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JYJ's Controversy against Sasaeng Fans; What's your stand?



  • S.O.U.LS.O.U.L saudi arabia Posts: 9Member
    Those stalkers got what they deserve. They've got too far, they need someone to stop them. I mean why on earth would a girl send her period blood to anyone. like seriously ! That's disgusting and gross. I don't understand sasaeng fans. To be honest, I've always had something against Korean fans in general because for how they go insane when an idol date a girl or have a girlfriend. Anyway I'm 100% with JYJ.
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  • ezracanilaoezracanilao Posts: 1New Member
    Instead of getting disappointed, I was more of like, concerned towards JYJ. I don't agree on using violence as a sort of retaliation, but have those people proved that Jae and Chunnie did really hit their fans? Besides, those are not even worthy to be called as "fans". I do think that sasaengs are some sort of mentally-disabled people. Stalking their idols 24/7 without leaving a room for their privacy is just not right and sane. Idols are not perfect. They are HUMANS who have limitations, and it's just normal for them to get mad esp. if they have lived almost a decade trying to get past these kinds of people. Let's be truthful and realistic here. Even just a minor thing can get us upset and at some instances, make us hurt/hit someone. The same goes for these idols. After I read here how these sasaengs disturbed TVXQ's private lives, I can't even imagine how they managed to live well despite of what these people have done. 

    At the end of the day, no matter what, I'll still continue to support our boys. A single mistake (if it is even real) is not enough to make me forget how they gave me so much happiness and inspiration through their music and other works. JYJ Fighting! 
  • Zee_933Zee_933 Posts: 2Member
    I cannot condone the actions of Jaejoong nor the saesang fans. As everyone pointed out above saesang fans are crazy but Jaejoong was also wrong to resort to violence. He verbally abused those girls and it seems physically hurt them. This is just as bad if not worse than the Yoochun situation.

    I do like DB5K and Jaejoong is actually my favourite. I am not disappointed but just saddened by the situation. I still like his tv persona but his actions do make me question whether I like him as a person.

    I am on neither of their sides. I still have a soft spot for Jaejoong but I cannot side with him when I am against violence .

    I still kinda hope it's not true though...
  • lixinxinlixinxin CA (US)Posts: 1,198Member


    They have no right to do this to stalkers? So what if they're "idols"? They're people. They have rights to be human. They get paid to sing for fans, dance for fans, sign autographs, and go on variety shows to entertain fans. They don't get paid to let fans follow them everywhere. They don't get reimbursed for every time some batsh*t crazy "fan" breaks into their living space, hacks their personal accounts, sends them threatening texts when they change their phone numbers to slip out of the grasp of said crazy fans, et cetera.

    Junsu's a patient guy but Yoochun has his limits and Jaejoong is a strongly emotional guy. He'd hate looking over his shoulder all the time. He'd hate having to run away over and over and over again. Wouldn't you? Normal people would, too. They just don't have to deal with that so they don't always empathise.
  • lailanieglailanieg Posts: 66Member
    saesang fans are just tooo much. there really should be a law to protect idols from saesang fans
  • TheMochiMonsterTheMochiMonster Posts: 10New Member
    This is really saddening, I seriously hope it's not true. 

    I can't condone violence, but I'm siding with JYJ. Even though they're in the public eye and their privacy is limited, that does not mean that harassment like that is acceptable at all. They're human beings too, not just idols, and they deserve respect. Sasaeng "fans" don't have that respect for them, how dare they even call themselves fans? 

    For sasaeng fans to do those sorts of disturbing things and expect JYJ to just take it is ludicrous. Of course JYJ would eventually lash out, they had it coming! 

    I just really hope this doesn't hurt JYJ in the long-run. They don't deserve it.
  • xeudaemonicxeudaemonic CaliforniaPosts: 1,142Member
    What's funny that those "fans" aren't even going to be phased by it. They got what they wanted from the boys pretty much, and everyone knows that this isn't going to stop them. The way they live and how they accept the fact their lifestyle makes me disgusted.
    universal support.
  • KrazimKrazim The Krazi Soompier SomewherePosts: 844Member
    Am I the only one who can see different sides of the story?

    My stance on this is going to be impartial. But I'm going to only lean on a bit of JYJ's side personally. But professionally, I'll be with the music industry.

