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Joint Popping and Cracking

Grey.DropsGrey.Drops United StatesPosts: 1,454Member, Friend of Soompi


edited April 2012 in fitness & sports
My joints have been making crackling and popping sounds since early childhood. It has totally ruined my chances of becoming a spy and/or a graceful swan. There is no pain associated with the noises, but the sounds get annoying sometimes. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any advice to give or solutions to stop the noises?

Edit: I've found out that glucosamine is supposed to help with joint cushioning, so I think I'll try it. :sweatingbullets:


  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    I have this too! In my right ankle and right wrist. It is annoying because there is no point of me tip toe-ing, so like you, being a spy is out >> haha. As fir my wrist, only when I flex and twist it does the clicking happen. I remember searching it up since I was afraid that there would be something wrong in the future. However, all I came across was that, if it doesn't hurt and causes no discomfort then there isn't anything to worry about.

    I would also like to know more about this too though.
  • junjun-xjunjun-x Posts: 85Member


    I have the same thing, but with my knees! I think mine has to do with the way my legs are shaped. OTL'''
    I would like to know more about this though!

  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    omg i hate it. my knees used to crack all the time. it wasn't until recently that i found out that it can actually cause an injury. i developed ITBS. i think it has something to do with my wide hips to the angle of my knee. it's awful.

    my hips also crack. but i think that's because i have been inflexible all my life.

    i probably should take some supplements but i'm horrible at doing it on a regular basis.
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    my knees and elbows crack often too

    I heard if you eat things like gelatin/things that have they jelly ish texture (including joint (?) from animals), it's supposed to help with your joints

    I eat jelly like a madman, but I don't know if it kept it from getting worse or made it better or no difference :/
  • checocheco Posts: 38Member, New Member
    That's not actually called crepitus.  Crepitus is a clinical sign of arthritis and/or fracture.  I doubt what you all are experiencing is actually crepitus, assuming none of you are older than 50.  I'm not sure the technical term of the popping sound described in this thread, but yes it happens to me too. Whenever I do push-ups my elbows make that popping sounds.   They're painless and I've had them as long as I can remember. Bothers me to hear it but otherwise they're just something gotta live with haha
  • LittlePinky82LittlePinky82 S<3NE Posts: 709Member
    Yes, my left knee does that too. The noise is very tiny though. I'm a criminal justice major so I still have a chance of being a spy lol. With myself I notice that if I work on my knee and keep it active it's fine. I also drink milk but I dunno how much that helps if any but working my knee for sure helps a lot.  My knee the bones just feel like they're rubbing together or something. 
  • paintyourxtargetpaintyourxtarget Posts: 211Member
    edited April 2012
    I've had that all my life, but.... it's painful :|. my hip socket pops even when I walk, and when I run it's unbearable (which is why I never exercise; I used to get away with it but it's catching up to me). my elbows click so bad you can hear it, and if I lift anything heavy they get 'stuck' on the whatever they're clicking against.

    I have a mean old russian doctor who says "YOU'RE ALIVE AND MOBILE, YES? IS OK THEN" every time I bring it up. so.. idk I've just been living with it.
  • xkatxrinaxxkatxrinax Posts: 136Member, New Member


    I have it too in quite a few places, especially my shoulders and where my leg attaches to my hip (thats a very loud one XD) it doesn't cause me any pain either. The popping sound usually happens when air gets into the fluid surrounding your bones in your joints and makes bubbles and its actually the formation of the bubbles that makes the sound not them bursting, I don't know how this works but thats what science says XD
  • LittlePinky82LittlePinky82 S<3NE Posts: 709Member
    ^Hmm that's curious. With my left knee it just feels like bones are rubbing together?
  • xkatxrinaxxkatxrinax Posts: 136Member, New Member


    LittlePinky82 wrote on 11 April 2012 - 07:03 AM:

    ^Hmm that's curious. With my left knee it just feels like bones are rubbing together?

    I know what you mean, I find it bizarre too XD, if your bones are actually rubbing together it would be very painful and cause swelling from bone fragments entering the fluid which causes the joints to lock up and work differently. It also causes long term problems. I know this because I have a problem with my jaw muscles on one side which does cause the actual bones to rub against each other, it causes immense pain sometimes and swelling occasionally but usually it just clicks constantly with pain and I cant open it properly because the bones have eroded. So it's pretty obvious when bones are rubbing and when it's just bubbles in the fluid.
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