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30 day challenge

ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
HEY GUYS! just wanted to share this with you guys!

I follow bodyrock and they are having a 30 day challenge for May
They posted a fitness test yesterday and they havent posted today's work out yet so its not too late to follow!

I thought maybe we could motivate each other and share our scores with each other to amp each other up! :)

I ended  up doing both the intermediate and beginners bodyweight test

I started with intermediate because i thought it would have been a good challenge but it was TOO hard lol
I think to push myself, I'll still do both the intermediate and beginners work out throughout the 30 day challenge

Intermediate fitness test

squat jumps, 1/2 burpee 13, 15, 13
superman push ups        11 11 18
elevated tricep dips        11  12 13
elevated knee abs          46 51 52

Beginners fitness test

squats          26 28 30
push ups      26 21 24
tricep dips    14 14 18
abs              42 51 49

good luck!

hope you guys will join in! ^^


  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Oh my! I was SO happy to see this thread lol
    This is great, I wanted someone to get through this with ^^ I will also have to start a day after though since they upload later in the day for me.

    Here were my scores:

    Advanced Level Bodyweight Only Fit Test

    1) Push-Up, Burpee & Tuck Jump - 13, 9, 14
    2) Push-Up With Jump Out Legs - 13, 14, 12
    3) Elevated Tricep Dips - 14, 17, 22
    4) Bike Abs L & R, Reverse Crunch, Split & Touch Through - 6, 10, 16
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    edited May 2012
    nice numbers nameless! :D

    I didn't want to wait odd hours to wait for them to upload their new workouts so day 2 I did a rep challenge and bodyrock flow happened to be up so i did that too (WHAT A BURN!) 

    thursday and friday, i  had dance lessons and also breakdanced at home (waiting to get behind bodyrock so I can do the work outs daily in the mornings)
    Saturday/Sunday active rest days (breakdanced)

    Thus, day 3 today ^-^

    here are my scores (with alterations)
    touch downs         48 52 44
    regular push ups  20 25 20
    crunches              43 50 49
    v-sit pulses           30 29 30   (alternated sides- right, forward, left)

    SCULPT WORKOUT (with total weights used)

    bicep curl and press (20) 10
    shoulder press (20)         12
    squats (20)                       16
    triceps (4)                         20
    round the world (4)          9
    upright row(20)                14
    bent over row (4)             18
    abs                                   48

    And I will be breakdancing again before going to work ^^             


    I just thought I'd share..
    I had been stuck at 135 lbs forever though I had been slimming down (i started excerising/eating healthier dec. 2011)
    2 weeks ago, I weighed 133
    I checked my weight this past saturday and i now 128 lbs! :D
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Nice! It seems like we are the only ones doing this? Haha that's too bad :(

    I started the challenge a day after so that I could do them dailyas well. So my rest days are sunday and tues. Sometimes during the week Ilike doing Zuzana's(original female host) workouts too since she is finally back! Her youtube is zuzanalight btw ^^

    I need to get heavier weights. Atm I only have a setof 5lbs and one 8lb >>


    Day 3:

    Touch Down’s - 54, 55, 53
    Spider Push-Ups - 16, 16, 17
    Tuck Abs - 18, 20, 19
    Hanging Knee Raises - 25, 28, 30
    I have neither a dip station or a pull up bar T^T So I just did leg lifts on the mat.

    Bodyrock Sculpt:
    I only have 5lb free weights

    Bicep Curl & Press - 18
    Shoulder Press - 23
    Squats - 25
    Triceps - 24
    Round The World - 8
    Upright row - 19
    Bent Over Row - 27
    Abs - 13

    DAY 4:
    1) Prisoner Squat Jump & Elbow to Knee Touch - 32, 31, 31
    2) 10 Mountain Climbers, Clean & Press & Squat & Press – 4, 4, 4
    3) Squat & Front Raise – Using The BodyRock Equalizer - 20, 21, 20
    4) Under Touch Toe + 2 Elbow 1/2 burpee Jumps - 10, 10, 10
    also completed sculpt (used lightweights for this (8lbs)) & Flow

    Will do the next one later this afternoon~
    And lisa posted a diet guideline for the challenge on her fb, will yoube following that? I would like to :)
    Your little edit was really motivating btw :D

    For me, I have never been the skinny one, just the average one with meat LOL
    I have never been above 125lbs but I have always had that layer of fat over top. And my problem area is probably my stomach, there isn't anywhere else that I am worried about. I really want to reach the point of being my best physically, so that is my goal!
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    I know right? >.< but its okay! We'll be rockin out bodies during summer! >=D

    And I LOVE zuzana! Im so glad you told me about her! I will be following her workouts as well!

