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Fake Facial Hair Becoming Trendy in Korea



  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,617Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    Seeing some of these photographic examples, I'm not entirely convinced that this is all that great a thing.
    When clean-shaven, guys look pretty happy.
    But once you get these facial hair features, all of a sudden they look all perturbed and generally unhappy-looking.
    Somehow, they look like they aren't too thrilled about it.
    So what's the deal?  I thought this was supposed to make guys feel better about themselves.

    Jaeho wrote on 06 March 2012 - 06:23 AM:

    Yes, I looked all this info up. LOL I don't need it though (I shave). Actually, facial hair doesn't suit my face at all. :[

    Whoa, thanks for clarifying that.  For some reason, all this time I actually thought you were a girl.  [img]http://i41.Richard Simmons/n34xzl.jpg[/img]

  • miran01miran01 Posts: 6Member
    It looks kind of awkward to me since the color is off but, I guess it could look masculine if done right.
  • JaehoJaeho KoreaPosts: 5,316Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2012
    HERMIT wrote on 06 March 2012 - 09:41 AM:

    Whoa, thanks for clarifying that.  For some reason, all this time I actually thought you were a girl.  *quoted image*

    Actually, I'm just a very hairy girl. laugh.gif 
  • c.odettec.odette drifter CANPosts: 152Member, New Member


    oh now im confused S:
    e n t r o p y
  • HeartedHearted *Insert witty phrase* Posts: 1,001Member


    Well, this is interesting... Oh those Japanese inventions... Lol.
  • alligatortearsalligatortears <3 Posts: 2,206Member
    they should make something similar to this for bald men as well
  • faithpuppyfaithpuppy CanadaPosts: 1,286Member


    Well I guess it would be good to market it to people who look good with facial hair, but due to genetics, don't grow it well.

    Okay that sound confusing, let me give you an example. I think my boyfriend would look good with facial hair, but the problem is when he grows it out, it becomes patchy and the "bald spots" are rather noticeable. So I'd say this product would work to make the facial hair appear even.

    Or the simple solution would just be to shave it all off :lol:
    Visit my [411] [=
  • EmmiejEmmiej The NetherlandsPosts: 117Member
    Seriously, where in Korea can you buy that XD I want to give it as a present to a friend :w00t:
    image image
  • zantac_2zantac_2 sydPosts: 3,349Member


    alligatortears wrote on 10 March 2012 - 04:36 PM:

    they should make something similar to this for bald men as well

    its called a wig.
  • choimarket1424choimarket1424 Posts: 6Member
    edited March 2012
    I haven't seen the fake facial hair trend around Daegu yet. But regarding covering bald spots. There is actually a hair paint. I see the commercial on T.V. everyday. It is quite popular. Supposedly it's water proof. It's called "흑채" You can find variations of it on gmarket
  • snsd_foreverrsnsd_foreverr Posts: 232Member
    Im definitlly gonna buy this mini cooper. This is john teshing hilarious!!!

    I've always wanted sideburns like that. The only place where my beard grows in the chin region. And it's very thin. 
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