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data usage on smartphone help

bbpanidabbpanida Posts: 231Member


Does anyone know how much data GPS app use? For example, if I use the GPS app on the Iphone4s..

Also how much data does the following apps use on the iphone:

+Bakery Story
+Words with Friends
+Draw something

I am going to use my smartphone mostly over wifi but when I am out and do not have wifi connection, I want to know how much data all of these apps can rack up.

Also does apps like Bakery story and facebook use data even when it is not open? I know that bakery story needs the internet to work.

One last question, if I am using the web browser and open and then click on an article and read that article and then go back to the main page, etc.. How many clicks does this count?
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  • .EpicLifeStyle.EpicLifeStyle Posts: 88Member


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    imessage, facebook, twitter and other applications like that will consume very little data.
    its games that connect via the internet to play (this excludes ones that connect just for leader boards etc) and streaming applications for music/video/etc.
    Verizon and AT&T both have mobile applications that will allow you to track your data usage. there's also third party applications that can pretty accurately measure
    your data usage as well.

    "Listening to Pandora for an hour a day for a month will use about 1.76GB of data."

    "Listening to Spotify for an hour a day for a month will cost you about 2.1GB of data."

    "Massively multiplayer games like Spacetime Studio’s Pocket Legends, for  example, uses data at a rate of 17MB every ten minutes as you play and  interact with others online."

    "In our tests, Hangouts used roughly six times more data--30MB per 2-minute session, in contrast to Skype's 5MB."

    Data Cost of Social Network Photo Sharing         
    // Twitter // Google+ 
    Uploading 8MB // 6.5MB // 6MB   Viewing 1.5MB // 0.5MB // 1MB
  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    Haven't played bakery story, or used gps but I really doubt twitter, Facebook and i message will use tons of data (that is unless you get picture/video happy with them)

    Draw something- I would just play that game over wifi... Your streaming a video basically every move you do / watch a move

    Words with friends-I really doubt it uses tons of data, I know several people who aren't on unlimited that play it all the time on their phones and so have I and I definitly did not go over or was near over

    To save data: (btw on android not sure if you can do this on ios) I turned off loading images and put add ons on demand; web pages load faster and my usage is lower ( seriously one month I was under 1 gb but then I became super YouTube happy and watched several videos and streamed pandora on the way home from a 2 hr car ride)
  • lalosokelalosoke Posts: 109Member


    using gps for 2 hours a day won't rack you 200mb per month.
    I use gps my gps or just leave on google maps(with location) for hours on end and i never hit 200mb.. avg of 3-4hrs/day

    those apps, if just used to view and not fully load images, you won't hit 750mb per month of usage... 

    I have 6gb and i'm having trouble hitting 5gb with tethering on.
  • dot1qdot1q The Mysterious One New YorkPosts: 2,463Friend of Soompi


    It all depends on what you do and how much you do it. 4g is awesome but the increased throughput can eat through your bandwidth like nothing. My friend just got a new tablet with a 4g connection and not realizing what kind of bandwidth it can pull, watched a few hours of NCAA basketball this month on hi-res and racked up 6 GB in ONE DAY. His 2 GB monthly allotment is $30 plus $20 on overage and all this in just a couple of hours. Cell phone carriers need to do something!!! Just providing 4G without the bandwidth allocations to really make good use of it is pointless!
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  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    Wait clicks? Err different website pages are more content heavy. Going to a page on Google web search is way less than going to any soompi pages. You'll have to assess by seeing the amount of images, plug ins and javascript on it.
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