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HELP! What makes a car company look innovative?

xSHADOWxSHADOW ?????San Jose, CAPosts: 1,685Friend of Soompi
Hi Soompi members!

Can you help me with a school project? I want to know, "What makes a car company look innovative?"
This is for a Brand Management class that wants us to think theoretically about how many car companies try to brand themselves as cutting edge. I thought maybe I could hear some opinions.

Like what demonstrations of "innovation" help certain companies stand out in that regard. Thanks in advance!
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  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    Haha wow I recently did a situational analysis for Lexus for an advertising literature class I'm taking.

    Well from what I've noticed, car brands advertise their innovation through visualization of their engineering (just look at ads - print or TV commercials). We also see the idea of innovation in some slogans, such as Audi's "The Truth In Engineering".

    I think overall if the company portrays images of engineering and shows how strong and reliable their cars are, people will feel that the brand's cars are innovative. Lexus did this last year with their "Engineering Amazing" campaign, which in one commercial featuring the LS, showed the car crashing through a glass wall (portraying the car chassis' strength). And just off the top of my head, I recall brands such as Mercedes-Benz showing their cars in situations where the car technology detects lane departure, bad weather conditions, etc.

    I suggest you surf the net and Google like crazy. You'll find a lot of good stuff. Also, search up YouTube for car commercials. You'll find good stuff that'll help you out even more.
  • LaxntigaLaxntiga USAPosts: 3,036Member
    A lot of companies are marketing they have onstar, bluetooth, xm radio, or some kind of hybrid in their line up.
    Isn't Sony paired up with Ford? Usually you see car companies marketing new tech features/safety features.

    Heck, look at Mazda. They are marketing their genius SKYACTIV as a new innovation in engine advancement. They can almost hit hybrid numbers, just playing with the engine. That's innovative right there.
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