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High School Makeup?

FunmeeFunmee Posts: 1Member
what type of makeup do u wear?brands?style?
How much makeup do you wear to school?Do you wear any at all?What brands do you like the most? also post makeup looks and pictures!(:
heres the makeup look i usually go for


  • CelestraCelestra Posts: 131Member


    I typically only wear concealer to cover up my dark eyebags which are due to lack of sleep. I used to not wear anything until I was told day after day that I looked like a zombie, to the point where it actually got annoying lol. =__= My main focus in HS are grades, so as long as I look presentable I tend to not care too much about my appearance.

    I guess another factor is that I basically oversleep every morning so I don't really have time to do anything to my face anyway haha.
  • Posts: 513Member


    we had a no make up policy back in high school, not that it stopped anybody from wearing any, but if the teachers caught you, they would whip out some makeup remover from god knows where and you're asked to wipe it all off.  It's funny when they come back from the toilets and their skin is all pasty..... so different from their usual made up look! 

    But anyway, when I went to high school, I usually just wore some mascara.

  • kath (^___^)kath (^___^) Posts: 155Member


    i really did not wear make-up on a daily basis when i was in high school. but on days when i did, i usually just put on some BB Cream, setting powder, a neutral colored eyeshadow, lipabalm and i just fill in my brows.
  • MarellyMarelly Posts: 9Member
    Well.. i go for a natural look... I only wear eyeliner and a bit os shadow like once a week...and the rest of the week I just wear lipgloss.
  • yameka218wennieyameka218wennie Posts: 2New Member
    i never tried wearing make up in school.... except when i was a elementary student, but those make ups were needed in the programs so even if i don't want, i still have to.. it's been almost 3 yrs that i stop those stuff...
  • johananv.johananv. Posts: 24Member
    Just eyeliner. I'd rather sleep than wake up early just to put stuff on my face.
  • achuachu A. Posts: 734Member


    Why do high school kids need to wear make up?
  • JiN.xJiN.x Australia, WA, PerthPosts: 174Member
    My high school has a no makeup policy rule but 88% of the girls still wear makeup. It depends on your head of year, seniors get let off easier because our head of year is a quite, nice guy. I didn't wear makeup until yr 11(this year), I wear concealer.
  • druelladruella Posts: 56Member
    I normally don't wear makeup. I tend to only get one or two zits at a time, and they're never that big. I just ignore them and let them go away.

    I have really sensitive skin, so sometimes I have allergic reactions to anything from a new face wash to a hair product. In that case, I use....

    Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and Microfinish Powder.

    It hides the rash for a few days, and then I go back to my normal, no makeup self.
  • Nova KwonNova Kwon Posts: 6New Member
    Thankfully I don't have dark circles or bags under my eyes in the morning, so I rarely use BB Cream. I usually just put paint pot primer on from MAC, in a pale color. Then I just do a thin line using my black liquid liner on the top lid. I usually leave the bottom lid alone.
    I sometimes do bright blue eyeliner on just the bottom waterline, and that on its own looks great. :)
  • vangmonievangmonie heylove Posts: 1,153Member
    i wear eyeliner (and sometimes colored contacts)... and i look like a troll who woke up and my hair is up and wacky. yeahhh... /tears. even though it's just eyeliner it takes me about twenty minutes to put on and get out the door. and my eyeliner isn't even straight most of the time.

    omg. don't laugh. but this is me a couple weeks ago... when i actually liked my makeup.
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  • WolleyishWolleyish SwedenPosts: 64Member
    I don't use makeup at school. I rather sleep :)
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  • green.teaxgreen.teax Canada/ChinaPosts: 1,124Member
    We're also a no make-up school, but it seems that most teachers don't really care. The most anyone would go is probably foundation, liner & mascara.

    I guess that being an all-girls school does contribute to the fact not a lot of make up is addition we're all maaad busy, so most of us just roll outta bed, put our uniforms on and go.

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  • liveforthemusicliveforthemusic Posts: 77Member
    my school has a no make up policy...and they really enforce yeah i rarely wear any anyway...i just put on lotion and chapstick...eheheh yeah
  • E.quinoxE.quinox Posts: 162Member


    Just BB cream :D and sometimes setting powder but that's it :) I think girls look a bit over done with eyeliner and blush etc just for school and idk I think this might be just me but I don't really want to look the same at school AND when I go out? Lol
  • NicoleNicole PhilippinesPosts: 9New Member
    We're not allowed to wear make up at school. But I like it better this way. lol
  • simpleangelsimpleangel Brooklyn, New YorkPosts: 2,095Member


    no limitations (except for clothes) in my school. a lot of girls in my school wear makeup, the usual eyeliner and mascara.

    I have never worn makeup before in my whole life.
  • yungaceyungace Posts: 24Member
    Chubby Stick and Waterproof Mascara! That's all for me! :)
  • GDZY.cookieloveGDZY.cookielove Posts: 610Member
    bb cream- ever since i found out about this stuff, i can never stop D: I usually wear it with powder everyday.
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