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the side effects from WASHING YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH??

ANJEE&lt;3ANJEE<3 GOT SEOUL!?! <3~~Posts: 3,947Member


edited April 2006 in beauty & fashion
haha yeah... i practically wash it everyday... like 6x a week... and sometimes... i would wash it twice a day.. morning + night... like i'm not even dirty or sweaty... but i just feel like taking a shower and washing my hair for no reason

well i heard that washing it often is good for hair growth.. which i want cause i want it longer so i can do more with it...

and a bad thing i heard was that it will get more oily because you're washing out the natural nutrients... anything else that is bad???

also i know that you're supposed to wash it everyother day... but i just can't do that... my hair starts to bug me after i wake up or after i come home from school


  • Lily.Lily. Posts: 976Member
    I think it'll f it up in the long run... I'm not sure. I use to be like you, I washed my hair everyyyy day. I decided to just start washing it every other day.. Well just force yourself to. The hair isn't controlling you lol.
  • YuffieYuffie Posts: 246Member
    edited April 2006
    Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, drying it out.
  • RosencrantzRosencrantz Kangaroo pouch, SydneyPosts: 1,583Member


    edited April 2006
    i heard if you wash it too much it will become dry because you're washing all the oil away, and oil keeps it healthy (not too much though)
  • simply_w4usimply_w4u Posts: 412Member
    io heard that if you don't wash it for like 3 or 4 days your hair will get longer!

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  • twinsxboyztwinsxboyz Australia ^SYDNEY^Posts: 154Member
    it will be frail and frizzy becuase of lack of natural oils ((shreik)) yuck
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  • ANJEE&lt;3ANJEE<3 GOT SEOUL!?! <3~~ Posts: 3,947Member


    ^- huh... not really... my hair is still pretty smooth and what not XD

    probably cause i've never dyed it... and i only curl it once in a while
  • dbSk iS k00ldbSk iS k00l Proud S?ne. oakland, caPosts: 2,880Friend of Soompi


    i used to wash my hair everyday but then i decided to wash it every other day because if i would wash my hiar for a day it would become really oily but now it doesnt happen no more because i wash it every other day
  • yummyicecreamkissyummyicecreamkiss super in4mation highway cali4niaPosts: 437Friend of Soompi


    oh you're not supposed to wash thoroughly everyday because you will strip the hair's natural oils and it'll be brittle and dry(break easy, easy to damage) so washing every other day and using conditioner is good too
  • seaweed333seaweed333 &#9436;&#9428;&#9435;. &#9424;&#9444;&#9442;.Posts: 1,030Member
    washing it everyday might be ok if you use hair masks/treatments often & use a moisturising shampoo & conditioner/leave in conditioner but twice a day is way too much. washing your hair too much can cause dandruff, dry & frizzy hair & if you irritate your scalp you will cause more oil production
  • &amp;#9825; aRi C. &amp;#9825;&#9825; aRi C. &#9825; ParadisePosts: 555Member
    its really not good to wash your hair too often..
    i think once every two days is the best...das what my hairdresser told me..and it feels thebest the second day afteri wash it..its the softest i think..but this has alot to do with weather also
  • polabolapolabola hellraiser La Islas PilipinasPosts: 1,715Member
    it will get dry, frizzy and hard to manage. I take a bath and wash my hair up to 14 times a week (twice a day) since it's hot, but yeah my hair became from smooth to rough and filled with fly aways

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  • ucimucim Posts: 696Member
    i take a shower every day too. i think it damages my hair more, but yea i heard it was best to wash it every other day but.. i can't do it.
  • ShellaeShellae Perth, AustraliaPosts: 419Member
    i can't go a day without washing my hair >.<

    it just gets all oily and icky =\

  • EMAEMA Posts: 1,712Member
    i wash and straighten my hair every day , it's still smooth . it doesn't get oily , either .
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  • janex06janex06 Posts: 354Member
    well doing too much of anything is never gonna be GREAT for you, but i think showering a lot is A LOT WORSE for your skin than it is for your hair. so make sure you always moisturize with lotion and use a really mild body wash when you shower cause it could really dry it up. =]
  • SystemSystem Posts: 44,632


    hmm but my hair gets REALLLY oily after
    a day of not washing it..
  • jenniifer xOxjenniifer xOx n-villePosts: 1,098Member
    oh yeah and your conditioner will weigh down your hair.

    usulaly when you shampoo, you condition.

    so theres another con.
  • chubzzychubzzy healing process Somewhere in my own fantasy world...Posts: 7,557Member
    it tends to dry ur hair out because the nutrients in ur hair are being washed away...
    but i wash my hair once a day, everyday. i can't stand going to sleep with greasy, dirty hair... but i need to use conditioner and hair moisturizer to keep my hair healthy
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  • 0rchid0rchid MontrPosts: 1,531Member


    if your hair gets really oily in a short period, get a really fine brush and brush your hair more often. the thinner the bristles are, the more evenly it'll disperse the natural oils in your hair, so you won't have to wash it every day
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  • azeroazero Posts: 767Member


    QUOTE(Yuffie @ Apr 5 2006, 12:02 AM) »

    Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, drying it out.

    no wonder my hair gets poofy


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