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How do I dress up like a kpop star?

xCherryXSherryxxCherryXSherryx Posts: 154Member


It's for celebrity lookalike day
I figured that the best thing to go as would be someone from a kpop group since I DO have a bob with side bangs and I've seen many kpop stars with bobs. The problem is I have no idea how to dress like one. :/ I'm thinking of wearing eyeliner, these 4 inch heel boots I have, and that's about it.


  • YoliePYolieP Posts: 700Member


    Watch KPop music videos and get your ideas from them? Like watch SNSD's MV's.

  • hyominihyomini Posts: 17Member
    Why would you want to dress like one?
  • langleaflangleaf Posts: 2Member
    Check websites like or google and image search for korean trendy clothes 2012. :3
  • SHINeeShawolSHINeeShawol Posts: 5Member
    Well, for celebrity look-a-like day, your going to have to be really specific. Like the era, the song, etc. Otherwise you just look casual. Kpop stars dress like everyone else, but with slightly more expensive clothing choices.  So in order to look like one, check Music Videos, and study what they are wearing. You'll have to pick which artist, and what song from them first, though. I suggest something obvious, and uniform-like(So it'll be recognizeable) like SNSD's Genie, or Oh!
  • JennieeHunnieeJennieeHunniee Posts: 18New Member
    I don't recommend dressing like one regularly... Unless you wanna look showy and super .. o_o crazy(to a dance concert/contest is fine, I think). I recommend their regular everyday fashion though. Korean people are very fashionable! :)
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    she mentioned that it's for celebrity lookalike day... and i agree, in that case, it should probably be specific. my old boss did SNSD's genie theme and it looked really cute. i've also seen pictures of other girls doing it and i think in general it's a really flattering outfit, because they all ended up looking really good. short shorts, matching blazer (either white or navy), some military trim detail on the blazer, that hat, and high heels.

  • HeroHero Los AngelesPosts: 56Member


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  • LoSeRxLoSeRx Wonderful New York, New YorkPosts: 555Member
    Check out their airport fashion, it's more casual than their performance gears. Just buy similar things and work them out.
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  • moo_imma_fishmoo_imma_fish Posts: 142Member
    Have lots of money. LOTS. And I mean lots.
  • TacoTaco Posts: 22Member


    Um, don't you need to be beautiful in the first place to look like a celebrity?
  • racerjracerj Posts: 3Member
    I found the web store..

    What they saying is they make the clothes in Korea, so i think above is the place to shop that if you want to dress up like kpop star.

    But I dunno the shop is legit or not.

    I started topic about itsme style.
  • kfashionpluskfashionplus Posts: 26Member
    I guess your best bet is by start following blogs dedicated to your favorite idols. Then from there, one by one, start scouring for key items from they're looks. It could be balzer from a fan taken pic or a pair of shoes on music video. And then just mix and match. That's what I do!...
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