    I'll do one when I get home and post my results tonight :)

    And I have the same issue as well..just a pair of 10 and 2 pound dumbbells lol

    And no, I won't be following her diet guidelines. I kinda wish I could, but I like what I'm doing with my eating habits right now.

    Ever since I was little, I've always been greedy and gluttonous (is that a word? Lol) especially with the junk food. I always had the urgency to eat as much as I can before my sisters could get any >.< lol

    I was never fat though. I was athletic and though I may have been thick, I was muscular and toned. (What ruined my body was my pregnancies)

    So in terms of dieting, I have been trying to eat every 3-5 hours. If I can't because of whatever reason, I would drink a bottle of cold water (ppl say to eat every 3-5 hours to speed your metabolism, drinking cold water uses metabolism so I do it as a temporary fix)
    I've also been eating more "colorful" too. More fruits and veggies.
    I have NOT cut down on junk. I eat it whenever I feel like it. BUT, idk why, my body doesn't crave often. But when it does kick in, I'll look at the serving size and eat half the amount. I'll so chew it and take my time eating it, enjoying each bite to satisfy my craving.
    Thi has been working well for me. I'm not taking anything away from myself that I enjoy eating but I'm automaticially eating better.
    I tried cutting back on processed food but that pretty much includes everything I eat: cereal, granola bars, yogurt, etc. Maybe when I master kitchen
    So I try to avoid every diet plan offered to me...xD

    But they always do have great recipes and goodfood choices so it wouldn't hurt to follow!
    You can also find some simple recipes from

    I get my fruits and veggies from there and occasionally meat.
    And I've made quite a few dinners for my husband from the website and he loved them ^^
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    I didnt get to do zuzanas work out yesterday :( Maybe I will on the bodyrock's day 4 KILLED me haha

    Scores:(I used a backpack with a couple text books for number 2 and a pair of 2lb dumbbless for number 3; not sure how much my backpack weighed)

    1 Prisoner Squat Jump & Elbow to Knee Touch - 28, 25, 27
    2 10 Mountain Climbers, Clean & Press & Squat & Press – 3 4 5 
    3 Squat & Front Raise  24, 18, 20 (7 with dumbbels and the rest without cuz it was getting hard)
    4 Under Touch Toe + 2 Elbow 1/2 burpee Jumps - 4 4 5

    The sandbag work out time: 16:33 (I used my backpack)

    Ab routine:

    Regular pushups 23
    mountain climbers 54
    star push ups 12

    bodyrock flow:

    12 reps of plank- knee to forehead crunch
    30 seconds of side plank
    12 reps of plank-knee to elbow crunch
    both sides, just one set

    I'm pretty much dead right now..x.x" (what a good work out though! :D )
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    edited May 2012
    I was so happy to find her again too! haha I like how she does most if not all the moves using only body weight.

    And that is good that what you are doing now is working for you (: I need to eat my food more slowly, I always just down it LOL And I also eat every few hours, or when I am hungry and my body needs it. I also have restrained myself from consuming too much carbs, which is the hardest part >.<

    Soo here are my recent scores:
    Week 2 Day 1:

    1) 1 Arm Switch Sandbag Swing ( Alternating Left & Right Arm ) - 27, 28
    2) 10x Crab & 10 Mountain Climbers - 3.5, 4
    3) Squat, Sandbag Side Lunge (Left & Right Alternate) - 7, 8
    4) Monkey Push Ups - 18, 16
    5) Plank, Double Jump & Drag the Bag – Using the Pink Sandbag - 7, 7
    6) Elevated Push Ups + Left & Right Under Knee Crossovers - 7, 9

    Body Sculpt:

    1) Elevated Shoulder Push-Up - 19 (elevated on my knees)
    2) WoodChop Left – Using the Pink Sandbag - 12
    3) Single Arm Rope Pull & Twist
    4) WoodChop Right – Using the Pink Sandbag - 11
    5) Single Arm Rope Pull & Twist
    did alternatives for #3/5

    Also, I finished Zuzana's ZWOW #5 and did four rounds with her haha
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    Haha right? And I find her more motivating than lisa..dunno why lol

    Maybe you can write down a limit of how much you will eat and once you reach it, dont eat it for the day?? idk haha
    but I used to do the same thing, just horsing my food down like I was starving for years..-__-" It's embarrassing LOL

