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I just went lighter (hair wise) I need help with upkeep?

hellokatie1618hellokatie1618 MinnesotaPosts: 447Member


I would have put this is in the hair dying thread (which I did) but I haven't been getting any answers. So I just dyed my hair a light ash brown, and I went through the whole bleaching process and it looks great and everything. But I was thinking that once I get regrowth, I'd go to a darker ash brown, because it is a little too light for law internships. I was wondering whether my dark roots would take the dye? Or would it just still look black and then the rest of my hair would look brown. PEOPLE WITH EXPERIENCE IN GOING LIGHT ONLY PLEASE. I'D APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT TO NOT LEAVE MISLEADING ANSWERS, I don't want to mess up my hair! I appreciate it! Thanks.




Want to achieve Eki's darker color later.

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  • nailbunnynailbunny YARRR USPosts: 1,318Member


    Your roots will take the dye but not to the extent of your current hair. The after pic looks dark enough to me that I would think the difference wouldn't be too noticeable except under certain lighting first. I suspect that since the rest of your hair was bleached before though, it's going to fade faster than your new growth.
  • dy0wtx0xpxxdy0wtx0xpxx Posts: 451Member


    This isn't really relevant to any of your questions but be careful when dying it.
    Since you're hair is bleached and is ashy,
    if you dye it with a brown that is too ashy,
    your hair might turn greenish brown. (from experience about two years ago!)
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