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Hello Criminal Monkeys :]

mjmonkeymjmonkey Posts: 11Member
Hello nice to meet u ladies and gents. 
Ma name is Minjun. I do not like to be called ulzzang lately.
But if u want to think of me as that, I don't mind I guess.
Anyways I'm 20 and single keke. Omg KEKE. Sad forever.

I made a fansign for Soompi before, so I was like 
"I should make an account... yeah I should" So I did.

This is me. I chose 3 pictures of that I like the most this year! :]
And if u would like to get to know me more, just ask away.
And those who r ma Criminal Monkeys here, hello mates ;]

(I only follow interesting blogs such as creative, funny, interesting, weird, and fashion)
(It will be harder to add me on Facebook. But maybe if u tell me who u r as in ur Soompi username. I can add u!)
(Sorry I only follow back to ma friends or ma favorite idols! Hope u understand!)
(Sorry I stopped accepting request after I hit 5,000! Unless u r ma friend that I've met before!)


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