    I didn't get the chance to work out yesterday cuz I was busy from like 6 am to 930 pm =.=". But i managed to find the time to breakdance ( i can never skip my training sessions xD) so it wasn't a total body relaxing day lol

    Day 5

    1. arm swing 25 26
    2 10 crab/10 mountain climbers 4 4
    3. squat, sandbag side lunge 13 13
    4. monkey push ups 13 16
    5. plank, double jump, drag sandbag 6 10
    6 regular push ups, left/right knee crossover 14, 11

    1. handstand push ups 12
    2.woodchop left 17
    3. butterflies with dumbbells 21
    4. woodchop right 19
    5. butterflies with dumbbells 25

    I also thought I'd share what I will be eating today just so I'd keep my word...xD lol

    breakfast: fruits (banana, apples, orange)
    snack: granola bar
    lunch: peanut better sandwhich
    snack: string cheese
    dinner: baked chicken with spinach
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Week 2 Day 2

    1) Switch Lunge & Woodchop - 20, 16
    2) Diagonal Knee Raise - 20, 20
    3) Power Jump, Push-Up & Toe Touch - 7.5, 7
    4) Pike Mat Jumps - 58, 45
    5) Pike Press & Knee Tuck - 13, 14
    6) Leg Swing, Back Lunge & Knee Lifts - 12, 13

    I didn't do the sculpt today because I did some pilates that focused on the glutes and it hurt too much to
    do these moves again D: But I did ZWOW #7 today too ^^

    It must help so much that you break dance! That itself is a good workout. I always wanted to learn back in HS where all my guy friends did that.

    Writing down what we eat is a good idea! haha It'll make me eat better so I won't disappoint lol

    breakfast: boiled egg (was in a rush and only had this)
    snack: orange, small box of raisins
    lunch: 2 homemade tortilla wrap (chicken breast, red pepper, avocado, onion, celery)
    snack: 20 almonds, 2 pieces of chocolate :P
    dinner: tuna pasta, salad, 2 gyozas :3
    snack: (I was hungry so I had a 3rd snack) greek yogurt&fiber 1 honey clusters

    And I have always loved tea, green tea especially(with rice grains!). I don't like pop either so that helps a ton!
    I think I ate a lot today =.=
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Today only had BR Flow so I did zwow #8 and it took me 18 minutes to complete. And my butt still hurts from yesterday's pilates T^T haha

    Flow: I am quite flexible but would love to do what Teshia is able to do!

    My diet today:
    B: cup of milk, boiled egg
    L: homemade wrap
    S: 4 gyozas again :X
    S: greek yogurt & granola & raisins
    D: 1/3 bowl of rice, kale, broccoli, tofu
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    So glad tomorrow is my active rest sore/tired LOL since i missed a work out the other day, i forced myself to do three rounds

    day 6
    1. Switch lunge and woodchop 16 20 16
    2. substitue: squat and leg raise (alternate legs) 30 28 28
    3. power jump, push up, toe touch 7 11 10
    4. pike mat jumps 40 43 55
    5. pike press and knee tucks 12 16 21 ( I started going them on my knees on my second round)
    6.leg swing, back squat, squats (instead of knee raises) 8 14 19.5


    1. side plank leg lift 18
    2. ab circle holds (with 2 pound dumbbells instead of ugi ball) 16 ( i think i did these wrong..? My chest hurt more than my abs..O_O)
    3. side plank leg lift 23
    4. ab circle holds 20

    diet today:

    I don't remember what I ate today lol I didnt really have time to sit down and eat so it was mostly snacking here and there throughout the day

    I ate a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast
    various fruits throughout the day
    and a cup of noodles for dinner..>.<"

    I don't understand how you do bodyrock AND zwow lol

    zwow looks soooo hard haha and i already know bodyrock is hard so to do both in one day?! haha

    I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow though >=D
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Sometimes I just feel really pumped to do both haha Especially since the weather here is finally starting to look like summer!

    Yesterday I ate horribly. There was a little party my parents had and it was potluck style.. plus 3 large pizzas, pop (I drank ginger ale instead of coke :P) and the most delicious homemade coffee cake ever. So~ I knew that my diet would be bad xD

    Week 2 Day 4/5:
    I already did these a few days ago. I accidently deleted my scores though T^T For now though, I will be doing zwows until they post up the next one :)

    Have you had any progress yet? I feel my tummy getting flatter and always getting stronger is evident. However, I need to put more effort into my diet... haha
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    edited May 2012
    Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting my diet during my rest days..I got really sick over the weekend and I'm just starting to feel ok...enough to squeeze in the bodyrock flow and zwod #1 before the day officially ends (its 10:21 over


