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Was there a point in your life where you thought of committing suicide?

CrunchyrunchyCrunchyrunchy Posts: 665Member


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I know there were for me. :(

Mostly have to do with school and stress.
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  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    Yes once, when I was in high school. I was really immature back then.
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  • littlemermaid_littlemermaid_ UKPosts: 73Member


    edited February 2012
    I hate to say this, but yes I have. Not only once, but a couple of times. Thinking about it now, I was really stupid to think like that. Not only would it not solve any problems, but it would cause a load more other problems too. I think committing suicide is quite selfish because once you're gone, you leave your loved ones behind without an explanation for your suicide/death. Yes you might be depressed and suffering silently, but I've learnt that no matter how hard something is in life, you CAN get through it, it might take time, but you will get through it with support from your family and friends and you just have to believe in yourself to be able to get through it. I used to think, maybe if I just disappeared from this world, all my problems would just go and vanish, but thinking about it now, If I did do that, I would be hurting my family, and most of all my parents. I just hope no one ever feels the need to end their life, because your life is precious, no matter how hard an obstacle is in life, you will climb over it and be successful.

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  • AS1AND0LLAS1AND0LL Posts: 1,272Member


    If I was to say no I'd be a liar.. I think most of us have been there at least once or perhaps a few times more.. but that's never the way to solve anything, don't even want to think about suicide as a way out anymore. Glad we're all here.
  • damyoungjidamyoungji Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,245Member


    edited February 2012
    I admit that I have had thoughts before and even attempted it a few times.. but that was back when I was a teen.

    Guess it was just a phase. I was immature and an emotional wreck back then. Losing someone close to the family as a result of suicide, as well as seeing people try to revive the lifeless body of someone the same age as me.. has really changed my thoughts towards suicide.
  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    Thought about it, but never had the cojonas to even try it. Happened mostly when I was just feeling down and there's seemingly 'no other way out', but it was only ever a passing thought. I'm glad I've never seriously considered it.
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  • NPB-XKNPB-XK Thread Hijacker Area-Sexy-One - MontrPosts: 5,222Member


    edited February 2012
    Yeah I did... I jumped off a building and landed on my feet so I was like uhh ok... So I jumped off a bridge and landed on my feet so I was uhhh ok...
    That's when I've realized I got talents.
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  • 58805880 Local Misanthrope CaliforniaPosts: 635Member


    Isn't it normal to have these thoughts every so and so? Though it's more along the lines of entertaining the idea rather than serious contemplation. I think it's common for people to consider suicide, not because they are considering it, but rather to imagine how their world is affected by their death; kind of like Scrooge seeing his gravestone and seeing how little people cared for his existence afterwards.
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  • MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member


    No. Suicide is only for people that have no future.
  • princessberryprincessberry Posts: 218Member, New Member
    never thought of committing suicide, but i thought of disappearing from my family. ops :/

    definitely not killing myself, running away, or maybe i shall not even be in the house for that moment! 

    haha silly me
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  • InphamousInphamous Posts: 69Member


    Honestly? I've never had the thought of committing suicide until just recently.
    Depression issues from someone you genuinely love is pretty terrible. ;-;

    However, I'm doing my best to push through this and see another sunny day. I've generally always been an optimistic person, even when I'm depressed (if it makes any sense.) However, I am quite down for now, I do hope I kick myself back into gear eventually.
  • JustyJusty Posts: 93Member
    edited February 2012
    I did in middle school. It was stressful, and I was immature. I hate looking back on it, I'm just glad my friends were there to actually notice something wrong about my behavior before it got way serious. Nujabes' music also helped me through.
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  • imtoghaiimtoghai Soompi Forums :DPosts: 1,547Member


    edited February 2012
    Yeah, it was a recurring thought during my darkest days. But I never understood why people would get angry at a person for even contemplating death. Because if it's what one feels, then it's what one feels. How can you get angry at someone's emotions? The person may be overwhelmed enough with his or her emotions as it is. For someone else to become intolerable of their emotions or thoughts is the last thing one contemplating suicide would need. A life's at stake here, so the situation should be approached with care...and the willingness to step into the person's shoes as opposed to throwing in your own shoes for the person to wear (if that even makes sense lol).
  • goddessofkrwgoddessofkrw Posts: 722Member


    I don't think of committing suicide because I don't have the balls to actually go through it. But I wish I would go to sleep and never have to wake up ever again.
  • knockblockknockblock Posts: 3,748Member


    Mannosuke wrote on 15 February 2012 - 05:17 PM:

    No. Suicide is only for people that have no future.

    Does that include those who sit on the couch all day and do nothing?
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,624Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2012
    Way back in the day when I was a college student, I was sitting at this stop light at a lonely intersection near my university late at night thinking about ending my life.
    Was I going to jump off of a building?  Maybe I'll just do it with pills.  That stoplight seemed to take forever as I sat there forlornly mulling my options.
    But just then, out of nowhere came this car full of about a half dozen raucous college students and it pulled up alongside me. It was a convertible and these fellow students were literally spilling out of it.  Music was blaring, they were all smashed drunk, and I could sense the smell of weed wafting through the air.  They were all smiles and having fun, shouting and having the time of their lives.  I was so jealous seeing them being so full of life - here I was sitting sad in my car ... and there they were right next to me, the epitome of the social life and fun I wish I had.  To make things worse, one of the drunk girls noticed me looking so pitiful in my car watching them and she started making fun of me.  In no time, the rest of them joined in with her.  They started yelling things like "Loser!", "Get a life!", and they pelted the side of my car with empty beer cans and all kinds of garbage.  They pointed at me laughing and mock crying and making sad faces.

    Anyhow, the stoplight finally and mercifully turned green and in a split second, this drunken band of revelers in the convertible peeled out into the intersection on their merry way.  But just as they were getting through the intersection, a humongous 18 wheeler mack truck came quickly from the opposite direction, with the driver having failed to see his red light.  And in that quick instant, the truck plowed right into and over that open convertible full of the college students.  It was a bloody mess and none of them survived.  Them and their car were crushed completely.

    It had all happened so fast, I was barely into the intersection myself when the light turned green.  I sat there dumbfounded having witnessed all this like it was out of some kind of a movie.

    For the several minutes before the police and paramedics came, I just sat there solemnly in my car just processing what had happened.

    All I could think was, "That could have been me."

    "That could have been me!"

    It was right then and there I realized how life was short.
    So the next day, bright and early in the morning and inspired by my revelation, I went out and applied for training to be an 18 wheeler mack truck driver.

  • MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member


    edited February 2012
    knockblock wrote on 16 February 2012 - 04:08 AM:

    Does that include those who sit on the couch all day and do nothing?

    Presumably, they are sitting on the couch all day because they are able to afford such luxuries.
  • .autumn..autumn. Posts: 92Member
    I grew up among so many cultures and I had trouble identifying myself and I rebelled for minute issues for a few months but I never thought about suicide since I love my family and I never wanted to give up my life over issues that are solvable.
  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    Yes but I don't think it was really too serious.  Emotions can get the best of people, and that was what it was for me.  It was in high school, and the stress of the alone got to me. 

    If you ever feel like that, just talk to someone, even if it's not about your feelings.  CALM DOWN and relax, take a step back and don't do anything drastic. 
  • hwnghannahwnghanna Posts: 51Member


    Never thought of it because I'm not ready to die YET. But I have thought of running away to some deserted island...then I realized I probably won't be able to survive LOL...
    At least now I'm away from where I don't want to be at... =)
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