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Uneven eyelids

stevie_95stevie_95 Posts: 788Member


For a few months now, my right eye had suddenly got a larger double eyelid but the other one stayed the same. Like, my left eye is a typical tapered double eyelid and my right eye is like somewhat parallel/tapered eyelid now. I thought it was one of those days where i have uneven eyelids but it hasn't gone away for nearly three months. I've tried double eyelid tape but that hasn't helped me at all in anyway lol
Is there anyway to even them out or get rid of it? lol No plastic surgery suggestions please.
Thanks! :)


  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    Did you over/under sleep just before your eyelid went wacko? (-_- this is my problem)

    Are you in middle teens to early 20s? Maybe you lost some baby fat in one of your lids but not the other..

    how about tape your other eye? Or just leave it alone? (trust me it can't be bad as mine, one parallel and one hidden)
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    That happened to me D: In the end, I had to continually use eyelid tape or eyelid glue, fortunately the other eye permanently changed too xD They are still not perfectly even, others don't notice it, but of course I magnify my own flaws =.=''
  • pervertpervert Baby Trafficker Posts: 1,513Member


    I had that before. I'm not suggesting you try this, but all I did to permanently change my whacky eyelid was stick a credit card under it while I watched television for a couple hours. Believe it or not, it changed within that day lol. Keep using the eyelid tape for awhile longer.

  • cookieapplecookieapple Posts: 9Member
    I feel your pain! A couple of years ago, my right eye decided it would like to have a parallel eyelid and stayed like that for over a year...then it decided to correct itself. Now it just sort of switches between a tapered and parallel lid ^^"
    I would suggest using double eyelid tape on your left eye to make it into a parallel crease and perhaps positioning it differently till both eyes look even (yeah it might take a few piecesof tape before you get it right).

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  • xkatxrinaxxkatxrinax Posts: 136Member, New Member


    I've only just realised that my eyelids are pretty uneven recently too, so I think it only happened recently. I don't know why they went like this T_T it's making putting on make up evenly really annoying!
  • xLoonyxLoony Posts: 122Member


    I have uneven eyelids, but just when i dont sleep enough.. and it loooks so bad!!! one eye looks much bigger than the other, it bothers me so much
  • kainkainkainkain Posts: 1Member
    I have this problem sometimes. It happens when I don't drink enough water which causes the fat in my eyelid to shrink, so I have too much skin and not enough fat in my eyelids. 
    Older people also have this problem: they lose fat in their eyelid and are left with too much skin.

    We are young though, so just drinking more water can help. It works for me. It can take a while to get back to normal though.

    Let us know how that works out for you.  ^_^

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