    As far as I remember, on saturday. i ate my usual stuff..fruits, peanut butter sandwhich, etc and made homemade baked chicken tenders for dinner
    Sunday my hubby stayed home to take care of me..and..well..his idea of helping me feel better is feeding me pizza, corn dogs, cup of

    Today, I didn't eat much because I lacked the appetite and the energy to actually prepare something..I ate 1 corn dog and a cup of noodles..x.x"

    wasted calories *sigh*

    and its totally okay to devour a whole bunch of food once in awhile! :D lol it's good to put your sped up metabolism to work.. :P

    In terms of progress, I definitely feel stronger. Especially my back, doing all those push ups are hardest on my back than my arms, chest, or abs and my back is more stable now :D lol my hubby says my legs got slimmer too. I'm still fatty around my waist though but I do see a "definition" its not all big, round, and flabby. but you can see the separation between my "gut" and..waist..? idk if that made any sense but to summarize it better, my waist got slimmer lol

    I'm so excited to take the fitness test to see the improvement...xD

    I'll come back and edit in my zwod time! ^^

    k..i got 17:11

    3 rounds of zwod#1

  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    edited May 2012
    here's my day 8:


    1. touch downs 50 56 53
    2. 10 crap&10 mountain climbers 3.5 4 4
    3. push up, burpee, toe touch 8 8 8
    4. sandbag shoulder lift&side lunge 12 17 13


    1. squats with backpack 23
    2. bent over row with 5 pound dumbbells 20
    3. woodchop left w/ backpack 14
    4. woodchop right w/ backpack 15

    my diet plan for today:
     breakfast: cheerios with soy milk and a banana
    snack: almonds
    lunch: sandwhich with mustard, whole grain bread, spinach leaves, turkey, and cheese
    snack: fat free yogurt
    dinner: maybe baked chicken? lol i suck at deciding what to eat for dinner..x.x" lol

    definitely feeling better today but started feeling light headed in the middle of my work out

    hoping to get a good rest during the day cuz my friends and I are supposed to go check out a new bboy spot to train at >.<

    btw, I just checked out your blog and i love it!

    Do you have a youtube channel as well? ^^
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    ahh..i was soo sore when i woke up this morning..its a good, painful feeling lol

    I added the optional 3rd round.
    since I was sore, I did the first 2 rounds slowly, feeling the resistant just slightly pushing as many reps as i can.
    Third round I pushed myself to do as many reps as i could

    So here's my day 8

    BURN (alternatives are in parenthesis)

    1. push up, toe touch, jump burpee 7 7 10
    2. pike mat jumps 34 43 57
    3. swing, lunge, (squats) 14 16 20
    4. push up toe touch, jump burpee 7 9 12
    5. pike mat jumps 35 26 60
    6. plank, 2 jumps, bag drag 6 4 8
    7. (crunches) 44 45 55
    8. (v-sit pulses) 18 26 39


    1. bicep curls and shoulder press 11 (with 10 pound dumbbells)
    2. should press 12 (with 10 pound dumbbells)
    3. round the world 6 (with 2 pound dumbbells)
    4. upright row 13 (with 10 pound dumbbells)

    diet plan:

    I ate an apple, banana, and 2 high fiber granola bars and some blueberries (can u figure out why? LOL)

    i know im gonna be busy today so i dont really have anything planned to eat.. :/

    so goal for today will be portionizing and trying to at least nibble on something every 3-5 hours, drink plenty of water and fuel on gree tea (my drug as well LOL can't function without it!!)
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Wow aren't you consistent :D
    The past 2-3 days have been horrible for me exercise AND diet wise T^T But I am back on track for sure this time. There are no more temptations and I got myself a bikini which motivates me even more LOL

    I did the fit test again today and my scores are:

    1) Push-Up, Burpee & Tuck Jump - 13, 12, 11

    2) Push-Up With Jump Out Legs - 17, 15, 15

    3) Elevated Tricep Dips - 17, 17, 18

    4) Bike Abs L & R, Reverse Crunch, Split & Touch Through - 12, 12, 13

    So I have improved ^^ Sweating bullets now too as I just finished it!
    I want to finish off the day with some pilates, no zwow today haha
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    edited May 2012
    Haha, you jinxed me! I ate really poorly yesterday and today >.<" yesterday, turns out, stuff got cancelled so I had plenty of time to eat BUT I was invited to lunch at a buffet with friends and dinner with my parents so..yea..didnt really portionize..x.x"

    Today was okay until dinner. Ate fruits, cheerios, vegetables, etc..but dinner came and my hubby wanted some chinese take out..and usually im good at portionizing and saving some for the next day but for whatever reason i forked almost all of it down..:(

    i did the fit test this morning.
    It was hard since I was sore all over and got bruises from breakdancing on my shoulders, back, and knees...x.x

    my scored improved VERY LITTLE lol
    I feel like maybe they could've been better if it wasn't for the

    Beginners fit test

    1, Squats 28 34 35
    2. push ups 28 25 29
    3. tricep dips 14 15 22
    4. crunches 55 57 56

    The third round, I switched the order of tricep dips and crunches cuz my arms were screaming and did the push ups on the third round on my knees.

