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Where do you shop online?

for those addicted to online shopping
Hi all! One of my weaknesses is online shopping. I love, love, love to just surf the web and find cute clothes- especially when I'm feeling too lazy to go to the mall. My question to you is, where do you shop online? I want to find more sites, so lets share!

Here are some of the sites I go to. I like to go here for unique Japanese fashion and certain Asian fashion brands. I'm sure this doesn't need an explanation... This site is for cheap shoes and is overseas, but becareful, it is not HIGH quality. You just need to be observant of the photos before you buy. This site is always great for flirty fashion.


  • Lacey.Lacey. ♪♬♪♬ ♥ Posts: 414Member


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    Ever since I got my debit card I hate shopping at malls. There's so much more online to take advantage of than going out. 

    Some of my favorite sites are: my favorite but has become a seriously bad addiction. Their prices I compare to H&M or something like that. Not as cheap as Forever21 but not as expensive as some stores. The shipping is a bit costly however I find using a Korean Shopping Service saves me some money on shipping prices. They add new stuff daily so I'm constantly checking their site and falling in love with everything they sell. Even worse is that once an item sells out there's a good chance it won't be restocked (some other Korean sites might sell the item) so I feel as if I HAVE to buy it or else I'll be missing out if I don't. really similar to, I even see some of the same items on both sites from time to time. Their prices are cheap but their shipping prices aren't. it's okay. I used to love F21 but since I've found out about Zipia I don't bother buying much there anymore. However Forever21 is still my favorite place to buy accessories. If I'm at the mall and I go into F21 I only look at the accessories. I don't even bother looking at the clothes unless I find something I like online that I'm dying to have. & both are okay. I find some items here and there I like and I can always find discounts for the sites to save some money so that's good! I really like this site. Their models are beyond gorgeous and they have very unique style. Most items I think are overpriced but the free shipping on orders over $200 make up for it. I also love their nail polishes & makeup! I have an obsession for cute intimates and Aerie feeds it. If I go to the mall I always make sure to stop by and check everything out. 
    Others: has cute phone accessories, cute everything! Only thing is their shipping is $10 flat (which is insane to me) and their prices are a bit expensive. They have a killer sale section though! of course. I always find random cheapies on here and they have almost everything you can think of. Gmarket, Rakuten, Jewelmint, Taobao, Delias, & Alloy (great sale section). 
  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    Taobao. <3 Umph, it's like a black hole for my money though.
  • khwajakhwaja Posts: 6Member
    I think it's a good question but you should also ask how often do you shop on line ?
    From the day i moved in Dubai it was difficult for me to shop on line on ebay and Amazon.
    Mostly I bought books from eBay in good prices.

    Here in Dubai now i am using for my fashion needs.
    I do not think there are so many on line stores for clothing and shoes.

  • xox_Rose_xoxxox_Rose_xox Posts: 395Friend of Soompi
    Oh god.. online shopping.. my addiction for years.. All my friends used to make fun of me for it, but then they saw the light as well =p
    It's so much easier finding nice, and unique items online than in the mall.
    These are the places I find myself always going back to.
    Beyond the Rack
    Haute Look
    Jules B

    Please Support! =D
  • anlianli Posts: 193Member
    I'm a semi-obsessed eBayer...I don't think i buy *that* much stuff, but I love browsing!

    I like Yahoo Taiwan stores (especially Tokyo Fashion) but haven't ordered that much stuff because they tend to have minimums for overseas orders...and I've only made one order from Rakuten but I'll probably keep buying stuff in the future (I bought from a thrift store called WanBoo). 
    Asoya sells a lot of marked-up clothing from Yahoo Taiwan stores...ever since I realized that a lot of these places do ship internationally (or have TaoBao storefronts, so you can order via a shopping service and pay a lower markup), I've pretty much stopped shopping at places like YesStyle that mark the prices up ridiculously. And after a bad experience with the quality of wholesale7, I decided not to even bother with wholesale sites - I don't want my shopping experience to be like a lottery sweatingbullets.gif

    I just started buying some stuff from Abercrombie/Hollister this year because they started having better sale prices than American Eagle (e.g. $10 shirt or $15 hoodie with free shipping). 
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  • howonaholichowonaholic Posts: 6Member
    lol like another person has said, ever since i got my debit card .. all hell broke loose rofl

    - tumblr/taobao (fangoods ._.)
    - forever21
    - ebay
    - amazon
    - macys
    - yesasia/yesstyle
  • myGLAMrocksmyGLAMrocks Posts: 457Member