    Sesaeng fans are typically like paparazzis (like how the article stated). "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me." (Lady Gaga) They're just like that. They are obsessed. Normal fans just typically fantasize of meeting their idol outside of the stage and screen. They want to know what it's like. Sesaeng fans do the same thing, except they go to the next level. I'm pretty sure they realize what they did when they grow up. That's what happens when you're some middle or high school student who becomes a delusional, psychopathic fan. You want to see them in their personal life. You want to be able to interact in it some way. Even if getting verbally or physically hurt, it'll still be seen as being involved in an idol's personal life.

    JYJ - I sympathize with them. It's really frightening to have someone chasing you everywhere, getting a hold of all of your personal and private things, and even doing really weird things to you. Sometimes celebrities can't even sleep in one peace, because someone might break in and be right next to you, watching you sleep. I would get really paranoid from all of this that I wouldn't be able to function. Let alone live in peace for a minute. So being able to lash out and use physical violence is probably the only way to push these fans away... if that works. Some fans are willing to still pursue in stalking you after that, and that's freakin' creepy.

    The response from the music industry or the person of the market of Idol Groups can be understandable as well. When you sign up to be a celebrity or have fame, you're literally selling your whole life. There is no privacy. Your life is monitored by the world, and everything you do is going to be watched by someone. Without these kinds of fans, you would not have made it big. I hate to admit that, but it's true. Why is DBSK the most photographed celebrity according to one of the Genesis Book of World Records? You can't possibly say that normal news reporters who spontaneously see these guys on the streets snapped a photo of them. It's the crazy stalker fans who do most of these. No celebrity actually goes around with no crazy fan or paparazzi chasing them. When you want fame, you traded your life. So you have to deal with it. It sucks... and you sometimes wonder why someone would want to be a celebrity. It's difficult.
  • nailbunnynailbunny YARRR USPosts: 1,318Member


    If you act like a (creepy, crazy, ridiculous) fool, expect to get smacked. That's my take on this whole issue. If these fans are as bad as they sound, my sympathy level is pretty much bottomed out.
  • oetoriaoetoria Posts: 2Member
    haydef wrote on 06 March 2012 - 04:31 AM:

    Although resorting into violence isn't the best option, I can't blame Jae & Yoochun for their actions (if it's even really them). Frankly, I would've done the same or probably worse if I were in their shoes. I'm not saying this because I'm biased, but it's common sense that every human being should understand (I doubt those sasaengs have any). I've also read that the sasaengs are willing to pay $400 for a taxi to follow them. What in the world?! Instead of stalking the boys everywhere they go & annoy them, they could've donated the money to those in need under the boys' names. I'm sure JYJ will appreciate that!

    I've to disagree with the so-called person in the market of Idol Groups. In any ways I can never understand why are sasaengs also labelled as 'fans'. Fans are supposed to support the idols & respect them as human beings regardless their looks, fame & talents. Sasaengs on the other hand are a bunch of selfish, psychotic people who think only for their own benefit & not caring about the idols' rights & feelings at all. Basically, I'll forever refuse to acknowledge sasaengs are also fans.

    Edit: Don't they've law against stalkers in S. Korea? O_o

    if the sasaeng fans really are mostly minors, then they would probably not be able to prosecute
  • JaehoJaeho KoreaPosts: 5,316Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    When I first heard the clips, I was pretty shocked. Junsu's clip was pretty short, but he kept calm and that's really admirable. You can hear the girls cackle and snicker when he's pleading them. Yoochun didn't surprise me for obvious reasons, but Jaejoong did. It makes you realize that these guys are human.

    I'm not going to mention any sites, but I can't stand it when people get on their high horse, throw cheap insults, and think they're clever by using ridiculous memes like "oppa DID mean it."

    The sasaeng "fans" that leaked these clips knew exactly what they were doing. I don't agree with hitting them, but they really don't get any of my sympathy. 

    Might as well just call these "fans" stalkers.