    I'm thinking on the 3rd fit test, I'll do it after my active rest days..x.x" lol

    btw, nice improvement! its really significant! >=D
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    edited May 2012
    Hahaha I jinxed you? x) Well, those days pop up once in a while >.< But we just need to get back up! And yes yes, doing a fit test while sore doesn't help much :P But being sore and still seeing improvements is still super good!

    Week 3 Day 3 Scores:
    I was a little sore from yesterdays fit test, didn't stretch enough (-.–)

    1) 1/2 Burpee, Star Jump, Burpee – 23, 23, 24
    2) Elevated Push Ups & Tricep Dips – 8, 10, 9
    3) Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat – 20, 18, 19
    4) Wide Leg’s Touch Toe Abs – 19, 19, 20


    1) Low Squats – forgot to count :P
    2) Punch Abs – 23
    3) Touch Ball Squats – 50

    And for the flow I did each one for five breaths and did some extra stretching. I did a short zwow today as well (#9, 10min) and was TIRED. So I had a longer stretch and just relaxed.

    My diet today:

    B: plain oatmeal + strawberry flax seeds (all together about a cup)
    S: greek yogurt(1/3 cup) + bran cereal(1/2 cup)
    L: homemade chicken veggie wrap
    S: cherry tomatoes + grapes
    D: veggie burger & broccoli
    junk for the day (lol): 21 purple yam chips :3 Yep, I only ate the one serving :o Something I could never do haha
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    so, I'm giving myself a 3 day active rest cuz I am just..sore, tired, and bruised...Dx lol

    Here to update with my diet plan:


    breakfast: cheerios and 2 apples
    snack: baby carrots
    snack: baby carrots
    dinner: I'm gonna skip dinner or snack on some yogurt


    breakfast: cheerios
    snack: baby carrots
    lunch: boiled eggs (no yolk) and maybe some chili
    snack: apple
    dinner: skip it or baby carrots/yogurt.
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    day...i lost count LOL i think its 10 lol

    1) 1/2 Burpee, Star Jump, Burpee – 15, 17, 20
    2) Elevated Push Ups & Tricep Dips – 8, 9, 9
    3) Sumo Knee Touch & Front Raise & Squat – 21, 20, 18
    4) Wide Leg’s Touch Toe Abs – 17, 21, 22

    1) Low Squats – 27
    2) Punch Abs – 25
    3) Touch Ball Squats – 31

    im ready to pass out hahah
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    Ugh, I missed two days! But I am back!
    These days I am overwhelmed by stress, but I'll use these workouts as a way to relieve myself too. *sighh*

    Week 3 Day 5:
    I only did 2 sets of each couplet, was feeling a little tired today, didn't have a good day either T^T

    Couplet 1:
    1. Towel Plank Drag & Push-Up - 16, 11
    2. Bicep Curl & Low Jacks – 19, 22

    Couplet 2:
    1. Stand Crunch & Jump – 7, 8
    2. Wide Grip Pull – Up & Bicep Curl – 9, 10

    Couplet 3:
    1. 10 X Mountain Climbers + Clean & Press & Squat & Press – 4.5, 4
    2. 3 Point Plank Jump & Surfer Jump Turn – 7, 7


    1) Low Squat & Side Lift – 10

    2) 1 Leg Push Up – Alternate between Left & Right Leg –18

    3) 1 Leg Lunge & Knee up with Side Row – Left Side – 12

    4) python pushup & regular pushup – 16

    5) 1 Leg Lunge & Knee up with Side Row – Right Side - 15

    For #4 I did those two pushup instead because I do not know where my yoga ball is >.>

    I also did an extra 10 minutes of abs.

    B: plain oatmeal & milk - 1 cup serving size
    L: homemade wrap
    S: greek yogurt + fiber one original + flax seeds
    S: whey protein
    D: small bowl of homemade pho

    I will do one today and post it up later as well :)
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