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Need a good pair of jeans..

dreamy21dreamy21 Posts: 859Member


can someone recommend me a sturdy pair of dark wash skinny jeans that are under $40? I've yet to find a pair that price that doesn't lose its color after a couple washes.


  • 12adio12adio Posts: 5Member
    I have a pair of black skinnies from Aeropostale which are pretty nice. I've worn them for ~3 months and they haven't started fading yet.
    They were selling for around $30 or something, but that was around Christmas.
  • MysticalBeingMysticalBeing Posts: 130Member
    if you wear abercrombie kids they have a sale right now for jeans 25$ and up, their dark colored jeans last long imo

  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    how do you wash your jeans? if you turn them inside out and wash them with just as dark jeans or pants or any type of clothing, they won't fade as quickly. but then again, if you buy forever21 jeans, there's no solution for those. i think old navy has some nice quality dark skinny jeans.
  • black.whiteblack.white Posts: 23Member
    I'm not sure how dark of a wash you want with your jeans, but I usually buy my jeans from American Eagle.

    Right now, AE is having free shipping and most of their jeans are under $30. They have lots of styles and washes to choose from. They tend to last me around 2 years of wearing it every single day. =] Hope that helps!
  • PandarahPandarah MaplePosts: 546Member


    edited February 2012
    I'm not sure if you'll be cool with them, but Old Navy's jeans are on sale starting atr $25, until the 29th :)
    If you purchase a pair for $25 before the 29th you get a card enabling you to pay $25 for 3 more until May 31st!

    It's a really good deal considering the regular price it's a good deal
  • pink_chocolatepink_chocolate Posts: 373Member


    Kohl's selling Rock and Republic jeans around 50ish right now. Actual price is 88 I think. Very high quality. I'm just very surprised Kohl's carrying that brand.
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  • tinasweethearttinasweetheart JAY PARK ❤ california(:Posts: 1,345Member


    i usually wash my jeans inside out and they helps storing its original color for awhile. i wear jeans from pacsun & i think the qualities are great, i've been wearing them for over a year and they still look as new as when i just bought them =]
  • bona fide*bona fide* Posts: 1,520Member


    Levi's makes pretty good jeans. I bought a couple from Macy's online:

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