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How Can I Support Soompi?

NotFromThisPlanetNotFromThisPlanet ★★★Milton Teagle Simmons★★★892 MOMONA ST, HONOLULU, HI 96820Posts: 3,211Friend of Soompi
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the ways are many
You can support SOOMPI in many wonderful ways!!

When you are buying anything from the following places, visit the site through the link below and they will send us 1-5% of the total sale price! And with no change in price for you. Think about this, if everyone on Soompi bought their Dramas via these links - we would be able to get new servers tomorrow! ;)

Download your favorite songs from iTunes --

Anything you buy from

Or if you are in CANADA for

DVDs and Music from

Asian Styles from

Or you can SUPPORT SOOMPI and become a FOS (Friend of SOOMPI)! (FOS get those crazy cute hearts, access to an exclusive SOOMPI beta testing forum, bigger PM mail box and that warm feeling in their heart for knowing they are supporting their favorite community site! - also all FOS will be invited to beta test the new site features before public release - sweet!)

****UPDATE 4/17/09****
hearing you loud and clear! after overwhelming demand, we will begin accepting concealed cash for "Friends of Soompi" for a short time. is it because FOS get to be the first beta testers of the "new hotness" that everyone is so interested??!?! well, the more the merrier! biggrin.gif

You can get more info about the FOS system here.

1) Hide your money well inside an envelope so that it is not visible from outside
2) Include a piece of paper that lists your Forums User ID and your email address
3) It is UBER helpful to our record keeping system if your donation amounts match the system set up for FOS. ($6 = 3 mos. $12 = 6 mo and $22= 1 year) Also US Dollars only please!
4) We will email you within 1 week of receipt - if you do not hear from us in a decent time, email with your Forum User ID, approximate date you put it in the mail and the amount.
55 Hawthorne Street, #610
San Francisco, CA 94105

we are HONORED by the outpouring of support we are getting from everyone as we work on building the new features and making SOOMPI better. we hope that we can make you all proud of us! FIGHTING!

*** End UPDATE***
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