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Embarrassing Things You've Done In Front Of Your Crush



  • gyeonxx123gyeonxx123 LAPosts: 874Member


    but recently,
    first one, it was on picture day, my strap of my shirt like, ripped :(
    i somehow managed to go through the day, until the end
    i was wearing a carigian and buttoned.
    but i like unbottomed it infront of him, and it was bobby pined..
    but i guess it fall, and he saw and i was going to him.
    mann, that was embarassing. he tried to calm me down cuz i was like
    "this is embarassing!!" hahaha

    second time, we were watching a movie at the theatres and then like,
    we were moving seats and i was holding like the drink, and i slipped.
    it hurt but it was apparently very funny
  • hikari_neko11hikari_neko11 Posts: 160Member
    I did so many embarrassing things I even lost track...

    (1) 5th grade: I wanted to impress my crush and ran really hard for the 400m track and field try-outs. My shoe fell off just a meter away from the finish line and the field was muddy so i had to go back for my shoe before finishing the race. Instead of 1st i came in 6th...

    (2) 8th grade: I was so clumsy...and as i was walking down the hall after school i noticed that my crush passed me and i turned back to say hi and when i turned around to keep walking forward i crashed into the pillar thing and my friend burst out laughing causing my crush to turn around and see me on the floor.

    (3)I was in a hurry to get to class so i could get a seat next to the same crush as (2) and as i ran up the stairs i tripped and fell forward and his best friend (also my friend) was walking downstairs and laughed and told my crush later to which he messaged me asking if i was ok.
  • swtemiswtemi Washington, USAPosts: 272Member
    I just remembered doing the 'classic' crush movie scene back in 9th grade...

    I walked, saw him, and he saw me, and I was in the middle of smiling when I smashed into the side of the protruding frame on the wall really hard.

    If you've ever seen "A cinderella story" and remember the hilary duff smashing into locker scene, that was basically me.
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  • ignoremeignoreme EnglandPosts: 1,456Member


    [9th grade] it was the first bell and everybody was walking to their first lesson. i just saw my crush who was walking right in front of me and i was completely lost watching him from behind i ended up going to his class (>.<) the teacher said "you're in this class? i don't remember seeing you" i replied "no. i'm one grade below and i just got my timetable mixed up" i was completely red out of embarrassment.

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  • woaini715woaini715 Posts: 1,474Member
    oh god, i embarassed myself so much (or atleast i just feel that way)
    one time, in history class, i went up to the bulletin board and i couldn't find our homework sheet. so i asked the teacher and he says "it's the one labeled american history".

    another time, i needed the book but there was only one. so i asked if i could just look over his shoulder. when i'm done...i realized that a strand of hair fell -_-

    maybe it's just me. he's a really smart guy and i always feel like i'm making an Richard Simmons out of myself.
  • DREAMiiNGDREAMiiNG Posts: 206Member
    I was in Mathematics class and my crush was seated behind me.
    My friend, knowing that I liked him "accidentally" knocked my eraser of the tab;e -_- So I leaned backwards on my chair to reach it and then BAM! I flipped off my chair, kicked over the table and landed smack on the ground. Wow it was damn awkward...and everyone just laughed at me D:
  • serene_dipityserene_dipity LostPosts: 101Member


    edited October 2010
    I 'cooly' walked past him while chewing my gum, but I accidentally bit my tongue. Obviously, I kept my cool and did not wince nor swear for the love of god. :rolleyes:
  • DJYDJY Posts: 31Member happened on October 29 at school. My close cousin/friend/sister was going to move. And I promised myself that I wouldn't cry at school...
    But then I ended up crying at school, he was on of my cousin's close guy friend.
    He thought it was his fault, until he found out....

    He got teary with me, but did not cry. Instead of avoiding me like he usually do when I'm sad. He tried cheering me up with a Hug.
    Didn't go so well....

