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Do you hold on to things with 'sentimental' values/ childhood belongings?



  • dolcedor.dolcedor. Posts: 2,626Member


    I try to hold on to everything from my past. I have a drawer full of old handwritten letters, diary pages, drawings, and birthday cards. Some of the papers are yellow from age, and the writing on them is kind of faded. But I'll never throw them out. :blush:
  • starrynight288starrynight288 CanadaPosts: 1,704Member


    My family holds onto the really significant things. For example, my mom still has a broach that I made her for mother's day in like 1st grade. I still have a shirt that I wore as a baby tucked away. Other than that, if my family doesn't need it they let it go or we donate stuff :)
  • x_intotheblue_xx_intotheblue_x FL - SK - GAPosts: 571Member


    I keep SOME things... I'm a very sentimental / nostalgic person...

    I don't have any of the Breyers or MLP I had as a kid, but I have purchased a few vintage Breyers and vintage MLP to dispaly. I do have my favorite stuffed animal from when I was a kid (as well as a bunch that were made for me or given to me recently by my Husband and Mother).

    I also have a few pieces of jewelry and some dishes that I will never part with. As well as the bone china and ceramic unicorns my parents gave me growing up.

    Heirlooms are important to my family, sentimentality is as well. But sentimentality doesn't apply to EVERYTHING. I had a bunch of stuffed toys as a kid, I only kept one as I got older. But other things, like dishes and jewelry, get passed from generation to generation a lot. My mother has a huge collection of vintage and antique dishes (Pyrex, Hazel Atlas, Japanese china, Fire King, ect) those will be divided amongst my siblings and I later on. I also have some vintage dishware of my own... That I obtained because of my own sentimental affection for them from everyone using them growing up. Even though I'm on the other side of the world right now from my family, every time I use my Pyrex, Fire King, Libby glass, Depression glass or Hazel Atlas dishes... It reminds me of my family, because EVERYONE in my family uses vintage dishes from those makers. And certain patterns make me think of certain people.
  • IrysinonIrysinon Soompi Superstar Posts: 1,460Member


    The only few things I still have from my childhood are photos, comic books, NES, trophies, some books and board games. The comic books, NES and trophies are special to me because they remind me of the better days when I used to actually enjoy life. The comic books opened me up to a medium I probably would have neglected had I not received those first few comic books from an older sister figure. I can't imagine what my life would be like today without having any interests in comic books. The NES is very special 'cause right after I gave away my Atari 2600, this was the next best thing. Every kid wanted one. I remember hours playing this while growing up with many others and the excitement it bred. I can't let go of it 'cause it's pretty much the complete representation of my childhood and proof of its existence. The trophies are just reminders that I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to art and that at one point in my life I actually contested for ranks. They will forever serve to remind me that I will never forget about my one true love, which to this day I continue to do.

  • bonbonsbonbons The MUA D.C. baby!Posts: 5,754Member


    edited May 2012
    I still have a diary I wrote when I was in the first grade....a handkerchief my grandmother gave me when i was little. I have a small box of a medallion for my birth along with a lock of my baby hair when I was born etc etc a ton of stuff.

    I'm very sentimental and will keep every and anything that holds a special memory in my life.

    I'm kind of a hoarder .... :ph34r:
  • shufflepuckshufflepuck DutchlandPosts: 222Member


    I'm a hoarder.

    I still have workbooks from school from ten years ago...
    All my stuffed animals are in a big box in the attic... I'm dreading going through them though, since we've got mice in the attic..*shudders* it's disgusting.

    Even my bedroom is just full of stuff >_< books and artsupplies and paper everywhere. If you have claustrophobia, my room is definitely not for you lol.
    Sometimes I just want to burn my room down and start from scratch again.
  • -RoyalDivinity--RoyalDivinity- Posts: 6Member


    A friendship necklace a friend bought for me to symbolize how close we are. 
  • RinRin GreecePosts: 453Member


    Yeah, I tend to keep things of the past, and heck I am a sort of "past" person myself. I like to think back at the good times whenever I find it hard to keep up with things. Maybe I find some kind of comfort in it.

    So, I have kept a lot of things from the past. A couple of baby dresses, toys, dolls, souvenirs from vacation I have gone with family, and of course my loved dog stuffed animal ( whom I used to call Bieber and don't...just DONT relate him to the Bieber you were about to think of! ). Last Christmas I even got so sentimental when I found him that I made him an eye patch because one of his eyes has been long lost. I also had a toy with a granny sitting on a rocking chair that used to hum when you made her move. Grandma's present. Last time I tried it the music was very veeeery it might not work at all.

    I also kept things from my current relationship. Of course the presents, but I still hold dear our two cinema tickets from like...two years ago, it was our first date and when we kissed for the first time.
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  • ignoremeignoreme EnglandPosts: 1,456Member


    If it's bothersome, I'll just throw it away. Not all things but majority. It really depends on the object and who it was given by. Things that I buy for myself usually gets no priority at the end of the day.

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  • Grey.DropsGrey.Drops United StatesPosts: 1,454Member, Friend of Soompi


    I'm an extremely nostalgic person, and I find it difficult to let go of things. I hold on to things because they are symbolic of my progression in life. They remind me of who I was and how I've changed. I also use them as a reminder so that I'll never lose myself completely.

    My parents are polar opposites when it comes to distinguishing trash from treasure. My mom loves to clean. Even now, she still says, "Anything that is on the floor belongs in the trash,". On the other hand, my father keeps everything. He's the main reason my family has to rent out three separate storage units. -_- He has also been keeping newspapers since the late 80's because he "wants something to read" when he gets older.
  • k06jh04k06jh04 Posts: 9Member
    I tend to hold things with sentimental value on for years and then every once in a while, I'll go through a great purge and sort through things.

    If I still feel some kind of emotional attachment to it, then I keep it and it survives until the next great purge. But if the initial attachment is gone, then I throw it away.

    Sentiments and nostalgia fades with time. At least for me. Some times it fades faster with certain memories than others.
  • Sakura * StarSakura * Star La RikanellePosts: 548Member


    I definitely keep sentimental/childhood things ... holding onto my baby blanket as I type haha <3
  • belle_kd1413belle_kd1413 I run away from reality. HogwartsPosts: 4,415Member


    I keep EVERYTHING that's ever been special to me. I don't know, I think I got this from my dad.
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