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Dukan Diet

eightdoubleoneeightdoubleone The Maple LeafPosts: 80Member



So, I've been trying to lose a bit of weight for the past two months but have really struggled too and I recently became interested in the Dukan diet.
Of course, I don't want to be a yo-yo dieter and I'm not going to go crazy feast eating once I'm off it. (I'd try to maintain a 2000 calorie diet consisting of healthy foods of course once it was all over. I think it's silly to think that you can eat whatever right after as the diet promotes but anyway)

SO, I was wondering if anyone here on Soompi was on the diet too and how your experience was with it ?

If this thread isn't allowed, please delete. :( I tried searching for a thread on this but came up with nothing so I opened a new one.
Please, if you just want to bash me for being interested in this diet, than I'd prefer if you just didn't reply. Unless of course you're speaking from experience.

Anyway, any experiences shared would be most appreciated :)
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  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,095Member


    I've never heard of the dukan diet, so I looked it up

    not recommended
    it doesn't sound all that great, either. protein only?
    as much as I love my meat, in order for your body to function properly, it needs a variety of nutrients

    (can I assume you're female?)
    tbh, unless you're active, a guy, or big ..
    2000 calories a day is actually quite a lot.

    bmr calculator
    it's not entirely accurate considering there are people that can eat the world and not gain a pound, and people that can eat very little and still gain weight, but just for a general reference--
    at my height, weight, and age, I'm sitting at roughly 1300~1400 calories a day.
    unless I intentionally go exercise, the amount of calories I burn that day most likely won't hit 2000, so if I keep eating 2000 calories, my weight will eventually go up


    can I ask what methods you've used to diet before?
    did you exercise, eat less, count calories, be conscious of nutrition facts? how long did you last before you gave up?

    weight loss isn't just a 2, 3 month thing. it's something (depending on how much you want to lose) that could continue on for a while in order to see results, takes a lot of time and patience, and even after, you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    i personally think the dukan diet or any real diet is not going to work. it's not sustainable. i think the best way to lose weight is to eat cleanly and to get as much whole foods as possible. i mean the whole reason people are getting so big is because the portions are getting larger and larger and there's more crap being called food. if you just change that, you would lose weight automatically.

    you eat too much = you gain weight

    you eat too much crap = you gain weight

    you stop eating too much and stop eating too much crap = you lose weight

    you eat junk = you feel crappy

    you eat junk = you have no energy and rely on more junk to get you through the day

    you stop eating junk = you stop feeling crappy and you have more energy

    i don't buy into these fad diets.
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