    Please read this when you have the time:
  • jisoljisol danger Posts: 2,458Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    I realize most people voicing about this are on JYJ's side, but I think this is still an interesting read (tumblr post clarifying what sasaeng fans are)

    another good post to read

    I wish fans. or just people in general can just understand and respect what BOUNDARIES are between fans and idols; like no matter what people have to realize that being an entertainer is just their job, just because society is this way doesn't make it OKAY for these things to happen, sometimes yeah, privacy and those situations are compromised because they are public figures, but that's only because society and media are goading this type of behavior and these mentalities.

    It sucks that the reality of celebrity life is this way, but I don't understand why people can accept it and brush it off with an easy "that's how it is" because what's fueling this type of behavior of sasaeng fans and what not is exactly this thought and "brush off". IMO idols shouldn't have to "sell their life" to become an entertainer, these boundaries and lines should be respected by media and fans alike.

    The only good thing I see coming out of this expose, is that all this media attention (even though it's deemed as a controvery) the fact that the issue has come about in a sort of a negative way for JYJ though, it's not necessarily a bad thing because this way even more people will be paying attention to it and MAYBE, through this; it'll shed more light on what idols have to go through and hopefully it'll change things in the future as to how things are handled regulation; so public figures don't have to be put through this.

    Reading all these articles is just :\ really saddening...

    eeek. rambled a little :\
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  • YoliePYolieP Posts: 700Member


    I don't understand how they can call themselves fans when they HIT them, steal their phone numbers, break into their dorms, send them their panties with menstrual blood, pee on their towels, and who knows what else!. This actually sounds more like hardcore haters than fans. If they were real fans and cared about them, they wouldn't hurt them just to leave their "mark" on them, stalk them everywhere 24/7, and leave those disgusting things in their dorm. They think their idols are gonna love them because of that or something?...It's obvious that they will think the worse of you and despise you everytime they see you. So, don't accuse them because they lost their temper one day and cussed a bit, or hit you a bit. Just because they are minors doesn't mean they don't deserve to be hit and cussed at. They hit their idols and do all those horrible things...why aren't they allowed to defense themselves?...Are they supposed to just smile at them and let them do whatever they want?...No. They need to defense themselves and teach those psycho girls a lesson. Just where the hell are the parents of those girls?...Don't they have to go to school?...Don't they have to be at home since they are minors?...

    Anyway, before saying it's wrong to hit them and that you are disappointed on JYJ first read about those Saseng, they are nothing to be taken lightly or something that can be get rid of easily. JYJ wasn't wrong at all to react that way. I support them and hope some legal action will be taken upon those girls.

  • BishieAddictBishieAddict Over the RainbowPosts: 4,500Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2012
    If people don't respect their privacy, then they deserve to be yelled at.

    I don't think it justifies physical abuse, unless they were defending themselves.

    Honestly, some of these "fans" should have restraining orders against them.
  • herfiaherfia Posts: 1Member
    I know hitting someone else is not right(dunno whether they hit the fans or not)... try this

    "I got this somewhere else from other fans"

    say it's you..

    there is a anonymous man following me around for 9-10 yearsThis guy sends me his underwear with his semenHe breaks into my house and feels my face and kisses me while I sleep

    I don’t have a boyfriend cuz every one of them gets scared the mini cooper out of

    When my friend texts me saying “when do we hang out?” He calls my friend asking “Who are you and why are you calling out ____?”
    I can’t take this anymore so I change my cell phone number. I get a text message. “you changed your number :)
    I went out to hang out with friends
    but the guy followed me on a Taxi and purposely crashes my car. I almost died.
    I tried being angry after getting out of the car, but all I see is the 
    man smirking. He goes through my closet and takes my underwear
    And when I’m not home he breaks in and takes pictures of my house and sends it to me. I go to my parent’s house, he follows.
    I somehow go on a business trip out of the country. This man follows. He 
    copied my phone and is constantly watching. If I try to become a member on a website, I’m already a member (someone used my social security number to sign up)
    This man just slaps me in the face for no reason when I walk on the streets.
    He also gropes on my breasts and touches my private space.
    This goes on for 9 years
    So I had a drink. And I walk out and the guy is staring at me.
    I already called the police, but it’s his “first offense” so the police 
    don’t really care. They say he did it because he loved me.

