [[*+ FUN SIZE +*]] Candyland :DPosts: 1,925Friend of Soompi
    sleep, sunshine (with sunscreen!), fruits and water =]
    And be positive/upbeat! I've noticed that there's a certain special glow to people who are happy, lol.
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