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Watching Korean Drama's to learn Korean Language

Hi Im just wondering If anyone has done this before and how to go about watching a Korean Drama to learn to speak Korean. I have started learning using a site online. Its good but Im wanting to advance my learning by experiencing something which is Korean. Ive always heard that the best way to learn a language is to be in the country where the language is spoken. Obviously I cant just pack up and go to Korea ha so Im thinking to experience this properly watching a Korean Drama will help. Anyone got a good way to go about this as Im not feeling completley confident about turning them on and being able to get it. Ive watched 2ne1 TV and only picked up a couple words. Thanks


  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,896Friend of Soompi


    oh doh kay ha gee y0?
  • LoliTzAlLoliTzAl somewherePosts: 92Member


    I learned cantonese just by watching Hong kong drama. And I learned english just by playing Online games :D

    You can do it !
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  • theninthtracktheninthtrack pholover Posts: 2,482Member


    It's the same with any language. You need to learn the basics first before you can actually make some sense out of anything.

    Watching Korean dramas is a good way to go, but you need to be able to know some words and grammar structure before you start watching and want to learn. I don't think you can actually master the language that way only, but it helps to be able to know how to properly pronounce words and get the real 'feel' of the language. Some people just literally read off from their textbook and it comes off so broken.

    Watching series/shows in English helped me with my English tremendously. It's my third language, but certainly my favorite as I always had a fun time learning it.
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  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    thomas1700 wrote on 23 February 2012 - 05:27 PM:

    Ive watched 2ne1 TV and only picked up a couple words. Thanks

    That's a lot better than what I could accomplish.
    When I watch 2ne1, I only learn that I wear way too tight pants.

  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    ^_^ You can do it. I picked up on several words. I would hear some words repeated a lot, learned how to pronounce them and I would search them up on the internet for the definition.

    It's a good way but it can only get you so far.
    The best way is to have a native Korean speaker correct you when you speak or write.
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  • ZoidbergMDZoidbergMD Why not? Posts: 1,343Member


    You know what is even better than drama's? Korean variety shows, where they actually use phrases that will help you in real life (sort of lol). Personally I started out watching korean drama, but because they're trying to make you follow an actual plot line it's imperative you know what they're saying. Whereas watching korean variety shows you can more or less guess your way through a whole show. I can't speak or read korean but I've learned to listen and comprehend fairly well, enough to watch a lot of tv shows without subtitles and still get the general gist of what they're saying. Key words will pop up and you'll eventually just keep adding to your ever expanding vocabulary.

    It's not a bad way to supplement learning a language but to become fluent or anywhere close to it you need some sort of formal instruction, be it from a cd or a real person. There are some things that need to be explained and cannot just be picked up through informal learning.
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  • damyoungjidamyoungji Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,245Member


    You will learn bits and pieces from listening to Korean music, as well as watching their dramas and television shows. That is where I picked up on a lot of words, but remember that what you picked up will not be enough to create a sentence unless you actually study the language. Keep in mind that what you hear on television may not be the right way to pronounce a word though. I have been in a situation before where my friend had to correct me because what I heard and what I repeated was not the right way to pronounce the word I was trying to say. In addition, Korea is huge on formalities and how to address others. How someone address someone on television may not be the correct way to address another in person. I would be careful about what you pick up and use. To be safe, use what you have learned among your friends who know Korean. That way, they can correct you and tell you what is appropriate and inappropriate. For instance, a few of my friends taught me how to insult someone. It is not extremely horrible or vulgar, but when I used it among my other Korean friends, they were shocked. They said that I should not say what I was taught. So just be careful about what you learn because people will react differently towards it depending on their relationship with you, as well as what they think it something you should or should not say.
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