    TRUST me, I will buy a gun and kill that guy right away... (not that it's right,it will make me crazy if that man is around)

  • byakuciibyakucii Perth, AUPosts: 12Member


    In my opinion (as a fan of 5-6years), both parties are definitely at fault. But for me, I love them because of their voices I love them for their songs I love them for their performances. And nothing is going to change that regardless of what they do. The fault of this whole hooha is how the industry has created this "perfect" image of idols and thus people having crazily high expectations of idols. These people are not deities but humans. But whatever it is, my love for them is for their music so nothing people say is gonna affect me. The only sad thing is such news will affect THEM(JYJ) which may in turn affect their music production. And as such, I wish people could just let it go.
  • HanJaeEunHanJaeEun Posts: 14Member
    I'd have to agree with the general consensus here.. assuming this case is actually true and that we have all the facts, both parties are in the wrong. JYJ for not controlling themselves, and the sasengs for reckless, de-humanizing behavior.. But obviously one side is far worse..

    Over the years, JYJ has shown considerable restraint towards these fans. Especially with Chunnie and JaeJoong's emotions lately, the fans should be nothing but encouraging and supportive. I'm not really surprised by the boys' outbursts.. I am proud of them for holding it in this long! And so proud of Junsu for his patience. 

    People seem to forget that the boys are humans.. Idol status doesn't equal robot, no matter what SM tells you..

  • standwithcsskstandwithcssk Posts: 46Member, New Member
    orz sasaengs can't be considered as fans. they're actually more like..antis? hell who'd give blood as a present? and who'd hit their idols just to make sure the idols won't forget them? they had definitely lost their sanity.
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  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,960Member


    edited March 2012
    I dont understand this. Just like i dont understand when boyfriends/husbands beat their wives. I dont understand when child are hit by their parents.
    No matter how fans cross the line, stress them out, stalk them, go out of line or get weird with them, or irritate them to the max...
    for him to repeatily lay his hands on a FEMALE fan.. that's not right. I loved Jaejoong all my life. I'm not mad at him, nor do i think he is a bad person.
    But i won't make excuses, i want be in denial, and i won't support it. You guys are right, i'll never understand the stress they are going through,
    im sure they are annoyed, had enough and gone border-line crazy to deal with these fans. But NEVER EVER hit a girl.
    It's okay to be angry, it's okay to let it all out and swear! But Violence is never ok!
    Jaejoong is relatively active on his twitter... no updates yet.. i'm sure he wants to apologize but his agency probably thinking/planning of hiding it or
    forcing Jaejoong to lie (just like how they kept changing their story said the person in the video hitting the fan was not yoochun, but it clearly was), which im sure he doesnt want to do (still believing j is a honest person)
    Everyone has their breaking point.. if it was a male maybe i wouldnt care so much (sorry lol) but the fact he has hit many girls many times... its disturbing to me.

  • ignoremeignoreme EnglandPosts: 1,456Member


    edited March 2012
    Disgusts me!

    Just because they're celebrities and have the so-called idol image, it doesn't mean they're not's normal to get angry and go as far as using verbal/physical abuse. They've had these stalkers (i just cannot call them fans) since debut so DBSK/JYJ has pretty much suffered for 8years. There might be some people who think going as far as using violence isn't a option but before critising them for their action, think what you would have done if you were them...we don't know what it's like and we haven't experienced going through that type of stress/pressure. When JJ's got all this celebrity life with fame and money, I think it's rather upsetting to hear him saying that he would rather go to a prison and/or be enlisted in the army. ParkYoochun said (it's not in this artice, read it somewhere else) that he feels like being in a prison with no bar...I mean C'MON....seriously!!?? They literally seem to be ready to leave this life behind by the things they say.

    I'm not defending them because I'm a cassie but I think people will try to speak against JYJ simply for their use of verbal/physical abuse towards a female stalker. Personally, I think they (stalkers) should sort out their life and seek some kind of help ASAP. I'm not saying it's acceptable to use physically abuse women but the stalkers should have stayed in their limit..most of them are supposedly teenagers/high-schoolers so they should really be focusing on studies and staying at home - what in the world are the parents of these stalkers doing?? There are no mentions in any article about their parents who should be looking after their kids and keeping them home if they're still in high-school/under18

    I hope they recover from this controversy but I doubt this topic is going to end anytime soon.
    The cassies are behind you JYJ oppa & the 2 DBSK members AJA AJA fighting!!! :D

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