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1TB Storage Drive

heyjustinheyjustin Posts: 115Member
edited March 2012 in general discussion
Hello all =) I am looking for an 1TB external hard drive to store all music, videos, tv shows and whatnot on it so in case my computer ever shuts down I have the hard drive with me no matter plus I can take it wherever I want and plug it in my HD TV or 360 to view videos and tv shows. There are so many of it out there and I want to know what is the best one to buy?
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  • orangemanorangeman Posts: 2,656Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    Samsung F3, used to sell for around $60-70 on average. Western Digital Black or Blue; Green is tolerable but I would pay more for something higher up. Prices are too high right now but if you need a drive immediately, go for the F3.

    I prefer internal drives + enclosures but you can find decent deals on those pre-built externals. 
  • Heaven11Heaven11 Posts: 78Member
    The one I have is the Toshiba 1TB StorE Art HDD, I've had it for a year now and have had absolutely no problems with it. I use it all the time to play videos etc etc so it's had some heavy use and still working like new. (it was cheaper when I got it, but because of the floods last year in Thailand where a lot of components are manufactured, prices went up and haven't yet fully recovered to normal levels).


    Be careful when deciding which one to get, many external hard drives require it to be plugged into mains, you'll likely want to get one that is powered by USB and doesn't need a mains connector.
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