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Tiny Towers

Ani:DAni:D NYPosts: 406Goguma


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share your towers/usernames!
Tiny Towers is a highly addictive game that's available for ios and android.

Description (taken from the App Store):
Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!
★Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live and work inside.

★Special events and VIP visitors will earn you special perks as you build your tower towards the clouds.

★Customize the look and placement of each floor and the bitizens that live in them, and upgrade your elevator.

★Game Center integration to let you see your friends towers, back up your game and earn awards.

★See what is on your bitizens' minds by peeking at the "BitBook" virtual social network for your tower!

So, share your towers/usernames! (sadly, it's for ios users only because you need Game Center)

Mine is: anitoee
vv Oh! you just gotta go to Game Center --> Friends --> +
And the other person has to accept you


  • matchamuffinmatchamuffin Posts: 55Member


    edited February 2012
    ooh i am so addicted to it!! its so bad! my friend has 70 floors xD i started playing last week and i have 15 floors!!!
    mine is: strawberrypocky :D
    p.s. how do we add friends/towers :/ lol
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