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  • rukiblastrukiblast Posts: 22Member, New Member


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    (Living in Canada btw):

    Regulars: (stay away from CatWorld products! I go for Click) (sometimes they have, on rare occasions, awesome clearance deals + >30% off = win) (I bought $20 skinnies from them once, but I don't shop here much anymore)

    I have tried: (shipping was super fast and I dodged tariffs on my $20 order) (I'm super excited for this shipment to arrive!) (ordered something last week, came in today -- crazy fast and FREE shipping) (when they had 30% + Free Shipping only)

    I love online shopping <3 
  • Pink_ParfaitPink_Parfait Posts: 8Member
    Asos has awesome clothes, and free shipping too!
  • StandingWaywardStandingWayward Posts: 81Member
    Does anybody know any good online shoe sites? I'm looking for white/silver pumps for my prom dress^^ Preferably inexpensive..
  • rit_chanrit_chan socalPosts: 281Member
    edited April 2012
    StandingWayward wrote on 09 April 2012 - 05:47 PM:

    Does anybody know any good online shoe sites? I'm looking for white/silver pumps for my prom dress^^ Preferably inexpensive..

    I like buying shoes from Charlotte Russe. They have a wide selection of really cute shoes at an affordable price. They have the best shoe deals/sales *-* Just got a pair of knee high boots from them online for only $10 during their happy hour sale this weekend :3

    Other sites I shop at:
    Forever21 - Lol I go on the Forever21 site religiously. I used to not like their clothes but lately they've been stepping their game up and their spring line is mad adorable <3 Also their clothes are so cheap. I love it.
    Ebay - Who doesn't shop on ebay? Lol
    Taobao - Oh yes. I go here to look for Liz Lisa imitation clothes...
    Yesstyle - I find yesstyle a bit pricey... but they do also have a good selection of decent priced clothes/shoes/bags so I like to shop here from time to time.
    Gmarket - Don't really shop here as much but I check it out occasionally :3
    Aerie - I love their bras/undies............... SO CUTE
    H&M - I love checking their website for their latest stuff. It's too bad they don't offer online services ;_; They really should though!! I would be all over it.
    Amazon - For electronics and such
  • -forever--forever- ♡我愛熊貓~♪♫ Posts: 441Member
    edited April 2012
    like everywhere~haha the deals always beat instore prices :P
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  • Lacey.Lacey. ♪♬♪♬ ♥ Posts: 414Member


    StandingWayward wrote on 09 April 2012 - 04:47 PM:

    Does anybody know any good online shoe sites? I'm looking for white/silver pumps for my prom dress^^ Preferably inexpensive.. has more than you can imagine. I used to love this store as a teenager since their prices are pretty good but as I got older my taste got more expensive >_> so I sort of forgot about them until now. You should check them out though!
  • miss.jmiss.j Posts: 52Member
    I love online shopping but aren't too familiar with the sites other people have posted here. I usually go to - they have designer stuff on sale everyday, and bootlegger. karmaloop is a good one too, for more funkier stuff.
  • xgreenteafrapxgreenteafrap Posts: 44Member
    I almost exclusively shop at and It costs a bit more than f21 and h&m but I find the clothes last longer so in a way, it kind of saves me money in the long run? (how's that for justification? laugh.gif) Look through the sites! The clothes are so cute.
  • sugarplum892sugarplum892 USAPosts: 10,892Moderator


    I shop at F21, sasa, and ebay for online shopping

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  • IrreplaceableSmileIrreplaceableSmile Posts: 68Member


    how good is the clothing quality of
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  • anlianli Posts: 193Member
    how good is the clothing quality of
    Asoya sources clothing from a lot of different brands (mostly Taiwanese) so the quality is variable. I'd say similar to Forever21/H&M (ranging from meh, cheap to pretty good).
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  • LadyWednesdayLadyWednesday Posts: 51Member
    OMGosh, I get my stuff online maybe 80% of the time now.

    My favorite sites:

    1. YesStyle
    2. ASOS
    3. Forever21
    4. AsianFashionWholesale (just once though, shipping is too expensive!)
    5. PinkyParadise (they have circle lens and makeup products)
    6. Ebay
    7. FreePeople

    I haven't tried Gmarket or Taobao yet, but they have such cute stuff for low prices. Thinking of joining survery soon though :)

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  • vureavurea Posts: 25Member
    For clothes I usually go to mall and outlets for everything else mostly and ebay
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