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Snail extract cream against stretch marks , acne scars , wrinkles ?

aaallleeeaaallleee Posts: 98Member


My mom has been nagging me for so long about the snail extract cream and its regenerative properties . She bought it and as soon as she started using it , the effects were so visible . Her skin had a really youthful appearance and radiance . I said i sould also give it a try , since i have some stretch marks . I started aplying it every night on those parts. The effects are really visible . I have been using it  for almost a month now  and i have to say my stretch marks are almost gone. Even the white marks seem to have faded a little bit. 
As for the skin , it really does wonders , but given it's properties , you have to exfoliate weekly . 
Has anyone else tried it ? What do you think of it ? ~


  • Brownies_4LifeBrownies_4Life Posts: 297Member
    snail extract cream? What is in it? I haven't heard of it, but im all ears for something that can clear up stretch marks. What brand do you and your mother use?
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  • aaallleeeaaallleee Posts: 98Member


    The brand's name is Herbagen ( sadly this is the only brand that has this kind of cream in my country)
    "Contains Poly - Helixan , a natural and ecological active ingredient , obtained from garden snail ( Helix Aspersa) secretion . The composition of Poly Helixan is an extremely complex one : allantoin , proteins , vitamins A C E , alpha-hydroxy-acids , mucopolisaccharides , proteolitic enzymes , collagen and elastin . "
  • dreamy21dreamy21 Posts: 859Member


    Oh yeah. Snail extract cream is the big thing in Korea right now.
    I haven't tried it..but It sounds good .

  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    Ohhh yeah Snail Extract was really big in Mexico years ago.. I would watch the Mexican commercials everywhere about the snail extract but I thought it was all poo. Now I'm a bit curious.
    I wonder where I could find some here...
    Feel free to follow. 
  • dy0wtx0xpxxdy0wtx0xpxx Posts: 451Member


    Missha has some on their site, though I've never used / bought it before.
  • Kitty07Kitty07 Verified Shopaholic AUPosts: 862Member
    Omg does it really work? I've been seeing them everywhere but too scared to think of putting something made from snails on me lol! Has any one else used it apart from the OP? :)
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  • hellcatcountesshellcatcountess Posts: 130Member


    Does anyone know of more popular brands that's got this product? And would this work on scars you've had as a kid? This is getting me really interested. Anything for the desire of getting rid of scars. :)
  • thoakunthoakun Posts: 22Member
    I want to hear feedbacks on snail extract cream. It's so big in Korea right now, Misha has some, I believe.
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