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Removal of Soompi 4000 Forum Skin

melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


edited February 2012 in rules, news, & feedback
Hello Soompiers,

When we unveiled our new forum sidebar, we heard from a lot of confused members who couldn't see it because they were still using the old Soompi4000 skin. After we launched Soompi5000, we continued to provide the old skin to ease the transition, but with the introduction of the mobile version, we no longer have the resources to continually update Soompi4000 as well. Therefore, we are converting everyone to the current Soompi5000 skin.

A more sensitive issue is that we realized that most members who used the Soompi4000 skin did so to circumvent the ads from appearing. While we understand how everyone feels about ads, we ask you to respect that they are a necessary part of the free forum experience. Our forums are very costly to maintain and our ads help to provide you this space for free. We've done our best to address your concerns, resizing the ones which you felt were too big and pulling the ones that were too dynamic. We believe that our newer ads have not been as intrusive (at least, we haven't received any complaints in awhile), so we think now is a good time for everyone to make the switch.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We will continue to monitor your input, so please feel free to let us know about any problems. You can reply to this topic or email Thank you for your support!

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