    I am NEVER going to cry EVER again in front of my friends and my crush. So embarrassing! lol
  • myGLAMrocksmyGLAMrocks Posts: 457Member


    It was lunch time and I was eating my hard taco when I saw my crush and his friends sitting at a table across from me. I couldn't stop starring at him then all of a sudden I saw him and his friends laughing at me. I finally looked down and saw all of my taco crumbled on my shirt and pants. :(
  • chocobofan4chocobofan4 Posts: 70Member
    I ran into the dentist.

    Yep, nothing like walking out with your mouth all numb and not even being able to smile without feeling dumb.
    (cause it's super awkward to talk when you can't feel your mouth ya'lnow?)
  • Sugui.Sugui. Posts: 27Member
    It was in our Religion class.
    He was in front of me. Our teacher gave us a seatwork.
    While i was answering i was listening to music. I know the teacher was looking at
    me but i didn't mind it, because a lot of my classmates were doing the same.
    Then my teacher just went in front of me and took the itouch by force.
    I was so shocked and so embarrassed. My crush just laugh at me and said stupid things.
    HAHA ~~ he was kind of rude but he's still so very cute.
    ♥ T W I T T E R || â™¥ F A C E B O O K 
  • SyndreamerSyndreamer Posts: 31Member
    I rarely take my crush out to pizza places..because I hate it when the stringy cheese happens to cling to the parts of your face and it looks awkward. She refuses to take me out to a very fancy restuarant even with me paying because she's a messy eater. I mean I really never knew how messy sushi can be until I met her.
  • yulia.yulia. Posts: 113Member
    edited December 2010
    One time, I was so nervous because a good looking guy from my class decided to sit on my table in the school cafeteria, along with my friends. So when I approached the table, I was so nervous that I dropped my food, had to run back to the front of the cafe to get napkins, cleaned it and then decided to go buy another plate with an awkward laugh. It was a super awkward situation and my friends were just laughing hysterically at me.

    Another one was when I was wearing a white cardigan (which I didn't wash from the last time I wore it/lazy) and I forgot I got a hair cut the last time I wore it. He then pointed out to me that I was "shedding" hair all over my back, turns out it was the snippets of hair from my last hair cut covering the back side of the cardigan. My friend laughed because my haircut was a week ago and I still haven't washed my cardigan. SO EMBARRASSING LOL.
  • SquintySquinty Posts: 165Member
    edited December 2010
    Be prepared, I remembered having a crush on one of my distant cousins and I was like.... 10 or something back then, way of interest was trying to act cute cause he was cool and had  motorbicycle and stuff and guess what I did (considering the fact I was an 9-10 yr old) I ran up and down the mini ramp that was outside the house until I fell on my butt and it hurts for like more than 2 months. @____@ and yeah...he laughed with his motor friends

    My mom kept telling me of how I acted in front of my (same) crush....I wore lipstick and makeup and ask him: "Hi darling, do I look beautiful?" I was...6-8....
    And later When I was in school.... 8-10 yrs old:

    I had this crush on a guy who helped me on my feet when I instantly ZAP and afterwards I tried to show off by jumping over a pile of bags, to only find myself scrape my knees and get haertbroken LOL....

    I realised that I acted like a guy, considering that I was trying to impress...but im not alone ; u ;
    >w< ahahha
  • SquintySquinty Posts: 165Member
    There's this one time...
    I get really absent minded and it was during class, I asked the teacher for the bathroom and then...
    I went in the hallway and went into the bathroom. Little did I know, it was the guys' bathroom....and guess who I found?
    My brother.....
    *cough* it's just as embarrassing when you do a stupid thing in front of your crush .... :D
  • porkiebunsGRLporkiebunsGRL Posts: 5Member
    ummmm... one time my crush asked me why i was always doing embbarrassing thing in front of him

    he was like, " ___ , why do you always do embarrassing thing everytime i see you" n he imitates me :wub:
  • Rainie YuRainie Yu Posts: 1,041Member


    this guy who doesn't really know me know me (but I know him...HEHE just kidding I see him around..hes a senior so hes leaving soon T^T)
    he walked by my locker and two of my friends were with me so I started wisper-screaming and hopping and I turned around and he was standing like 3 feet away...So I quickly changed the name and subject I was screaming to "i have to pee! pee!"
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