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Why are Koreans (Excluding Korean Americans) so horrible at English?



  • gmariegmarie Syracuse, NYPosts: 180Member


    Well, my boyfriend is Korean, and his English isn't perfect. (He says it's terrible......) I understand him just fine, and really, I think this imperfection is endearing. You have to give people credit for trying to learn English. As a native English speaker, I don't know, but I have heard that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. Maybe I'm strange, but over the years I've come to adore broken English. :wub:
  • HelloloverHellolover Posts: 68Member
    I learnt French in school and my accent was awful. It's hard to speak another language that sounds very different from your native tongue. It has nothing to do with being Korean.
  • ailuiailui Posts: 69Member
    coz the teaching material is crap and every movie or tv show is doubled
    it's really hard to learn something if you're not entertained
  • ChristinaisweirdChristinaisweird Posts: 2,147Member


    This is a very ignorant post considering he is an American and having been through the US education, they should have very well understood the strangeness of the English language. We are the only country who uses a different sentence structure compared to others.English is a mix of the European language itself.
    In addition, why is he generalizing to Koreans, if anything it is all to all the English learners out there. Why would you feel ashamed anyways? There's nothing wrong about not perfecting another language.
    DBSK [TF]1 [TF]2! {love.}*©-p.dee``
  • kayee1kayee1 Posts: 32Member
    totally agree,
    i ve been korea last yr,
    i didnt ever thought i cant communicate with anyone ,
    coz they dont know how to speak enghish
    and their pronunciation is soooo horrible <_<

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  • YoungPandaYoungPanda LiverpoolPosts: 5Member
    The same reason why I am horrible at Korean. . . ㅠ.ㅠ
    Not my mother tongue 
  • janersjaners Posts: 480Member
    at least they've probably mastered their mother tongue. i'd be more concerned about the n. american education system and how even at the university level, alot of ppl are a fail when it comes to grammer and sentence structure.

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