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Chronic Headaches

FusionGT2FusionGT2 CowfunSan Jose, CAPosts: 4,787Friend of Soompi


what could be the cause?
So for the past month I've had headaches that come around from time to time and goes away. Its like a sharp piercing pain not on the temples but closer to the center of my head. What could be the cause of this? I usually just take advil to make it go away but the next day it would always come back. Its getting really annoying and Im wondering if anyone knows a way to get rid of it for good. Thanks.



  • itrayyaitrayya latchkey princess. California.Posts: 7,221Friend of Soompi


    about a month ago, i had the exact same headaches. it lasted for a whole month.
    i totally understand your pain. it's right in the MIDDLE of your head.
    no matter what medicine i took, it did NOT help at all. i just had to bare with it, it was horrible.

    initially i thought i was pregnant but tests were negative.

    i was scared that it could be a tumor.
    i was joking with my husband that maybe i have worms in my head!

    after a month's time, the pain just went away completely.
    i just blamed it on my health and lack of exercise?

    if you're still not sound about it, go get yourself checked out by a doctor.
    hope it goes away soon for you.
  • stylebubblestylebubble ????? ?? chuu ! Posts: 649Member
    edited April 2012
    don't take a pill, drink lots and lots of water. headaches are usually a sign of dehydration. or, if you're like me, stress is a very common inducer of pain. try to get adequate sleep (not too much, though), eat fresh food, reserve some time for yourself to relax... i hope your pain goes away soon.
  • lovekijoonlovekijoon Posts: 10Member, New Member
    Don't take the pills, drink LOTS of water, like the person above me said, headaches usually mean dehydration, so this COULD be a cause. Eat foods that are good for you and drink lots of water, and try to move around a bit, maybe some light jogging or something. I've had these on occasion where it feels like someone's jackhammering right in the middle of your forehead. Painful, yes, but they do go away. My first thought was internal bleeding in the brain, since I had a friend who died of that, but not to scare you or anything, I don't think thats the cause. Just try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you should be alright :3
    I hope everything goes okay~
  • bonsaiteabonsaitea USAPosts: 790Member


    You might bet eating too much salt and not drinking enough water.
  • SugarLumpSugarLump Posts: 96Member, New Member


    It sounds like you're suffering from migraines. It usually runs in the family, can be triggered by: lack of or too much sleep, stress, motion, heat, concentrating on one task too long etc. Varies from person to person. Mine started in the middle of one summer and had them since, you don't usually get rid of them with out migraine tablets, I had to try out different brands to find the one which works. When it's real bad, bright lights hurts your head more, I'd suggest covering your head under a coat or blanket or go in a dark room if you can. You'll need to cool down, open window or fan and think of nothing. If triggered by sleep or stress, I'd suggest taking a nap. You'll work out what triggers it after a while.

    See your doctor first, you might just be getting normal headaches.
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