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Who's your BEST K-Pop Idol turned Actor/Actress?



  • asilirpaasilirpa Posts: 8Member
    Where's Kim Hyun Joong on the list? ;)
  • RatongRatong Posts: 1Member
    TOP :D
  • catherine anncatherine ann Posts: 154Member


    edited March 2012
    I think Rain is the best from singer to actor . . . . watch Sangdoo Let's Go To School and see it for yourself
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  • butwalbutwal englandPosts: 583Member


    UEE for sure is good at acting!! and I think Yoochun and TOP is good too..Others I could care less..I tried watching yoona but I dont think she is that good and Eunjung I haven't watched any of her dramas!! Which drama is she in btw!! But out of the list UEE is totally great she is not even my bias she is good at acting than being a singer!!
  • _ajakajak__ajakajak_ Posts: 156Member
    YEH, eunjung and uee...

    i tried to watch yoona in cinderella man, but i just don't like it and i could'nt even finished it...but i love her and SNSD tho...
  • the girl who!the girl who! #LeeMinJung ♥ PeruPosts: 32,413Member


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  • HanJaeEunHanJaeEun Posts: 14Member
    Chunnie~ :)
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  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,677Moderator


    TOP by far has been the best idol turned actor for me. I've seen his movie along with the other top actors, his acting was flawless and just so natural. Made me love him even more as a fan <3

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  • Francely6002Francely6002 Posts: 12Member
    Of course, YOOCHUN!!! wub.gif He always improve in every drama.♥♥♥
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    Watching TOP in the movie Into the Fire made me realize that he has a passion for TV. His ability to act was amazing that I learned to love the character he was portraying in the movie. When he ended up dying, I cried...

    TOP portrayed the boy so well that even my mother became a little fangirl herself after watching him. <3

    I'm not fangirling right now... But that movie really touched me!
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  • x_asianaddictx_asianaddict coconut pearl; pleeaaase. californiaPosts: 775Member
    edited March 2012
    The BEST is Choi Seung Hyun. The only idol to impress me so far. He made me cry in a theater! He has such bullet eyes and charisma. Into The Fire proved it all.

    Second, it would go to Im Siwan. He's new but left a very big impression.
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  • kapneemokapneemo Forever Cloud E.L.F Posts: 1,436Member


    Though I voted for TOP (I love the kid to death), if Lee Seunggi were on there, I'd vote for him instead =P They're both spectacularly talented young men though ^_^
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  • kaygeehkaygeeh Posts: 4Member
    TOP after all he had won an award for his acting. I felt his emotions in Into the Fire and he was a very cool coldblooded and ruthless assassin in IRIS
  • ayayaye18ayayaye18 Posts: 32Member
    for me. It would be TOP ,EUNJUNG and UEE. :)
    i really loved watching them. and i think uee is more great now on her acting skills. :D
  • biruCHOCOLATEbiruCHOCOLATE Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPosts: 129Member


    mannn.....why isn't lee seunggi on the list?....but still i choose TOP because he's always the best....Into The Fire was so deabak...crying a lot when he died....oppa chukjimasaeyo!.... :tears:
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  • nuizs87nuizs87 Posts: 8Member
    i would say park yoochun! he shows a very good acting in Sungkyunkwan scandal..actually even b4 that, during dbsk days.remember their short drama like dangerous love,unforgettable love,vacation & dating on earth? i think, he's d best in acting compare to others during that time & till now..i'm not being bias k..i love all 5 of them! hehe
    mayb next poll, u should include INFINITE's L/Kim Myung soo..he's quite good in Shut up! Flower boy too in while u were sleeping..yeah, INFINITE is my bias now..hehe
  • coolquezoncoolquezon Posts: 63Member
    Eugene of S.E.S. Yoon Eun Hye. of Baby VOX. Song Yuri of FinK.L. But base on your list Uee is my clear choice.
  • judy-altajudy-alta Posts: 274Member
    Park Ji Yoon For  girls
    and Eric
    New Idols
    Female  EunJung
    Male T.O.P
  • currysushi33currysushi33 GuessPosts: 357Member


    From the most recent idol- turned actors/actresses

    Actor: definitely Yoochun, followed by Choi Siwon and jaejoong

    Actress: UEE by far- (i have no idea why Yoona has more votes), also Eunjung I've enjoyed her acting in all her projects
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