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March Soompier of the Month: BoAFriend

endeavorendeavor Posts: 4,019Administrator


edited March 2012 in rules, news, & feedback
Hello Soompiers,

"Soompiers of the Month" is our feature in which we pay tribute to some of our most dedicated and esteemed members! Every month, we will select one person who has contributed greatly to the Soompi community --  whether by giving people helpful advice, posting fun things for everyone to browse, providing entertainment resources when needed, or in other ways not mentioned. We will interview them so you can get to know more about these people whom you have probably seen around the forums. We will also give them a $30 iTunes or Amazon gift certificate!


For our March Soompier of the Month, our staff chose someone who has continuously provide advice and insightful information for members of the forum ranging from the L&R forum to the B&F forum and more. BoAFriend is a longtime member whose dedication to helping his fellow community members has made him this month's member of the month.

Congratulations, BoAFriend! Let's get to know you!

1. What are three words that describe you?
Helpful, understanding, compassionate.

2. What brought you to Soompi in the first place?
I had a friend in high school (motoway065, a Soompi staff member) who I got to know from the BoAjjang Forums I think it was, and she encouraged me to join Soompi, so I did.

3. What keeps you coming back to Soompi?
Honestly, Soompi is like a drug. Kind of like how we almost always sign onto Facebook now when we go online, I sign onto Soompi as well. I just really love how helpful, open, and insightful people are on Soompi. I feel you can ask anything and talk about anything, and there will always be members who'll keep the topic going.

4. What are some things you like and dislike?
I really like, as mentioned, the friendliness of the members. However, I don't like how some threads turn into full on heated debates between people - but then again, that's all common in the Internet world now, so Soompi can't really be at fault. Also, I wish there would be more ways to implement Taiwanese and Chinese music and dramas/movies to the forums or website itself- I understand Soompi is Korean entertainment based, but it'd be nice if we'd be able to see some huge "merger" in the future with other East Asian entertainment.

5. Name five facts about yourself that most of us don't know.
  • 1. I was born 3 months premature, the size of an adult's hand. No joke
  • 2. I'm allergic to dogs (however, my mom got a schnauzer last year and I'm actually not allergic to this dog. I think it's because schnauzers don't shed as much as other dogs)
  • 3. I hate mayonnaise, tartar sauce, and any kind of salad dressing (aside from olive oil & vinegar)
  • 4. I'm a boba and coffee-holic. I must have at least one of either everyday
  • 5. I was in a print ad for East West Bank when I was younger

6. What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going out shopping or eating. I'm also like many other Soompiers, I'm sure - catching up on dramas or watching variety shows online, or just perusing the Internet.

7. Name a random prize you won as a kid.
I was pretty artistic as a kid and I won a district-wide Mother's Day Drawing Contest in the fourth grade. We were supposed to just draw a picture of our mom portraying what she meant to us (I believe this is what the main idea was) and I guess the judges loved my drawing. Haha.

8. What's your biggest/proudest accomplishment?
I honestly at my age have not had much work experience but was recently accepted for an internship program this summer in Taiwan, so I'm pretty excited about that. I think considering how only 200-250 foreign applicants were selected, I think it says something so I really want to take the program as an opportunity to gain experience and perhaps make some connections for my future.

9. Favorite celebrities?
BoA (surprised?), Super Junior, Jay Chou, Rainie Yang, Wang Lee Hom. There are many more!

10. What general advice do you have to give to our members?
I think being open-minded and as helpful when you can to other members are two good points to start by. Your advice and experience can really influence or inspire another member, whether you know it or not.


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