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Like why do you do it?

SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


edited April 2012 in general discussion
STOP like Dont do it if u dont know what UR doing
So like i have come across some posts that like R hard to read and like give most of us a hard time understanding what the person is trying to say like its quite a turn off 4 me to like see a paragraph that has like no punctuations like this one it like makes me run out of breath and like when i see a paragraph that has LIKE everywhere is so disturbing like where did they learn that "like" MUST be added 2 every 3 words like i seriously dont understand U all.

The issue: The lack of basic components to the English writing in the digital world; Texts, Internet, etc.
The questions:
  1. Does it not bother you to see such horribly written sentences?
  2. Has the digital world worsened our writing skills?
  3. Are people too lazy to think before they write?
  4. How do you think this will affect our future?

I blame it all on the Capitalist system. lol jk.
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  • MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member

    SUPERSTAR doesn't really make the sentence any less clear.
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,285Member


    Actually, it's a lot better here on soompi to be frank. That's actually one of the reasons why I prefer soompi forums... because people are much more articulate and use proper (or semi-proper) grammar and punctuation. There are forums out there where people don't even use capital letters - which frustrates me.

    To answer your questions:
    1. It bothers me, but honestly if I'm really that bothered by it I just skim or skip it altogether.
    2. Probably.
    3. Yeah, I think that's another factor. I mean .. if I truly think about it, I don't use capitals or proper punctuation on FB chat and considering that's where a lot of people 'chat' nowadays (I think hahaha) that might be why? If the predominant time they are typing without use of proper punctuation, and then they go on forums, they are probably less inclined to type properly.
    4. Honestly, I don't know. I mean, I'm pretty sure my generation (me included) don't have perfect grammar and punctuation skills either... But I do think it's likely to get worse?

  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    edited April 2012
    SunniRise wrote on 06 April 2012 - 05:49 AM:
    Has the digital world worsened our writing skills?

    What do you mean? I hardly notice a thing.
  • GreenTeandSASHIMIGreenTeandSASHIMI Posts: 269Member


    edited April 2012
    1. i h8 2 c sntences lookin lyk dis bc0z its so AnNoy1nG. I c4nt tek dem sriosly.

    2. The digital world hasn't ruined mine, but i actually don't even know why people type like that, is it like, quicker or something? Isn't it easier to type the right way of spelling things? And it makes you more used to typing your essays faster too! lol

    3. I guess.

    4. People who type like that probably won't be take very seriously later on in their life if they're used to typing like that because then they'll feel weird typing the way they're supposed to when it comes to more serious matters in the real world, like in a meeting or an email or something. U cant typ lyk dis 4eva.

    I am guilty of saying "like" all the time. Because on soompi, i usually type what i think and in real life i tend to use "like" a lot to describe what im' trying to say, like you know what i mean? I'm a girl too, so yeah, girls say "like" a lot more and in real life too lol sometimes when i have a really interesting story to tell to my friends i end up going like "AND I WAS LIKE, AND SHE WAS LIKE, AND THEN HE WAS LIKE,AND IT WAS LIKE,SO LIKE, I KNOW RIGHT?????? HAHAHAH!!!" but i say it that much times only when i'm really excited

    I can't help it sorry!

  • taaaaaytaaaaay exitclosed Posts: 590Member


    I do it because #YOLO
  • GittoGitto Posts: 40Member


    I haven't noticed how annoying is to read a paragraph with no punctuations until I saw the one you wrote. IT'S REALLY ANNOYING !!
    Fortunately, I hardly ever see people writing that bad in Soompi, there are some people like me whose first language it's not English and usually write sentences with some spelling or grammar mistakes, but never at the point of making it unreadable. Actually, there are some of us (peolpe who speaks other languages) who  write better than some English speaking people.

    This doesn't happen just in English, actually in Spanish some people (mostly young ones) usually add " ´ " TO EVERY SINGLE WORLD. And every time I see my facebook there are lots of people spéákíng thís wáý ánd íts réállý ánnóýíng. I think it's a way from us young people to express ourselves and try to do different things than older people do, just to have an identity as young people.
     The questions:<br style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; ">
    • My eyes start to bleed
    • I don't think so, I think the digital world has opened a new way for people to express
    • Yes, we are
    • I hope there will be a time when people think you're cool because you write correctly.
    <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  • NPB-XKNPB-XK Thread Hijacker Area-Sexy-One - MontrPosts: 5,222Member


    Pretty sure I don't run out of breath when I read those texts mentally...
    Maybe I've mastered my reading abilities... I know how to read this, I know how to read that, I know how to read like this, I know how to read like that. Sometimes you gotta rap with rhythm without losing your breath!
    "Like this like that like you like me like my status like your status like who like me like yo, like, like, like uuhhhhh!"
    A whole chain of "likes"... A world full of "likes"...
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,285Member


    ^ Lol.. I actually say "lol" and "like" quite a bit when I speak in real life! But I do get pretty self-conscious about it when talking while commuting, because all the older generations probably think I'm the biggest bimbo or something.

  • Icy_Icy_ Posts: 97Member


    edited April 2012
    Yes, it's very annoying! Obviously perfect sentences/grammar aren't needed all the time, but i like like being able to like read like a sentence without dying like inside a little you know 
    Caps (when used constantly) Richard Simmons me off as well, it seems to have become necessary to make it clear you're excited or whatever. Or using LOL as punctuation - though i think i've done this before: when someone sends you a message going OMFG I CANT WHAT IS THAT LOLOLOLOL I LOVE YOU OK you can't just reply something like "Yeah me neither, haha." YOU HAVE TO GO ALL OUT LIKE JSHLKJAASSD LIKE OMG. Otherwise i feel bad! D8
  • LoliTzAlLoliTzAl somewherePosts: 92Member


    • Does it not bother you to see such horribly written sentences?
    • Has the digital world worsened our writing skills?
    • Are people too lazy to think before they write?
    • How do you think this will affect our future?

    1. I wont argue on this but not everyone's mother tongue is english, Some people learned english through watching sit-coms and never had the oportunity to learn formal written english with proper grammar or writing
    2. I doubt it, I learned english by playing online games and I think my English can be considered quite fluent with just a couple of punctuations and grammatical errors that might be common yet understandable.
    3. Humans usually acts before thinking
    4.I got to add that seing the next generation and the way they write based on social media,Facebook, tweeter, youtube. Future seems awful I ReAlLy HaTe WhEn PeOpLe TyPe Liek ThIs. Its alright if its used on your username but typing like this is awful
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