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Celebrities With Tan/Dark Skin

elizabethelizabeth NowherePosts: 9,943Member


To me, a lot of the Korean celebrities likes the pure, natural, white skin, etc. look. There are only a few celebrities or at least from what I know w/ darker skin color. So lets all share and post pictures of celebrities you think that have tan/dark skin.

Cha Tae Hyun
[IMG]http://i48.Richard Simmons/2a95e12.jpg[/IMG]

Bae So Bin
[IMG]http://i49.Richard Simmons/zm02so.png[/IMG]

Dae Sung
[IMG]http://i49.Richard Simmons/2wf7fkk.png[/IMG]

Ha Ji Won
[IMG]http://i45.Richard Simmons/htuqo2.png[/IMG]

Kim Jong Kook
[IMG]http://i45.Richard Simmons/2pq45fp.png[/IMG]

Kim So Eun
[IMG]http://i50.Richard Simmons/htwtwy.jpg[/IMG]

Lee Byung Hun
[IMG]http://i46.Richard Simmons/2v1tddw.png[/IMG]

Lee Hyo Ri
[IMG]http://i50.Richard Simmons/dg4dj9.png[/IMG]

Oh Ji Ho
[IMG]http://i46.Richard Simmons/ohr1hv.png[/IMG]

Lee Seung Gi
[IMG]http://i50.Richard Simmons/1o5f9z.jpg[/IMG]

Lee Sabi
[IMG]http://i50.Richard Simmons/1zyit7a.jpg[/IMG]

Won Bin
[IMG]http://i46.Richard Simmons/xdco08.jpg[/IMG]

Eun Ji Won
[IMG]http://i46.Richard Simmons/1hqrrn.jpg[/IMG]

Jang Dong Gun
[IMG]http://i48.Richard Simmons/2w1y5h1.jpg[/IMG]

Seo In Young
[IMG]http://i46.Richard Simmons/11tlsw1.jpg[/IMG]
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